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Strategic Sponsor
Businesses move from liking to leading when they look beyond social media to see how social technologies drive real business value. From marketing and sales to product and service innovation, social is changing the way people connect and the way organizations succeed.

Social business technologies help people connect, communicate and share information. Becoming a leader in your marketplace means using social solutions to transform how business gets done—driving cost savings, increasing revenue and cultivating competitive advantages.

IBM is at the forefront of this market shift and your best partner to get social and do business
Platinum Sponsors
Take responsibility and speak up, that’s what we do as well. We are convinced that the biggest challenge for the next 5 years is the adoption of software in our market.
By taking responsibility for the adoption of Microsoft SharePoint and IBM Software we will be the best valued partner in our market.
The consultants of Silverside build bridges between business and IT and work focussed on improving efficiency, productivity and ROI with customers.
We strive for an optimal mix of collaboration of people, business goals and technological best of breed platforms.
panagenda develops state-of-the-art solutions for IT infrastructures around communication and collaboration.
Our extensive expertise ranges from reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) and workload, to facilitating agile IT transformation.
Our solutions enhance performance, increase clarity and control, and deliver exceptional value for money to customers with more than 7 million licenses in over 70 countries.

Red Pill Now
Peter Presnell

Currently, there are over ten million IBM Notes applications running global enterprises – few of which are available to even the simplest of mobile technologies. When you choose Red Pill Now to modernize your IBM Notes domain, your options for accessing your data extend beyond the Notes Client.
With Red Pill Now’s technology, your team will be able to develop for IBM XPages, HTML5,, Angular.js, Google Cloud, Microsoft Office 365, and more. And our approach to modernizing your Notes data takes less time, is less risky, and costs less than conventional data conversion and migration methods.
Red Pill Now can also develop a modern, front-end for your applications. Our expert team of software designers and developers will ensure your solution is designed to delight your customers – while promoting adoption throughout your organization.
Gold Sponsors
Fed up with resetting passwords? Bored with setting up users for your HR department? Want to enrich your SPML id management system? Need ITIL or SOX compliance? HADSL FirM has been giving control to Domino Administrators for nearly 10 years. Using FirM to delegate creation, control and deletion of Domino User accounts and groups to the right people reduces mistakes and frees up your administrators’ time. FirM can also automatically manage your BlackBerry devices and links to Active Directory for seamless and secure user id creation and directory data synchronisation across your environments.
HADSL sponsors the drinks before the VIP dinner too.
TIMETOACT is a Premier IBM Business Partner with major investment into assets, products and services for IBM Connections.
TIMETOACT products for IBM Connections include
- CAT - Connections Administration Toolkit. Simplify and Improve IBM Connections Administration and Content Management
- UAM - User Access Manager. Manage External (Guest) Users for IBM Connections, Internal Users “Terms of Use” Acceptance, Passwords etc.
- XCC - Web Content Management & Custom Apps Extension. Integrate Internal Communications and Custom Applications into IBM Connections.
With more than 200 employees, TIMETOACT GROUP is one of the largest IBM Software Services providers in DACH. TIMETOACT GROUP is located in several locations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.
We4IT are authors of Aveedo, the innovative development framework.
As IBM Premier Business Partner and with a talented team of experts - including two IBM Champions - we are ideally placed to help clients with our broad range of exciting solutions.
Need to Modernise or Mobilise your Notes applications?
Moving away from Notes but don't want to redevelop all your existing Notes apps?
Need help managing or outsourcing your environment?
Visit our booth discuss your requirements, try our software and receive free trial licences.
With solid experience of managing IBM collaboration environments we help organisations reduce risk and improve efficiency by securing and streamlining existing processes, thereby lowering cost – following our motto Save – Secure – Automate.
