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Diamond Sponsor
Businesses move from liking to leading when they look beyond social media to see how social technologies drive real business value. From marketing and sales to product and service innovation, social is changing the way people connect and the way organizations succeed.

Social business technologies help people connect, communicate and share information. Becoming a leader in your marketplace means using social solutions to transform how business gets done—driving cost savings, increasing revenue and cultivating competitive advantages.

IBM is at the forefront of this market shift and your best partner to get social and do business
Platinum Sponsors
panagenda develops standard software based on the analysis and optimization of IT collaboration infrastructures. Customers use our products to optimize their agile IT landscapes to benefit all end users, administrators and management. Millions of panagenda software modules are active worldwide to help customers in over 70 countries to significantly reduce their networks’ total cost of ownership (TCO). Focusing on innovation and development, panagenda works with a worldwide network of selected sales partners to ensure customer proximity throughout the world.

Red Pill Now
Peter Presnell

As a team, Red Pill Now have assembled deliberately with the cognizance that each team member possesses a rare and rarefied experiential profile, and yet our otherwise divergent professional prowesses all merge at a critical intersection—our love for and belief that good design makes business (and life) better. This point of intersection – our passion for design – also means the makeup of our team is singular by design. As a team, we offer you and your customers products and services that didn’t exist before we collaborated to create them and can exist only because we have collaborated to create them. Red Pill DIG is our portal and API solution for quickly and cost-effectively modernizing your Domino applications, while our newest offering, Take 5 provides a one stop test drive for the leading industry solutions for modernizing your Notes applications and critical Domino data. After discussing your business objectives and analyzing your Notes domain, we’ll provide you with a hands-on, side-by-side demonstration of up to five solutions, each developed by leading IBM Business Partners.
Integrations grow customers who grow markets that grow platforms and good business for all.
AppFusions is connecting enterprises’ systems, applications, data (IoT and other), and people. Through IBM Connections (cloud or on-premise) or an adaptive collaboration fabric, finally you can work with all your tools and data from one place. Connecting IBM, Box, OneDrive, O365, Zendesk, OpenText, JIRA, Confluence, Google, Dropbox, ServiceNow, Domino Apps, Weather, world clocks, GitHub, and more. And we’re just getting started! Get excited - we are!
Gold Sponsors
Kudos rewards user adoption, measures performance and increases productivity for IBM Connections.
Adding value to organisations in over 30 countries around the world, Kudos is developed by leading Australian collaboration experts and IBM Premier Business Partner: ISW.

OnTime Group Calendar

Jens Overgaard Dinesen

Wasting valuable time trying to find and coordinate with your colleagues within your organisation?
Surveys show that valuable time is wasted every day, locating and coordinating resources internally in all size of organisations.
With OnTime® Group Calendar you do not only have your ordinary team calendar view, but also a full scheduling system, enabling you to be more productive with your time.
Our vision is to make people more productive in their daily work, by providing smarter collaboration tools. We believe that the biggest challenge in creating a collaborative business is the end-user’s adoption of the new technology. We have our own Research & Development department to focus on answering the question: “How can we get people to use Collaborative Technologies?” to translate Social Science into useful End-User Adoption Strategies. While developing the expertise to help our customers with the technical installation, configuration and development of their IBM or Microsoft platforms. We work closely with about 200 customers in Europe.
Groupwave is specialized in ‘collaboration through communication’.
We understand how to work with growing companies. Through listening to our clients, we remain focused on delivering real value through your growth. Groupwave values client lifetime value
Through consulting, we’ll navigate our pool of ideas, and select the right tools to meet your plans. We’ll team up and effect business changes and growth in your organization. We have an excellent track record of delivering the best results to businesses. We offer a broad range of expertise and services, from consulting and assistance with eBusiness strategies, to application development and deployment.
Recently we launched our new product, GroupWave Webinizer, which allows you to give a new future to your IBM Domino applications. You can bring them to a browser, your mobile device and even get them integrated into IBM Connections..... Come over and speak to us so that we can guide you in defining the future of your IBM Domino applications.

