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Tuesday-Wednesday, May 14-15, 2019
Autoworld, Parc du Cinquantenaire - Jubelpark in Brussels, Belgium

Dev01. IBM Domino App.Next - New Possibilities

Wednesday, March 23 | 13:30 - 14:30 | A. Foyer

Download: Engage2016_Dev01_DominoAppNext.pdf
IBM Domino has long provided companies with a rich application development platform for lines-of-business applications. Today, companies require flexibility to deploy on-premises or in the cloud, extensible web development frameworks and rich APIs. Come learn how Bluemix, Domino Next and Domino Designer Next provide new possibilities for the Domino developer community. Come hear what's new, what's coming, proof points and see exciting demos.
Pete Janzen (IBM) @pjanzen20
Martin Donnelly (IBM) @TweeterDonnelly

Pete Janzen is a Sr. Offering Manager covering application development for IBM Collaboration Solutions. He is responsible for IBM Domino, IBM Verse and IBM Connections Cloud app dev.

Martin Donnelly is a software architect at IBM Ireland working on XPages and Domino Designer. He is a co-author of a number of best-selling books on these topics with IBM Press. Lately he spends a lot of his time working on IBM Bluemix offerings. Martin is also a board member of and evangelist for open source.

Dev02. Expanding XPages with Bootstrap Plugins for ultimate usability

Thursday, March 24 | 11:30 - 12:30 | A. Foyer

See here: engage-expanding-xpages-with-bootstrap-plugins-for-ultimate-usability
Develop highly user friendly responsive web (XPages) applications by making use of Bootstrap and JQuery Plugins as Select2, DateTimePickers, Multiselect, Confirmation, Modals,Popovers and Notifications for ultimate usability based on the latest versions of these plugins, including solutions for the AMD problem. Expect more of XPages Applications and go beyond the basics and create applications that nobody ever thought possible using XPages. Comprehensive demos of several plugins are shown within an XPages application.
Johnny Oldenburger (Kranendonk Smart Robotics) @JOldenburger

For over 20 years Johnny Oldenburger has worked as a Notes Domino XPages Developer and he still do this every day with pleasure. Currently he's also Moderator of the Google+ XPages Community and Curator of Collaboration Today. IBM Champion 2016 for Social Business.

Dev02. Darwino: a new lifeline for Domino developers and customers

Thursday, March 24 | 11:30 - 12:30 | A. Foyer

Download: Engage2016_Introduction_Darwino.pptx
What if you have a business critical Notes applications that you users desperately want to access from their mobile devices? What if you simply want to make a piece of a legacy Notes app that no one wants to touch available to mobile devices?
Philippe Riand and Christian Guedemann, will take you through the journey of providing the best mobile experience using Darwino, even when the connection is erratic or non existent. After an introduction to the platform, they'll show you the whole developer experience based on a real, existing Notes application.
Philippe Riand (Darwino) @philriand
Christian Güdemann (WebGate) @guedeWebGate

Philippe is the CTO of Triloggroup, an award winning IBM Business Partner, providing the leading social project management solution for the IBM platform and a new mobile application developement platform named Darwino. Prior to this role, Philippe was an architect at IBM, in charge of the ICS application development strategy, and the initial author of the Social Business Toolkit library. He is also known as the 'father' of XPages, as he had been leading this team right from the beginning. As such, he is the author of several popular open source libraries available on OpenNTF, like the XPages Extension Library, Bootstrap for XPages, Domino SQL...

Christian Güdemann is OpenNTF Chairman and CTO @ WebGate Consulting AG
He cares about new trends and ideas and brings them to the XPages community. He is the architect of POI4XPages, XPages Toolkit and JUnit4XPages.
And he lives with his wife and two Kids in a nice village called Tagelswangen in Switzerland.