Our solutions include automated user, group & database management, server security, secure & compliant messaging, central client management – all of which can be easily integrated into existing company processes and are trusted by over 800 customers worlwide.
Do you need to retire your Domino infrastructure but keep the data? Perhaps you want to extend your Domino data to new horizons, or ease the burden on your Domino servers?
Or to explore the new wave of web technologies whilst maintaining your investment in IBM Notes & Domino?
LDC Via can help: free your Domino data, making use of a scalable, modern document store with a rich REST API and a variety of template web applications.
Silver Sponsors
DOCOVA is a powerful browser based document management solution. It is also a framework on which you can build applications quickly and cost effectively. DOCOVA was originally released on the Notes/Domino platform, a new version is now available that runs on SQL databases like SQL-Server and MySQL. This helps customers wishing to transition between platforms.
Docova sponsors the closing drinks too.
Groupwave is specialized in ‘collaboration through communication’.
We understand how to work with growing companies. Through listening to our clients, we remain focused on delivering real value through your growth. Groupwave values client lifetime value
Through consulting, we’ll navigate our pool of ideas, and select the right tools to meet your plans. We’ll team up and effect business changes and growth in your organization. We have an excellent track record of delivering the best results to businesses. We offer a broad range of expertise and services, from consulting and assistance with eBusiness strategies, to application development and deployment.
Not only websites, intranets, but also timesheet applications and … we build what customers need!
Mobile apps and Xpages development have no secrets for us! Come over and speak to us so that we can guide you in defining the future of your IT environment.
Centrally control your company email signatures.
Include marketing banners, legal disclaimers and company logos on every company email.
Ensure that every email signature is consistent, no matter what device you send it from.
Visit for a free trial.
Boost efficiency in both administration and development across your IBM Notes and Domino platform with Ytria's EZ Suite tools. Our solutions help you install pro-active measures to resolve problems before they manifest their full threat. Perform countless tasks—most of them impossible to achieve via traditional means—through global-analysis and mass-modification capabilities. Raise productivity, accuracy, and response time all at once.
Kudos rewards user adoption, measures performance and increases productivity for IBM Connections. Adding value to organisations in over 30 countries around the world, Kudos is developed by leading Australian collaboration experts and IBM Premier Business Partner; ISW.
Teamstudio provides an intelligent suite of Notes application development tools and services. We help organizations around the globe implement best practices, work more efficiently, and prepare for the future.
Ephox brings a better content creation experience to IBM Connections and Web Content Manager with, the world’s first JavaScript editor built for the responsive web. Made by the team that brought you EditLive!, offers users advanced features and a simplified, frustration free editing experience at no cost and with no dependency on Java. Ephox also continues to evolve WebRadar, bringing comprehensive reporting, customized dashboards and advanced, one-click editing of multiple content items to WCM. and WebRadar are free in your IBM license entitlements.
We look forward to connecting at Engage.
Riva is the global leader in CRM and email integration. Riva integrates a dozen of the world's best CRM systems – Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP Cloud for Customer, Oracle Sales Cloud, SugarCRM, NetSuite, and others – directly with IBM Verse, IBM SmartCloud Notes, and IBM Notes and Domino. Over 1,500 customers globally trust Riva to seamlessly sync their CRM contacts, calendars, tasks, email, opportunities, cases, custom fields, and custom objects.

ilionx Mobile Solutions
Erik de Weerd

ilionx is an ICT service provider that aims to make your organisation more successful using its services and solutions. ilionx has extensive knowledge and experience in many different market sectors, from government institutions to SMEs and from multinationals to international law firms. Over the years, the personal approach adopted by ilionx together with our sector-specific knowledge has allowed us to provide an outstanding service to a large number of clients.
More info in Dutch: ilionx geeft richting aan IBM Notes

