Dev01. From Then, to Now - A Speedy UX and Design Workshop for Programmers

Tuesday, May 9 | 11:30 - 12:30 | D. Gorilla 4

Most Notes applications were designed and coded simultaneously. The process was simple and straight-forward – but not always the best experience for your customers. Designing a modern, Web-based version of your legacy application requires careful planning, analysis and design to ensure success. So, what’s a one person, Notes developer to do when tackling the modernization of that old app, or developing something brand new for the Web?
Red Pill Now’s CEO, Peter Presnell and Creative/UX Director, Bob Kadrie want this to be the most valuable 60 minutes of your time during this year’s Engage. They’ll help you make your next application your best – without the need for a business analyst or designer. This rapid-fire session will begin with a quick step-by-step case study in modernizing a complex Notes application – from concept through deployment. Then, Bob and Peter will teach you how to plan, analyze, wireframe, and design a prototype of an application using simple, Web-based tools, and resources available to any programmer – on any budget and timetable.
Bob Kadrie (Red Pill Now) @bobkadrie
Peter Presnell (Red Pill Now) @peterpresnell

During his career, Bob Kadrie has garnered scores of awards serving as advisor to senior business executives from AT&T, The Center for Civil and Human Rights, Emory University, General Motors, J.M. Huber, Rinnai Corporation and Worldspan, among others. Noted trainer and speaker, Bob leads Red Pill Now’s UX and design practice.

IBM Champion 2011/12, director of the Atlanta User Group for IBM Collaboration, and architect of the .Domino framework on OpenNTF, Peter Presnell is globally recognized as a lecturer, trainer and thought-leader within the IBM Notes marketplace. Peter leads Red Pill Now’s market strategy and program management practice.

Dev02. SmartNSF - It's smart, really!

Monday, May 8 | 11:45 - 12:30 | D. Gorilla 4

Download: Engage2017_SmartNSF.pdf
SmartNSF is one piece of the big application modernization puzzle! Learn how you can turn a simple NSF within minutes to a smart microservice. See how the YAML export fits into IBM's REST API Strategy and get inspired what can be done with SmartNSF in your business. Will there be a demo? For sure: See how you can extend IBM Verse and integrate address data from your Notes based CRM with SmartNSF!
Christian Güdemann (OpenNTF) @guedeWebGate
Martin Jinoch @mjinoch

Christian Güdemann is OpenNTF Chairman and CTO @ WebGate Consulting AG
He cares about new trends and ideas and brings them to the XPages community. He is the architect of SmartNSF, POI4XPages, XPages Toolkit, Watson Workspace Java SDK and JUnit4XPages.
And he lives with his wife and two Kids in a nice village called Tagelswangen in Switzerland

Martin Jinoch is freelance software engineer with more than 20 years of experience with Notes/Domino, and a long time Java enthusiast. He develops web applications and mobile apps for Android (and BlackBerry). Member of Social Connections and SUTOL user group organizing teams. IBM Champion for ICS 2015-2017.

Dev03. How Watson, Bluemix, Cloudant, and XPages Can Work Together In A Real World Application

Tuesday, May 9 | 09:00 - 10:00 | A. Okapi 3

See here: hr-assistant-engage
The role of a human resources employee can be hard work when it comes to filtering hundreds or thousands of job applications. Often, the cover letters are submitted in unstructured formats making keeping data in order and identifying interesting job applications difficult.
In this session we will give a look behind the scenes of the award winning HR Assistant application which uses a combination of IBM Bluemix, Watson and a Cloudant database to improve the recruitment process. We will explain how we integrate the different technologies and display the content graphically using XPages along with how the development progressed and the challenges we faced.
Frank van der Linden (elstar IT) @flinden68

Frank van der Linden (Utrecht, Netherlands) is an Freelance Java/Web/XPages developer at his own company, elstar IT.
Worked 16 years with IBM Technology, mostly focused on web based solutions, early adapter of XPages. Now migrated to Java developer and doing the most of the projects in the JEE world.
Frank is an experienced speaker. From 2011 he spoke at several international events, like Engage, IconUK, DanNotes, EntwicklerCamp, SnoUG and more...
In his spare time Frank is doing a lot of running and mountain biking (and then I mean a lot).

