Str01. Watson Workspace vs. the World of Team Space Tools

Tuesday, May 9 | 08:00 - 08:45 | B. Okapi 2

Download: Engage2017_TeamSpaceTools.pptx
Come learn how IBM Watson Workspace compares against the many team space tools in the market. What makes these tools work well or cause failures within organizations? We will compare Workspace with other teaming tools (Slack, Spark, Skype, Teams, Hangouts, etc.). In addition, learn how Workspace can integrate with some of these other tools and which tools are most appropriate for your teaming needs. We will explore the benefits, and pitfalls, of using these tools based on real work lessons. Where can you improve productivity? How do you avoid more noise from yet another communication tool? You will more productive from learning about the tools in this session -- all done without any sales pitches.
Daniel Lieber (Innovative Ideas Unlimited, Inc.) @danlieber
Ann-Marie Darrough (IBM) @amdarrough

Daniel is a global leader in the collaboration space. His background in technology, management, and communication come together as he helps organizations improve productivity in significant, measurable ways. He has been working with IBM collaboration tools for 25+ years and is a proud IBM Champion managing the team at Innovative Ideas Unlimited, Inc. He lives in the USA with his family and travels to customers around the world

Ann-Marie Darrough is the Director of Offering Management for IBM Watson Work. In this role, she leads the product teams for IBM Watson Workspace, Watson Work Services, Box Relay as well as the Box partnership. In her 18 years at IBM, Ann-Marie has rotated between lab services, technical sales and sales roles, primarily in the collaboration business unit. Previously she was both an IBM partner and customer, and keeps both of those perspectives close to her heart.

Str02. IBM Application Modernization with panagenda ApplicationInsights

Monday, May 8 | 11:45 - 12:30 | B. Okapi 2

Download: Engage2017_panagendaApplicationInsights.pdf
Join Uffe Sorensen and Florian Vogler as they show how to turn IBM’s Domino Application Modernization Plan into action, starting with panagenda ApplicationInsights. Find out how to convert your very own data into easy to understand dashboards that show application usage, design complexity and business value of each application. Learn which code dependencies exist and how to segment your application landscape into what can be archived, rewritten or modernized easily.  Gain a clear understanding of what the IBM entitlement of ApplicationInsights has to offer and how modernization partners can add value.
Florian Vogler (panagenda) @panvof
Uffe Sorensen (IBM) @UffeSorensen

Florian Vogler is CEO of panagenda based in Vienna. He currently heads panagenda‘s operations based out of Franfurt (Germany). He has also lived and worked in London (UK) and Alicante (Spain).
His roots in Lotus Notes / Domino go back to 1992, when he started his carreer at Raiffeisen Bank in Austria in Administration and Development for 35,000 users worldwide (today > 100,000).
Since 2002 his core competencies include Client Management and Notes / Domino infrastructure analysis and optimization.
He travels most of his time because he enjoys working with great companies in many different countries around the globe.

Uffe Sorensen leads the ICS Notes/Domino business in Europe and have a continued focus on the entire collaboration stack and future directions - including the ever important cognitive and cloud transition. Uffe focused on helping and supporting the business professional through collaboration and social offerings from IBM for 47 years.

Str03. IBM Connections 6 and beyond - What's New and what comes next?

Monday, May 8 | 17:00 - 17:45 | B. Okapi 2

Download: Engage2017_ConnectionsRoadmap.pdf
IBM Connections provides the platform of social tools you need to transform your organization. IBM Connections enables you to reach your customers and partners faster, drive innovation, share content and expertise, and complete work faster. In this session, we'll describe what's new in the brand new IBM Connections release and preview a few new features being planned for the next release. See first hand how IBM Connections can work for you and how you can embrace all the new capabilities coming.
René Schimmer (IBM) @rschimmer
Jason Roy Gary (IBM) @jasonroygary

As Sr. Product Manager IBM Collaboration Solutions René Schimmer works with world wide customers and partners to communicate IBM’s Collaboration Solutions strategy and to engage in active dialogues on key business challenges.
René has more than 20 years of experience as Product Manager for enterprise software. Throughout his career he managed a range of products from web hosting, B2B online marketing, and software offerings incl. web content-, document-, enterprise content-, and business process management.

