Mark in your agenda our next major event: May 8th - 9th, 2017
at the Elisabeth Center Antwerp, Belgium.
An amazing venue, with awesome speakers!
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Here's the 2-day agenda and the floorplan of the main venue.

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Sp1. Keynote and Opening General Session

Monday, May 8 | 09:00 - 10:45 | Queen Elisabeth Hall

Uffe Sorensen (IBM) @UffeSorensen
Rishi Vaish (IBM) @rishivaish
Jason Roy Gary (IBM) @jasonroygary
Daniel Hernandez (IBM)
Ed Brill (IBM) @edbrill
Huguette Ranc (IBM) @huguetteranc

Uffe Sorensen leads the ICS Notes/Domino business in Europe and have a continued focus on the entire collaboration stack and future directions - including the ever important cognitive and cloud transition. Uffe focused on helping and supporting the business professional through collaboration and social offerings from IBM for 47 years.

Jason Roy Gary is the Director of Software Development for IBM Connections and an IBM Distinguished Engineer. A recognized executive in social business and collaboration, within IBM, and in the global marketplace, Jason has demonstrated, in two decades of leadership, vision and drive in social collaboration, software architecture, real-time collaboration, agile transformation, open source initiatives, and situational applications. Jason has led IBM innovation efforts in social business from development engineering and services. He is an acknowledged thought leader and is widely solicited, by the industry, to speak and provide thought focus around the world.

Daniel Hernandez is Vice President of Offering Management for IBM Analytics

Ed Brill is Vice President - Product Management and Design, IBM Collaboration Solutions. Brill has been part of the collaboration market for over two decades, and is the author of Opting In: Lessons in Social Business.

Huguette Ranc is Vice President, Collaboration and Talent Solutions, Europe.
She has lead this business in Europe for more than 4 years now, focusing on Client Success and Europe specifics requirements.

Sp2. Warp-Speed Sponsoring

Monday, May 8 | 10:45 - 11:15 | Queen Elisabeth Hall

Each Platinum, Gold and Silver Sponsor get 30 seconds to entice you to come to their booth!
Frantic, speedy and fun!
Amanda Bauman (+All Sponsors) @amandabauman

Your Mistress of Ceremonies
Amanda Bauman manages the IBM Collaboration Solutions user community, customer councils, and IBM Champions. In this role her focus is on building and nurturing a strong community by supporting independent user group events, enabling customers and business partners to provide feedback into IBM Design and Offering Management, and running ICS’s IBM Champion program, opening the lines of communications between our top advocates in the community, and IBM.

Sp3. Speed Sponsoring

Monday, May 8 | 18:10 - 19:30 | Sponsor Area

Stay for the 'Speed Sponsoring' on Monday evening.
It's fast, frantic and fun - and in just 3 minutes you'll learn something cool about each of our sponsors.
On top of that: the BAR is open, and you might win something too!
Tony Holder (+All Sponsors) @bigtoneuk

Your Master of Ceremonies
Tony Holder is a prolific traveler, hiker, runner, fly fisherman and beer connoisseur. In his professional life he is an enterprise social business advocate and evangelist and works with IBM Collaboration Solutions partners HADSL, panagenda, ISW and Infoware to bring great administration products for IBM Connections to market and is also a board member of the Penumbra Group.

Sp4. Closing Session

Tuesday, May 9 | 17:00 - 17:30 | Sponsor Area

Always fun, and a big chance of winning a cool prize. We got several great giveaways.
The bar is open till 18.00h
Theo Heselmans (Engage) @theoheselmans

In 1993 Theo Heselmans started working as a Notes/Domino consultant with version 3. He delighted (and still does) many customers with custom applications. He founded his own company Xceed. He's also a proud member of the Penumbra Group.
For close to 10 years now, he is responsible for Engage. During these events he gives users, speakers, IBMers and Business Partners the opportunity to share information, collaborate and network.
Theo visits other LUGs regularly, and has been to 22 Lotusphere/Connect conferences.
He is an avid believer in all things 'Social'. He loves to talk about Notes, Engage, Excel, wine and beer!