HCL Technologies
Deepika Choudhary

HCL Products & Platforms is a division of HCL Technologies that develops and delivers a next-generation portfolio of enterprise-grade software-based offerings with flexible consumption models, spanning traditional on-premises software, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and bundled managed services.
We bring speed, insights and innovations (big and small) to create value for our customers in Dev Ops, Automation, Data, Mainframe, and Collaboration.
Silver Sponsors
Right actions are more likely when good listening is applied. workplaceON by Opus Neo provide a wide array of widgets to improve each participant’s ability to see and hear major changes as they are happening.
workplaceON is a wrapper for IBM Connections Cloud & On-Premises. A lightweight framework for easily composing and deploying compelling composite experiences for employees, customers, and partners on both sides of the firewall.  The workplaceON onboarding App gently guides each new participant through setting up their new workplace.
Do you need to retire your Domino infrastructure but keep the data? Perhaps you want to extend your Domino data to new horizons, or ease the burden on your Domino servers?
Or to explore the new wave of web technologies whilst maintaining your investment in IBM Notes & Domino?
LDC Via can help: free your Domino data, making use of a scalable, modern document store with a rich REST API and a variety of template web applications.
TIMETOACT GROUP provides professional services for IBM Software, Microsoft, Google Software, other Partners and open standards. The group includes the companies edcom, BLUETRADE, CLOUDPILOTS, novaCapta, TIMETOACT and X-INTEGRATE. Founded in 1998, more than 280 employees are now working at TIMETOACT GROUP which is located in seven locations in Germany and sales locations in Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.
With solid experience of managing and migrating IBM collaboration environments we help organisations reduce risk and improve efficiency by securing and streamlining existing processes, thereby lowering cost.
Our solutions include automated user, group & database management, server security, secure & compliant messaging, central client management and migration – all of which can be easily integrated into existing company processes and are trusted by over 800 customers worldwide.
We also provide services for all your IBM Collaboration environments with packaged or customised engagements.

Riva International Inc.

Corinna Schmeykal

Riva is the leader in CRM and email integration. Riva is trusted by 1,200+ companies, including 35 Fortune 500 customers, 15 of the largest banks in the world, and numerous Global 1000 companies and SMBs. Riva ensures a reliable CRM data automation that also delivers relevant actionable relationship analytics, cognitive insights and AI.
Crossware Mail Signature is an email signature application that simplifies the creation and maintenance of company email signatures. Sleek, compliant and personalized email signatures are automatically added to each email, no matter what device you’re sending from.
Crossware Mail Signature works for Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, IBM Domino and IBM SmartCloud Notes.


Vladislav Tatarincev

CYONE is first company in the world accredited by IBM in the IBM Domino/Notes area.
We do Performance Tuning, support and consulting around IBM Domino.
Boost efficiency in both administration and development across your IBM Notes and Domino platform with Ytria's EZ Suite tools. Our solutions help you install pro-active measures to resolve problems before they manifest their full threat. Perform countless tasks—most of them impossible to achieve via traditional means—through global-analysis and mass-modification capabilities. Raise productivity, accuracy, and response time all at once.

Marianne van der Valk

We create smarter organisations, which are more flexible and therefore quick-witted through the use of digital workspaces.In the digital workspace intranet and the personal workspace are fused to a digital, mobile environment supporting knowledge sharing and collaboration.
Any time and any place, so they can respond more efficiently to customer inquiries. For this a good balance between people, organisation and technology is key.
Products for IBM Connections: COP- Corporate Operational Procedures, TalkTeam – meeting app (smarter collaboration)
Bronze Sponsors
Prominic.NET is a managed cloud/web hosting provider focusing on server technologies from IBM and other vendors.
Our Domino servers are single-tenant, 100% fully licensed and include simple and predictable per-user pricing.

Engage is very grateful that Prominic graciously hosts our website.


Herman Clicq

EASI is a Belgian IT company founded in 1999, offering state-of-the-art solutions to the mid-market, in the domains of software development, mobile app development as well as IT infrastructure and cloud computing. EASI aims to deliver short implementation cycles and a high added value for its customers: flexible solutions for companies that need a partner that stays close to them.
EASI also spends a lot of attention to the well-being of its 170 collaborators. EASI has been nominated Belgium's Best Workplace in 2015, 2016 and 2017.
DOCOVA is a low-code application development platform  for creating and deploying enterprise class browser-based applications. It can run on-premises or in the cloud and integrate with Office 365 and other business solutions. DOCOVA is based on open technologies, supports Domino and several varieties of SQL, and has migration tools to assist customers wishing to transition applications between technology platforms.
OpenNTF is the Open Source Community for Collaborations Solutions.
And we know:
Beer is the currency of social, so we sponsor the drinks during Speed Sponsoring


Jens Overgaard Dinesen

DanNotes, the former Danish Notes User Group is no longer among us,
but they sure made a long lasting impact on the community.
Thanks for all your hard work for so many years and for so many (+50) meetings. Good memories.
They now sponsor the drinks during Speed Sponsoring and the farewell drinks!
HADSL FirM - The best Domino user and group management, administration and compliance tool in the world.

Rather than take a booth we thought we'd get a couple of rounds of drinks in for everyone.
It's our pleasure to pay for the farewell drinks after Closing Session!

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