Jason Roy Gary is the Director of Software Development for IBM Connections and an IBM Distinguished Engineer. A recognized executive in social business and collaboration, within IBM, and in the global marketplace, Jason has demonstrated, in two decades of leadership, vision and drive in social collaboration, software architecture, real-time collaboration, agile transformation, open source initiatives, and situational applications. Jason has led IBM innovation efforts in social business from development engineering and services. He is an acknowledged thought leader and is widely solicited, by the industry, to speak and provide thought focus around the world.

Str04. Your files are a Gold Mine reloaded!

Tuesday, May 9 | 13:30 - 14:30 | B. Okapi 2

No Slides available
Your files are a Gold Mine reloaded! Last year Dutch Tax Office started an innovation project to explore the digital inventory on local disks, network drives, IBM Connections Files and Content Manager and attachments inside IBM Domino Databases. This year we are sharing our first insights. How did we do that, what have been the issues collecting and massaging the raw data, which way did we go on the analytics path? Last but not least what did we find? Which stories did the data tell us? How could that be used to help the business, saving money, streamlining processes, make smarter decisions?
Robert van den Breemen (Belastingdienst) @rvdbreemen
Henning Kunz (panagenda) @panconkun

Robert van den Breemen has been working in IT for almost 20 years and is passionate about the use of technology in enterprise environments. Robert currently works as an Enterprise IT Architect in the Strategy and Innovation department. The last 6 years he worked on Digital Workspace Initiative to deliver meaningful user experiences and services to enable government workers in becoming more efficient and effective.

During his studies of physics at the university of Mainz, Henning Kunz was infected with the IT virus, because of the wide range of possibilities to ease otherwise difficult tasks like number crunching, analytics, simulations and conducting experiments. Hence, it was a no-brainer for him to start his career in IT. Henning is passionate about professional services and consulting, he loves to work with people, communicate and find solutions for technical and human challenges. For almost 20 years now, Henning is working as a consultant, coach, architect, project manager, partner, trainer, speaker and team leader for various customers from 100 to 100.000 employees.

Str05. Employee Engagement using IBM Connections

Tuesday, May 9 | 11:30 - 12:30 | B. Okapi 2

Download: Engage2017_EmployeeEngagement.pdf
Mears Group today employs over 20,000 people in every region of the UK. A long standing Notes Domino, Quickr and Sametime user, in 2015 Mears embarked on a journey to roll out IBM Connections cloud to all its employees in order to facilitate a new way to engage with its employee base. The biggest challenge we faced was how to engage 16,000 employees who had no access to any information systems. Their interaction with the new environment had to be intuitive (from their first interaction) and provide them with relevant information that ensured they use the system on a consistent basis. The aim of this session is to explain the vision, the challenges and the current status of the implementation and we will demo our new environment.
Simon Vaughan (workplaceON) @simplyS1mon

Simon Vaughan is an IBM Business partner who specialises in the training and adoption of the IBM collaboration suite of tools. He has been an IBM Champion for Collaboration since 2010. He has used IBM Connections since it was first launched in 2007. Simon has worked on a number of Social Collaboration projects including the implementation of IBM Connections at Cardiff University (over 30,000 users), the establishment of a Collaborative working environment at CalMac (Scottish transport company) for over 1500 users, assisting Lindum contruction and working with Mears since May 2016. He is a board member of the Social Connections User group and SocialStudent (Social in Education).

Str06. Domino Application Development: Present and Future

Tuesday, May 9 | 09:00 - 10:00 | B. Okapi 2

Download: Engage2017_DominoAppDevFuture.pdf
This presentation will show off the best app dev features delivered in Feature Pack 8 and examine the road map to see what's in the pipeline for FP9 and beyond. We will explore the many options available for app modernization and profile what works best for different use cases. A must-see session for Domino developers and IT decision makers.

