Eme01. The XPages of Things: Integrate Bluemix with Your XPages Applications for a World of Possibilities

Thursday, March 24 | 14:45 - 15:30 | C. Jupiter

Download: Engage2016_XPagesOfThings.pptx
Considered by many as the top Jumpstart session at IBM Connect, "The XPages of Things" will take you through a gripping LIVE demonstration where John pieces together an "Integrated Circuit of Things", binding an on-premise XPages application with the IBM Bluemix cloud.
Join this session and discover how applications can leverage services on the Bluemix cloud to expand on what’s currently possible in XPages.
John Jardin (Ukuvuma Solutions) @JohnJardinCodes

John Jardin is the Chief Technology Officer of a company called Ukuvuma Solutions based in South Africa.
Apart from researching and concept development based on new technologies, John participates in various other areas including customer consulting, public speaking and mentoring those who want to know and learn more about the technology of tomorrow.

Eme02. Where code goes, where data flows, cognitive will follow

Thursday, March 24 | 14:45 - 15:30 | D. Saturn

Download: Engage2016_CognitiveBusiness.pptx
In this session you will see real life examples of where IBM Watson and cognitive computing are changing industries, businesses, job roles. You will find out how IBM has very rapidly moved from a game winning technology with Jeopardy to a day-to-day knowledge partner in a variety of environments.
Laurent Boes (IBM) @laurentboes

Laurent Boes joined IBM through the Lotus acquisition. He has spent the majority of his IBM career into Social Business and Collaboration, in which he had several sales, marketing and management roles in Benelux and Europe level.
Since July 2014, Laurent has taken a strategic role around the IBM Strategic Imperatives like Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social and Security. In this role, he talks to clients, partners and press about the new way of working IBM is putting on the market.

Eme03. Creating mobile apps: an introduction to Ionic

Thursday, March 24 | 09:00 - 10:00 | E. Pluto

See here: creating-mobile-apps-an-introduction-to-ionic-engage-2016
Using the responsive features you can build XPage applications that look good on desktop and scale to smaller screen devices like phones and tablets. But what if you want to take that one step further and create apps that you can deploy to the app stores and install on your devices? Or access device features that you can't get to from a web app? Using standard web technologies and without having to learn Java, Objective C or Swift? Say hello to Ionic: an open source framework to create mobile hybrid applications.
This session will give you an overview of the Ionic platform. You'll learn what part AngularJS plays in it and what you can build by using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. The session will include all the steps involved in using the platform: from installing the SDK to start writing and testing your first app. I might even do some live coding! I'll share some real world experience in building an app with Ionic using a REST API to store data in Domino and cover some of the challenges I encountered like authentication and offline support.
Mark Leusink (Viaware) @markleusink

Mark Leusink is co-owner of Viaware Food Contact Software & Services and works as a freelance consultant/ developer. He has a lot of experience with the IBM Notes/Domino platform and works on projects for various international customers in the areas of XPages, Angular and mobile. Mark is an active community member that blogs regularly about XPages and speaks at user groups. He was selected as an IBM Champion from 2011 to 2015.

Eme04. Salesforce for Domino Dogs

Thursday, March 24 | 13:30 - 14:30 | E. Pluto

Body: Salesforce, the current big boy on the block for fast business collaboration and the darling of many a director does things very differently from how the IBM world always has. But in the ways some things are very different, many things are similar. Domino has users, policies, server security, databases, lotusscript and more. What is all that on force.com? In this session 2 pleasant(ish) guides will take you through the jungle from a Domino perspective, point out the clear paths, the most obvious spike traps and where there be tigers!!
Mark Myers (LDCVia) @stickfight
Paul Mooney (BlueWave) @pmooneynet

Mark Myers has been writing / fixing code as well as dealing with collaboration, infrastructure and security issues in companies large and small for over twenty years.
Constantly trying to mesh the latest thing with the tried and tested to give clients both the solution they want and the results they need.

