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Bus02. How Connected Systems Are Transforming the Future of Work

Thursday, March 24 | 13:30 - 14:30 | B. Neptune

The future of work is about collaborating, innovating, and connecting in new ways. It's about connecting to people, ideas, devices, and systems in ways that create new sources of opportunity and value.
The future of work is about unprecedented flexibility – virtual teams, more freelance work, a greater focus on specialization and multi-disciplinary teams, and mobile workers. The future of work is about millennials and new expectations around technology, collaboration, and organizational structures.
During this session, we will look at the critical role that integrated systems and platforms play in making the future of work a reality. We will discuss examples of how integrated systems are transforming customer experiences, improving analytics and decision-making, and driving sometimes unexpected sources of value and opportunity for businesses and their stakeholders.

Wolfgang Berger (Riva CRM Integration) @crm_integration

Eme01. The XPages of Things: Integrate Bluemix with Your XPages Applications for a World of Possibilities

Thursday, March 24 | 14:45 - 15:30 | C. Jupiter

Considered by many as the top Jumpstart session at IBM Connect, "The XPages of Things" will take you through a gripping LIVE demonstration where John pieces together an "Integrated Circuit of Things", binding an on-premise XPages application with the IBM Bluemix cloud.
Join this session and discover how applications can leverage services on the Bluemix cloud to expand on what’s currently possible in XPages.

John Jardin (Ukuvuma Solutions) @JohnJardinCodes