Martin Donnelly (IBM) @TweeterDonnelly
Brian Gleeson (IBM) @BGleesonIE
Barry Rosen (IBM) @b_rosen

Martin Donnelly is a software architect at IBM Ireland working on various aspects of App Dev for IBM Collaboration Solutions. This includes IBM Connections customization and extensibility, Domino Designer and the XPages runtime. He is a co-author of a number of best-selling books on these topics with IBM Press, a regular speaker at ICS conferences and a board member of

Brian Gleeson is a software engineer on the App Dev team in IBM Ireland. His work includes the XPages runtime, in areas such as Responsive Web Design, Relational Database support and bringing XPages to the cloud on IBM Bluemix. He also works on IBM Connections Cloud, with a focus on the Application Registry, which provides customisation and extensibility support in Connections Cloud. He is a contributor to across a number of open source projects, presents regularly at conferences, runs tutorial workshops and collaborates with the IBM community on github, stackoverflow, twitter and through the release of blogs & video tutorials

Barry Rosen is an Offering Manager for IBM Enterprise Social Solutions.Barry's role is as a member of the Offering Management team owning many key product responsibilities across IBM's Messaging and Collaboration portfolio (including IBM Notes/Domino, IBM Verse On-Premises, and Sametime.) Previously, Barry was a Messaging and Collaboration Consultant. As a consultant for nearly eight years, he was heavily involved in IBM SmartCloud for Social Business migrations and hybrid deployments. Barry is also a published author with several articles and books written on Lotus products

Str07. IBM Verse Deep Dive and Roadmap

Monday, May 8 | 13:30 - 14:30 | B. Okapi 2

Download: Engage2017_IBMVerseAndVOP.pdf
IBM has revolutionized the enterprise inbox from the ground up for today's social and mobile workplace. Check out this session for the latest updates and future plans for IBM Verse and Verse on Premises, including advances in offline, cognitive, calendaring and connecting to third-party applications, plus an update on the recently delivered "IBM Verse On-premises" product for on-premises Domino environments.
You'll also learn how your organization can position itself for driving massive improvements in end-user satisfaction and engagement with IBM's amazingly powerful and easy-to-use inbox!
This is the can't-miss roadmap session!
Scott Souder (IBM)
Klaus Roder (IBM)

Scott Souder is the Program Director and Sr. Offering Manager for Enterprise Social Solutions at IBM, where he is responsible for IBM Verse and several other emerging and cloud-based technologies. In addition to being a member of the original Notes team, Scott has held numerous positions across a variety of product-related organizations. Scott's focus is on developing, extending and growing the success of IBM solutions through customer engagement and partner ecosystem development. In his spare time, Scott enjoys family, antique tractors, and playing the 5-string banjo.

Klaus Roder is an IBM Program Director and
Offering Manager for Enterprise Social Solutions

Str08. University of Zurich: Ready to share knowledge (students welcome) with IBM Connections

Tuesday, May 9 | 16:00 - 16:45 | B. Okapi 2

See here: university-of-zurich-ready-to-share-knowledge-students-welcome-with-ibm-connections-75917651
The goal in giving access to IBM Connections to its more than 12’000 employees has been achieved last year. We will share what challenges we had to overcome and what worked well. Learn how the platform is used today and how the University will extend and open IBM Connections to all its students in giving access to 40’000 users in order to share knowledge without boundaries.
Sandra Bühler (Belsoft Collaboration AG) @sandraCH
Roberto Mazzoni (University of Zurich) @davoser

Sandra Bühler is an IBM Champion, and a co-owner of Belsoft Collaboration AG, an IBM Premier Business Partner in Switzerland. Sandra has more than 15 years experience with the ICS portfolio and oversees a highly skilled team of engineers and is focussing on projects covering IBM Domino/Notes, IBM Connections and IBM Sametime. In addition to project management and user education, she is also a guest lecturer at the University of Zurich with Applied Sciences' for Social Business and a well known speaker and co-organizer of 'IBM Connect comes to you' and 'ICON Switzerland' events.