hedersoft GmbH
Henning Schmidt

hs.Crawler makes data integration between 3rd party systems and IBM Connections a breeze. Simply define data sources and rules, let the hs.Crawler collect data based on these settings and decide how to upload this data to IBM Connections. Create Activity Stream entries, Wiki Pages, Blog Entries, Files, Forum Topics or ToDos, Emails or Entries in Activities.
Automatically feed content into IBM Connections to enable your users to use IBM Connections as the central source of data. Be one step closer to a successful Social Adoption!
Neo.Dashboard - Premier Social Collaborative Intranet ready to integrate with IBM Connections on-premise and Cloud. Use Neo.Dashboard as Intranet helping bringing down the silos. Embed updates in Neo.Dashboard or post directly to e.g your community. Pin information to a page (e.g. Your most used communities) for instant access. Neo.Dashboard offers personalized and role based content to ensure your collaboration solution is user-friendly and intuitive to use.

IntraVision ApS

Jeannie Overgaard Thanner

OnTime Group Calendar delivers a real-time overview of the people in your organization by location, availability and business division – anytime, anywhere.
Available for IBM and Microsoft customers with varies interfaces like IBM Notes, iNotes, Connections Cloud, IBM Connections, Outlook and Office 365.
- and of course on the Mobile device as well as the social platform "Connections" for IBM and Microsoft customers!
Cooperteam's core business is expressed in the development of powerful software solutions to optimize complex infrastructures of messaging environments, rendering them more productive and effective for their users.
EASI is editor of business software and apps, develops tailor-made software and mobile apps
and provides IT infrastructure solutions and services both on premise and in the cloud.
NoteMan Toolbar lets Domino professionals change any value on any document(s) or profile(s) in five clicks, bypassing hidden/computed fields. Find any document in a database via formula, UNID, or NoteID without touching the design. Compare documents to see all differences. Dozens of other integrated toolbar utilities for ad hoc magic on NSFs, invaluable for developing, testing, supporting, and finding data on Windows and Mac clients.
Bronze Sponsors
After our biggest event yet - in Stuttgart Germany - we're now making the jump over the Atlantic again, and preparing our 10th event.
This time we're going to Toronto, Canada!
We hope you are willing to join us in this iconic Canadian city on the 6th and 7th of June, 2016. For what we are hoping to be yet another memorable event.
We will continue with the same tracks and scheduling as before, with a two day program, starting with complimentary breakfast on Monday 6th of June, with the formal agenda kicking off in the morning with keynote sessions. After lunch (featuring our Solution Showcase) the rest of the day will be devoted to breakout sessions delivered by international-quality speakers in multiple tracks.
Registrations are open!

Cube Soft Consulting
Sharon Bellamy James

Specialists in IBM Connections and associated technology.
Our team have over 17 years experience in working with Web, WebSphere, E-Commerce and Collaboration and it is something we are passionate about.

Pipalia LTD

Samir Pipalia

Pipalia LTD - Java, XPages and Sage Developers at your service.
ICON UK is the IBM User Group in the UK.
We will be meeting again in September 2016. Watch out for announcements after Engage!
midpoints specializes in Enterprise Mobility Consulting and development of mobility solutions based on IBM collaboration software. We're offering solutions for integrating mobile devices, applications and content in a secure and efficient way into and from your internal infrastructure.
Our solutions
- midpoints mobile.profiler: delivers scalable MDM and MAM based on IBM software.
- midpoints traveler.rules: enriches IBM Notes Traveler with important enterprise functions.
- midpoints doc.Store: realizes the secure delivery of of documents for mobile devices based on existing IBM infrastructure.

The Learning Continuum Company
Howard Greenberg

TLCC is the leading provider of self-paced courses for Notes and Domino for developers and administrators. Learn XPages, Java, Notes/Domino development and administration all in your own home or office! An expert instructor is a click away.
OpenNTF - We are the Open Source Community for Collaboration Solutions. And we know:

Beer is the currency of social!
Integrations grow customers who grow markets that grow platforms and good business for all.
AppFusions is connecting IBM Connections Cloud (and then on-premise) with some of the top brand 'other systems' in the industry. And that's just the start.
Get excited - we are!

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