Paul Mooney used to consult, teach and speak on Domino around Europe. Quite a bit. Every now and then he would frequent events or bars near events to give his 2c on the life of an admin. Now, aside from riding motorbikes, he consults, teaches and speaks about Salesforce around Europe. Quite a bit.

Eme05. Live on the Edge of Innovation with IBM Bluemix

Thursday, March 24 | 08:00 - 08:45 | B. Neptune

See here: live-on-the-edge-of-innovation-with-ibm-bluemix
In this session you will learn about IBM Bluemix, IBM's cloud application platform. I'll introduce some of the Bluemix services, especially services that can be used to build collaborative applications with the typical skills of Domino developers and line of business users who appreciate rapid application development.
Developers should always be looking to improve their technical skills. If you don’t, you, your apps, and your company will be left behind while the rest of the world moves forward. Luckily cloud platforms like IBM Bluemix give developers the means to get started using modern technologies without doing all the hard work to set everything up.
You will see demonstrations how to build collaborative applications with server side JavaScript, NoSQL databases, REST APIs, JavaScript frontends and access control lists, everything with functionality provided in Bluemix: Node.js, Cloudant and MongoDB, Swagger, AngularJS and LoopBack. Additionally I'll explain how to extend these applications with cognitive functionality provided by IBM Watson.
Niklas Heidloff (IBM) @nheidloff

Niklas Heidloff is a software architect working for the cloud unit in IBM. As an IBM Bluemix developer advocate Niklas is focussed on vitalizing the community and the ecosystem of developers, partners and customers around IBM’s Platform as a Service offering Bluemix. Previously Niklas has been responsible for various application development areas in the IBM Notes/Domino and IBM Connections space.

Eme06. XPages on IBM Bluemix: the Do's & Don'ts

Wednesday, March 23 | 11:45 - 12:30 | A. Foyer

See here: xpages-on-bluemix-the-dos-and-donts
Since IBM XPages are available on IBM Bluemix there have been plenty of tutorials, webinars and blog post about how to get started. This session is a show and tell of things all of the above didn't tell you. The session will cover the following topics:
- Unsolved caveats and restrictions
- Design and data separation: best practices
- Experiments: holding data in the XSP Runtime
- Using the DDE-Plugin - and the CloudFoundry command line as an alternative
- Understanding the "mysterious" MANIFEST.YML file
- Plugins and extensions? No problem!
Oliver Busse (We4IT GmbH) @zeromancer1972

Oliver Busse is working for We4IT in Germany as ICS Senior Consultant & Software Architect and a member of the Aveedo development team. He is an expert in IBM XPages, web development and all kinds of Notes and Domino development. He is a member director of the OpenNTF board and an IBM Champion in 2015 & 2016. He is a well known member of the ESS/ICS community and also a recognized speaker at various events such as ENGAGE.UG, ICON.UK, SUTOL and DNUG.

Eme07. Free Beer 13! Think Outside the Sphere: Box for IBM Professionals

Wednesday, March 23 | 17:15 - 18:00 | E. Pluto

See here: j84b8u56hsnp53c0w28lqilxuvafxrp2
We've all had that new technology bug once in a while. You know, the one where you get a glimpse of an emerging market or tech and are compelled to play with it. Well the bug has bitten once again, and through a set of coincidences including a strategic partnership with IBM, the recent release of a simple set of APIs, and integration with IBM Connections and IBM Domino and Notes, Box has proven to be a very interesting bug. In this session Rob will explain the Box platform for file sharing and collaboration, discuss the IBM | Box partnership, demonstrate the integration points provided by IBM and partners, detail the security model for admins, and overview the Box Content and View APIs for developers -- all in terms that Domino and Connections folks will understand. As this isn't a vendor session, Rob will also share any pain points and perceived areas for improvement as we explore how IBM professionals can take advantage of the Box platform.
Rob Novak (SNAPPS) @IBMRockStar

Rob Novak is a purveyor of collaboration knowledge, the godfather of free beer in sessions, and a Lotus/IBM partner and aficionado for 22 years now. At Engage (and BLUG) he has presented on all things Domino, Quickr and Sametime - development, admin and end user topics. As times change the topics may too, but after 750 beers in 10 years, there's one thing you can count on...his session won't be first in the morning!