Roberto Mazzoni is head of the user services group of the University of Zurich. Among the responsibilities of the user services group is the user support, teaching and responsibility of database services and the World Wide Web servers. He led the project to establish a groupware solution and he is still supporting the usage of IBM Notes and IBM Connections at the University of Zurich.

Str11. Social Connections take team collaboration to the next level with IBM Watson Workspace (20 min.)

Monday, May 8 | 16:00 - 16:20 | B. Okapi 2

Download: Engage2017_SocialConnectionsAndIBMWatsonWorkspace.pptx
In this session you will learn how the Social Connections user group took the jump from using Slack as our team collaboration tool to IBM Watson Workspace. We joined the limited beta program in July in a very early phase and functionality was still limited. However, the opportunity to help shape this new tool and provide valuable feedback to IBM was impossible to resist. We will explain why you should be using this new tool to increase your productivity by showing use cases from our team and why to choose IBM Watson Workspace over other tools on the market. Join our session and see how 9 fairly unorganized, devoted team members from all over the world organize 2 conferences a year in our free time using this tool.
Wannes Rams (Ramsit) @wannesrams
Maria Nordin Enderstam (Infoware) @mariaenderstam

Wannes Rams is a IBM Social Collaboration software consultant working as an independent consultant at Ramsit. He is specialized in the architecture and technical lead of enterprise implementations and social software. He also has experience in managing operational and development teams.
IBM Champion, IBM Redbooks Thought Leader, Speaker at IBM Connect, Engage and Social Connections
Co-organizer Social Connections, the worldwide IBM Connections user group

Maria Nordin Enderstam is the Product Manager of DomainPatrol Social for IBM Connections at Infoware in Sweden.
She works closely with customers and translates their business needs into functions which is then developed and added into the product. All in the purpose to make life easier and create less road bumps for IBM Connections administrators all over the world. Her focus is always to help engage users and inspire them to transform their way of work to a more open and social way.
Maria also spend a good portion of her time organizing and being a board member of Social Connecitons User Group.

Str12. Kawasaki's collaboration journey at motor speed (20 min.)

Tuesday, May 9 | 14:45 - 15:05 | B. Okapi 2

See here: kawasakis-collaboration-journey-at-motorspeed-engage-2017
Learn how adoption of Connections at Kawasaki Motors accelerated from pilots to general adoption for all of Europe. Connections grew through small Communities of Practice - proving real business value through real work scenarios. Work scenarios that replaced old ways of working with new ways to work. See how Kawasaki was leveraging adoption through Kudos Badges and a brand new XCC homepage.
Sasja Beerendonk (Silverside) @sbeerendonk

Sasja Beerendonk is a Senior Consultant at Silverside and is one of the most experienced end-user adoption consultants in Europe. She was recognized by IBM as a subject matter expert (IBM Champion 2014, 2015 and 2016) and speaks at worldwide conferences on social collaboration, change-management and user adoption.
She works closely with organisations such as Saxion University, Dutch Tax Office, Kawasaki, OMRON, SES, NN Group and Shanks.
Sasja is passionate about enabling a new way to work, motivating people to embrace technology to work smarter.
Besides work Sasja loves running, and going on long walks with her dog. You may wake me up for spinach any time.

Str13. 7 CRM Trends Shaking Up the IT Industry (20 min.)

Tuesday, May 9 | 15:10 - 15:30 | B. Okapi 2

Download: Engage2017_7CRMTrends_Riva.pdf
The tides are changing in the IT world as digital transformation impacts the way people communicate, work, and purchase. Today’s age of the customer-driven economy is challenging companies to innovate in order to enhance the customer experience. That's why Customer relationship management (CRM) technologies has become an essential component for departments in all verticals. We can expect new CRM trends and technologies to emerge. Here's what to expect.