Dev03. Break your Domino Designer Dependency

Thursday, March 24 | 16:00 - 17:00 | E. Pluto

See here: break-your-designer-dependency
When building great Web applications that surface the contents of Notes databases Domino Designer can often get in the way of productivity. Many Notes developers are now expanding into the area of JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, Ember, or Backbone In this session we will show you how to break that dependency on Domino Designer so that you can deploy applications outside an NSF but still consume the data from within an NSF.
Keith Strickland (Red Pill Now) @keithstric

Former IBM Champion and creator of the Open NTF XBlog and XPages Calendar projects, Keith Strickland is a recognized expert on Dojo, XPages, SCM and Custom Components, as well as a thought leader by way of his prolific blog contributions within the Lotus Community.
Keith leads Red Pill Now’s front-end development team.

Dev04. XPages and Office 365 development – more familiar that you think

Thursday, March 24 | 09:00 - 10:00 | D. Saturn

Download: Engage2016_XpagesandOffice365.pdf
Many companies run a mixed IBM Notes and Microsoft Office 365 (O365) environment. SharePoint/Outlook and Domino should be viewed as a new opportunity to create rich and engaging user experiences.
Using both IBM and Microsoft REST services as the core to the solution, this presentation will show how both technologies stacks can be integrated to maximize application functionality and present a seamless experience to the user.
Mark will provide lots of demonstrations including Office Web Add-Ins, how to access O365 data from your Domino applications and many others. Come and see how your core Domino webdev skills are equally applicable to the Office 365 environment.
Mark Roden (PSC Group LLC) @markyroden

Mark Roden is a principle Architect for the PSC Group LLC based in Chicago, IL USA. Prolific contributor to the IBM XPages community with numerous video, screencast, podcast and blog contributions.
He's a 2014, 2015 and 2016 IBM Champion for Collaboration Solutions with nearly 20 years’ experience working with the IBM Notes Domino environment. Mark is currently working on the modernization of existing IBM Notes application to the XPages platform.
His responsibilities are numerous and include development, test phase oversight and delivery management on the World's largest XPages project.

Dev05. Migrate Notes/Domino applications to SharePoint: Cheap? Easy or a Nightmare?

Thursday, March 24 | 08:00 - 08:45 | D. Saturn

See here: cIPR6q-OmgM
We all love our Notes and Domino apps. But sometimes your company is moving in other directions, whether you like it or not.
This session is about lessons learned when 'trying' to migrate Notes and Domino apps to MS SharePoint, from a developer point of view.
How do you approach this? What is possible and what's not? What is easy to do, and what is a nightmare to accomplish?
Marten will explain and show live demos migrating Notes apps to SharePoint 2013. Find out what works, and what he needs to 'kill'!
The audience can submit example apps to Marten up-front (contact him at
Marten Vosmer (Lialis)

Marten Vosmer is a technical IBM Lotus Notes / Domino guru with experience going back till 1996. In this period he has worked on all related areas like Domino server installations, server tooling like archiving, signatures, anti-spam and virus, Notes and web application development, Notes client deployments / tooling and related IBM products like SameTime and IBM Connections. From 2014 Marten started with a new specialization, migrations of Lotus Notes and Domino applications to SharePoint (2013 and O365).

Dev06. OAuth 2.0 for developers – the technology you need but never really learned

Wednesday, March 23 | 16:00 - 17:00 | E. Pluto

See here: introduction-to-oauth-20-the-technology-you-need-but-never-really-learned
OAuth 2.0 has become the defacto way to authenticate to IBM Connections and cloud services such as IBM Connections Cloud, Google and SalesForce and is *the* way to bridge systems. Despite being very powerful surprisingly few IBM Connections developers actually know of it or enough about it. OAuth 2.0 has been in IBM Connections for many releases and allows other services or API programs to impersonate users – and hence work as the user – without the user relinquishing control of their credentials. It’s very powerful stuff. This session acts as a primer on OAuth 2.0 for developers and administrators teaching you the ropes as well as teaching developers how to start utilizing OAuth 2.0 for IBM Connections on-premises as well as for IBM Connections Cloud. If you are developing for IBM Connections this is for you. Be warned – there will be code…
Mikkel Heisterberg (OnTime) @lekkim

Mikkel Flindt Heisterberg is an all together great guy and has been exploring the IBM collaboration tools and technologies for the last 20+ years. He enjoys working on the breaking edge and is constantly coming up with new ways to bend the products. Ask him about widgets, plugins, git or build automation to get his juices flowing.