Eme08. How you can make use of IBM Design Thinking

Wednesday, March 23 | 13:30 - 14:30 | B. Neptune

Download: Engage2016_IBMDesignThinking_EME08.pdf
We are changing how we work, and you should too. You've heard how IBM is embracing design thinking to focus on outcomes and experiences for users. Hear how we are engaging our customers and end users to understand, explore, and validate designs. Most importantly, learn, first hand, how you can make use of the IBM design thinking framework to deliver iconic user experiences for your own projects.
Sarah Gibbons (IBM) @segibb

Sarah Gibbons is a Senior User Experience Designer at IBM, leading innovation within the Enterprise Social Software team as the Mobile Lead for Project Toscana. Previously, she contributed to multiple iterations of the IBM Connections Mobile app and served as a design educator, setting the standard and rigor for new-hires with IBM Design.

Eme09. Using collaborative tools to transform how we work with Project Toscana

Thursday, March 24 | 11:30 - 12:30 | B. Neptune

No Slides available
We know that the need to innovate quickly is pushing people to work differently and collaborate more seamlessly. Influence the design direction for Project Toscana by participating in this hands-on design session exploring small team collaboration. Help us understand where and how you work with others most effectively.  Plus, be one of the first to give us input on designs for small team collaboration and keeping track of important updates.
Sarah Gibbons (IBM) @segibb
Chris Reckling (IBM) @creckling

Sarah Gibbons is a Senior User Experience Designer at IBM, leading innovation within the Enterprise Social Software team as the Mobile Lead for Project Toscana. Previously, she contributed to multiple iterations of the IBM Connections Mobile app and served as a design educator, setting the standard and rigor for new-hires with IBM Design.

Chris Reckling is the Mobile User Experience Practice Lead for the IBM Collaboration Solutions group, leading the design and user research teams for IBM Notes Traveler, IBM Verse, IBM Sametime Chat and Meetings, IBM Connections and anything else mobile related. Find our work in the app stores for Apple Android. We apply design thinking methods and practices in order to create experiences that delight our users.

Eme10. Social Meets Watson - How to integrate IBM Connections with Bluemix Watson services

Wednesday, March 23 | 16:00 - 17:00 | C. Jupiter

See here: kmykmffy2xri6xfrjku6hla4ljw02bhc
IBM® Connections™ is a leading business social network platform that helps you get work done. It allows your organization to engage the right people and deliver results. But it's not yet another application to go to. IBM® Connections™ allows you to integrate with your existing business processes and bring in external services to accelerate innovation whether you use it in the cloud or on-premise.
This session will explain how to inject external information into Connections and how to extract Connections content using its extensive API. Live examples will show how to bring a typical approval cycle into the IBM Connections Activity Stream and how to integrate the IBM Watson Bluemix services with IBM Connections Files. If you're a developer and you think of REST every 6 seconds or if you're just interested in taking IBM Connections to the next level, this session is for you !
Steve Lievens (IBM) @steve_lievens
Koen Lenaerts (IBM) @koen_lenaerts

Steve Lievens has 15 years of experience as an IT Specialist. His main focus is on the ICS (IBM Collaboration Solutions) portfolio where he has both development and administration knowledge of a large portion of the product set. He has worked for Software Group Services, where most of his work was related to post-sales activities such as pilot installations, custom development, integration and migration projects and tuning exercises. Recently he moved into the role of Collaboration Solutions Architect where he is using his knowledge of the entire ICS product set to deliver solutions to the customer, assist with the delivery and drive adoption

Koen Lenaerts has been working for IBM since 1999.  First he worked for the IBM CIO office where he managed internal IT projects and taught the IBM Collaboration tools (used inside IBM) to their employees.
He joined the IBM Social Team 5 years ago, where he is working today as a Client Technical Specialist.  In this role he demonstrates IBM CS (Collaboration Solutions) to potential customers, assists with the deployment and drives adoption