- Data Security is a Top Priority
- Emerging Tech Leads the Way
- CRM will start to explore enhanced realities
- Silos will continue to Fall
- Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration will increase
- Behavioral Insights about Customer ( customer journey analytics, trustsphere)
- Cloud Adoption Supports Quick Innovation
Alex Fischer (Riva CRM Integration) @LX_Fischer

Alex Fischer is Business Development Manager in central Europe for Riva CRM Integration, based in Canada. He delights customers every day and advises Riva technology partners of how to leverage their products. His background as an International Sales Manager in the manufacturing branch and International Business Developer in the IT-world taught him customers' perspectives on CRM and of course the integrators' perspectives.

Str14. Community 101 - A 20 minute intro to the ICS Community and IBM Champions (20 min.)

Monday, May 8 | 16:25 - 16:45 | B. Okapi 2

Download: Engage2017_Champion.pptx
Amanda and Tony will explain to you how the IBM Champion program benefits the community as a whole, not just the IBM Champions and IBM, and how IBM Champions can impact your business.
Ever wondered what it takes to be an IBM Champion?
We’ll bring you up-to-speed.
Tony Holder (HADSL) @BigToneUK
Amanda Bauman (IBM) @amandabauman

Tony Holder is a prolific traveler, hiker, runner, fly fisherman and beer connoisseur. In his professional life he is an enterprise social business advocate and evangelist and works with IBM Collaboration Solutions partners HADSL, panagenda, ISW and Infoware to bring great administration products for IBM Connections to market and is also a board member of the Penumbra Group.

Amanda Bauman manages the IBM Collaboration Solutions user community, customer councils, and IBM Champions. In this role her focus is on building and nurturing a strong community by supporting independent user group events, enabling customers and business partners to provide feedback into IBM Design and Offering Management, and running ICS’s IBM Champion program, opening the lines of communications between our top advocates in the community, and IBM.

Str15. Change Agents: The Superheroes For Your Organisation (20 min.)

Monday, May 8 | 16:00 - 16:20 | C. Gorilla 3

Download: Engage2017_ChangeAgents.pdf
Senior leaders may believe otherwise, but digital transformation does not just come from the top in organisations. Cultivating digital behaviours at all levels is important if you want to create a culture of action and ownership. Handing off to middle managers to implement digital transformation as a project does not work, as has been proven time and time again.
In this presentation, Laura-Jane draws from her experience working with global clients at Post*Shift, to discuss one of the most effective methods of cultivating sustainable change - through the identification and mobilisation of a change agent network - or guiding coalition - to drive digital leadership you need for your organisational change to stick.
Learn from Laura-Jane’s in-the-field experience so that you gain:
- proven methods for supporting and enabling change agents
- clarity on the behaviours and skills to use to identify them
- benefits that change agents bring
- tips on how to overcome challenges to distributed change
Laura-Jane Parker (Postshift) @little_lj

Laura-Jane (or LJ) is a consultant at Post*Shift. She has a fundamental belief that organisations need to change the way they operate to survive in the 21st century, in order to better serve their customers, their employees and their wider communities. She also believes that organisations can change - helped in no small part due to the rise of digital technology - because she has seen it happen first-hand. This ignited a passion for continuing to help them to do so.
Specialising in people and culture transformation, organisational change and new ways of working and social platform implementation, adoption, engagement and strategy, LJ also has 6 years of experience managing change within a large financial services organisation, 4 of these on a major brand, culture and digital transformation programme.

Str16. The IBM Digital Workplace Hub: Where Digital & Engagement Propel the Market Leaders of the Future (20 min.)

Monday, May 8 | 16:25 - 16:45 | C. Gorilla 3

Market leaders are swiftly challenging their traditional business models and moving quickly to the digital future. The journey to market leadership will require all viable companies to run harder, eliminate redundancies, hire and retain the ‘next generation’ workforce. In this session, Felix Binsack and several of our customers will show you how the Digital Workplace Hub provides the corporate office, management and workforce with a single user experience for their corporate/division communications, workplace enterprise social collaboration and custom applications – regardless of your device, work location or role. Look forward to many different use cases and interesting customer projects all about a Digital Workplace based on IBM Connections and XCC – Web Content & Custom Apps Extension.

Felix Binsack is founder and general of TIMETOACT. He has been working with Lotus since 1994 and with Domino based Web CMS since 1997. He has ample experience with collaborative and communication platforms across several vendors.