Dev07. Once You Go Graph

Wednesday, March 23 | 11:45 - 12:30 | D. Saturn

See here: once-you-go-graph
Faster than relational and more robust than document, graph databases are taking the big data world by storm. Every major player in big data is using them for everything from inventory control to intelligence analysis to knowledge discovery to social searching. Now you can apply this same technology to your existing Domino applications without moving or copying any data using the OpenNTF Domino API. See and learn how to apply this exciting new technology to your existing NSF databases, whether one application at a time, or for your entire domain, using both Java and JSON APIs.
Nathan Freeman (Red Pill Now) @ntf

Three-time IBM Champion, Co-founder and Director Emeritus of OpenNTF, Nathan Freeman is globally recognized for his energetic and thought-provoking presentations and thought-leadership regarding IBM Notes and Graph databases.
Nathan is Red Pill Now’s chief software architect and leads our development team.

Dev08. "Marty, You're Just Not Thinking Fourth Dimensionally": Troubleshooting XPages

Thursday, March 24 | 13:30 - 14:30 | C. Jupiter

Download: Engage2016_Marty.pdf
When XPages code doesn't work as expected, often it's because the expectation was wrong. With the various phases of the XPages lifecycle, validation, the various event handler settings, embedding Server-Side JavaScript within Client-Side JavaScript or scoped variables, understanding what's really there when your code wants it is key troubleshooting XPages. This session will help you think fourth dimensionally to better pre-empt the outcomes and troubleshoot when things don't work out like you expect. You'll realise whether or not the bridge over Clayton...Shonash Ravine will be there to ensure your XPages make it Back to the Future.
Paul Withers (Intec Systems Ltd) @paulswithers

Paul Withers is an IBM Champion and OpenNTF Board Member. He has been working with XPages since 2009, speaking on XPages since 2010 and co-authored XPages Extension Library.

Dev09. Get ready for moving from Java 6 to Java 8 - Now!

Thursday, March 24 | 16:00 - 17:00 | D. Saturn

See here: engage-2016-get-ready-for-moving-from-java-6-to-java-8-now
With the recently announced upgrades from Java 6 to Java 8 the IBM Notes client and the IBM Domino server are finally moving to a competitive development stack. The importance of this upgrade for XPages and OSGi plug-ins is incontestable.
Learn in this session what changes you can expect when moving from Java 6 to Java 8. Switch-with-string, parallel operations, Lambdas, Stream API, multiple inheritance or a complete new Date/Time package are only a few changes to name. Your developer life will get easier, better, faster after adapting the new capabilities.
René Winkelmeyer @muenzpraeger

René Winkelmeyer, a repeating IBM Champion, has been working with Lotus technologies since 1999. After spending several years in the area of OSGi plug-in development - client and server - he is currently focusing on the emerging market of 'Mobility'. As Head of Development with a German Business Partner his expertise is used to design small to large scale mobile orientated environments. He is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences as he loves to share his knowledge. René is also engaged in the OpenNTF community where he has contributed several award-winning projects.

Dev10. Eclipse Plug-ins in Notes 101, and then some

Wednesday, March 23 | 17:15 - 18:00 | A. Foyer

Download: Engage2016_Dev10.pptx
At the beginning of time, Notes Development was built largely on Forms and Views. While Forms and Views are still the foundation for the modern Notes application, a new kid came on the block a few years ago. One of the most powerful development tools to make its way into Notes development is Eclipse. However, the journey from Forms and Views to Eclipse applications is a rocky one filled with pitfalls and gotchas. To try to demystify the development and installation of an Eclipse Plug-in for Domino, I will provide a sample application start to finish done using Eclipse and Domino.
Teresa Deane (BCC) @teresa_deane

Teresa Deane has been with Notes since its early days. She started at Lotus in 1987 and then moved to Iris 1991 working on an NNTP server for Notes, Notes Web Browser and webified some of the standard Notes templates (Discussion, Mail, DocLib). She then worked for Microsoft on internationalizing Groove Workspace applications but moved back to Notes working with Notes C API for Teamstudio. Teresa has presented on various topics at previous Lotuspheres and now works as a software consultant for BCC.