Str21. IBM Connections User Training (Round Table)

Tuesday, May 9 | 09:00 - 09:30 | Table 2 Gorilla 1

No Slides available
Do you give training or education on how to use IBM Connections? Are you an user who has experienced either very good or very poor Connections training? Then come and join us to share your ideas and experience how to organize the training, what topics to cover and in what order, what to do or avoid, etc. Lessons plan outlines or curricula samples welcome :-)
Jan Valdman (Whitesoft) @jan_valdman

Jan Valdman works as a business development manager and consultant in Whitesoft, a gold IBM business partner in Belgium and the Czech Republic and Belgium. Jan is a Connections-addict IT evangelist, consultant, solution architect, advisor and lecturer. Jan is a long time member of the Social Connections team and a board member of SUTOL (Czech Lotus User Group). He was recognized as IBM Champion for Collaboration Solutions 2014-2017.

Str22. Change behavior, one tiny habit at a time (Round Table)

Monday, May 8 | 17:00 - 17:30 | Table 2 Gorilla 1

See here: change-behavior-one-tiny-habit-at-a-time-76208126
Particularly with a social collaboration and communication platform employees can be dazzled with all the possibilities and the huge change it requires of them. For such a transformation you need more than training 'how' to use a tool, or even 'why' to use it. Tooling is the technology-push that makes new ways of working possible, but it does not make me change my work habits.
To effectively change or start behavior requires practice and we need to take small steps that are easy to do.
Follow me along in how to make change possible through practicing tiny habits.
Learn about how this fits in the whole spectrum of user adoption strategies.
Share your experiences and feedback with each other.
Sasja Beerendonk (Silverside) @sbeerendonk

Sasja Beerendonk is a Senior Consultant at Silverside and is one of the most experienced end-user adoption consultants in Europe. She was recognized by IBM as a subject matter expert (IBM Champion 2014, 2015 and 2016) and speaks at worldwide conferences on social collaboration, change-management and user adoption.
She works closely with organisations such as Saxion University, Dutch Tax Office, Kawasaki, OMRON, SES, NN Group and Shanks.
Sasja is passionate about enabling a new way to work, motivating people to embrace technology to work smarter.
Besides work Sasja loves running, and going on long walks with her dog. You may wake me up for spinach any time.

Str23. Use IBM Connections as integration back end for your team work (Round Table)

Tuesday, May 9 | 13:30 - 14:00 | Table 2 Gorilla 1

No Slides available
IBM Connections offers users great features for working together such as activities and files structured in communities. These team oriented features would be very useful to have in strictly structured applications like sales oriented CRM systems.
Why not enhance IBM Connections with automatically created structures like communities for accounts or activities for sales opportunities?
Why not use the account information and the sales success to automatically tag the IBM Connections’ items?
Why not store production documents of the ERP system inside the IBM customer communities?
There are so many good reasons to enhance or use IBM Connections content by using the API. Considering IBM Connections as a back end for your team work provides you a completely different view on IBM Connections and its richness.
We would like to discuss the best use cases to make the most out of your investment in IBM Connections.
Andreas Rosen (QKom)
Nils Rosen (Qkom)

Andreas Rosen loves to integrate. He is co-founder of sopagate Q! - an open source Web service API for IBM Domino. He has been working for many years with IBM SW and is now also active in designing solutions for the Salesforce platform. So it is natural for him to connect his favorite systems. He was speaker at Dreamforce 2014, at IBM Social Connections 7 &10, DNUG Hamburg and the Salesforce World Tour 2016.
He likes to share his passion for intelligently connected systems.

Nils Rosen started his work writing the API Field model for the Domino Calendar, Task and Mail objects. Let’s call it: API First.
Today he is the lead developer for Salesforce integrations with IBM SW at QKom GmbH.
He is an expert for IBM edition of OAuth 2.0 and the IBM Connections and Domino API. He likes to share his experience.
He was speaker at IBM Social Connections 7 & 10 and Salesforce World Tour 2015 & 2016.