Dev04. When management says you have to migrate apps off of Domino

Monday, May 8 | 13:30 - 14:30 | D. Gorilla 4

IBM has renewed emphasis on Domino as an applications platform, and it is still a superior server for most types of collaborative applications. Nonetheless, some organizations are unfortunately forcing the removal of Notes and/or Domino due to political, budget/consolidation, or other reasons. What are your options, and what are the costs and expectations of each? This session begins with a demo of free analysis tools for discovering what applications are used in your environment and which designs will be most challenging to implement outside of Domino. Then you'll survey the landscape of several options for migrating your template and custom apps, including SharePoint & .NET,, Google Apps, turn-key solutions, third-party platforms, and even some hybrid modernization techniques for keeping Domino on the back-end. Pros and cons, as well as costs of several approaches are compared. This high level session does not delve into code, but includes detailed screenshots of each approach. You will be prepared for further evaluating the range of migration options for your own applications, including how to push back on management to keep certain types of applications in Domino.
Jamie Magee (MartinScott Consulting) @jamiemagee

Jamie Magee has been developing Notes/Domino applications for since 1994. He specializes in N/D app performance, custom applications design, and migration/integration projects. He is the creator of the NoteMan Toolbar Suite and WirelessMail for Domino, and he has presented dozens of app dev sessions at Lotuspheres/Connects and various LUGs.

Dev05. Cognitive Team Collaboration Development with the IBM Watson Work Services APIs

Monday, May 8 | 17:00 - 17:45 | E. Gorilla 5

Download: Engage2017_CognitiveCollabDev.pdf
To drive strong business outcomes in today's competitive marketplace, there is a need to rapidly innovate and respond. Achieving this requires a new way of working: small teams collaborating seamlessly, staying constantly connected and up to date. A new breed of messaging application is being created to meet this need. But work isn't just about messaging. Different teams use different external systems and workflows that need to plug into their team collaboration environment. Come for a session on how to extend the IBM Watson Workspace team collaboration platform through the IBM Watson Work Services & APIs to take advantage of cognitive capabilities and mold them to the way you work.
Joe Russo (IBM) @russoDesigns

Joe Russo is a senior designer at IBM currently leading the design for Watson Work Services, the developer experience for Watson Work. Prior to this Joe worked as a designer and developer on Connections, and before that as a developer on Quickr (Quickplace).

Dev06. Extending IBM Verse

Tuesday, May 9 | 09:00 - 10:00 | D. Gorilla 4

Download: Engage2017_ExtendingVerse.pdf
IBM Verse now includes a set of extension points that allow third-party application developers to integrate their applications. In this session you will learn how to exploit the currently available extension points. The session will also discuss the IBM Verse extensibility roadmap and what extension points are planned for 2017.
Mark Wallace (IBM) @mewallace

Technical Lead, IBM Verse

Dev07. Connections App Dev - Building at the Speed of Pink

Tuesday, May 9 | 13:30 - 14:30 | D. Gorilla 4

Download: Engage2017_SpeedOfPink.pptx
The next generation of Connections will feature great new ways to truly customize and extend the platform. Collaboration will reach a whole new level through the introduction of exciting app dev capabilities. Come see how to build and embed live situational applications that leverage new JSON-based APIs and cool open source JavaScript UI controls. Personalize Connections so that it meets your organization's requirements by customizing its look, feel and behavior in simple and intuitive ways! This session is a must for those of you interested Connection app dev futures... and there's a lot to see!
Maureen Leland (IBM) @mvgirl
Martin Donnelly (IBM) @TweeterDonnelly

Maureen Leland is the Chief Architect for IBM Connections AppDev and Middleware, bringing years of experience building tools for developers (Lotus Notes ViP, Domino Designer, and Lotus Component Designer) to the task of creating a true platform for Connections development. At home, Maureen is the mother of six sons, keeps five dogs from completely taking over the household, and likes to spend time with her family on Martha's Vineyard. Maureen has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Canisius College in Buffalo, NY, and a Master of Arts and Ph.D. Candidacy in Theoretical Chemistry from Boston University, Boston, MA.

Martin Donnelly is a software architect at IBM Ireland working on various aspects of App Dev for IBM Collaboration Solutions. This includes IBM Connections customization and extensibility, Domino Designer and the XPages runtime. He is a co-author of a number of best-selling books on these topics with IBM Press, a regular speaker at ICS conferences and a board member of

Dev08. Make your application seamlessly integrated in IBM Connections

Tuesday, May 9 | 14:45 - 15:30 | D. Gorilla 4

Download: Engage2017_IntegratingAppsInConnections.pptx
An well integrated application in IBM Connections is an application that provides the Connections experience to the user. It includes authentication, navigation, look & feel and more. In this session, we'll show you how to achieve this goal, for both cloud and on-premises! All the code presented is open source and the library is delivered though
Philippe Riand (Darwino) @philriand
Jesse Gallagher (I Know Some Guys) @Gidgerby

Philippe Riand is a technology visionary who spent his career designing application development platforms. Prior to joining Trilog Group and Darwino as CTO in 2014, he spent 10 years as the lead architect for the Domino XPages web development platform, which he originally invented and which has been very successful within the IBM developer community. Philippe also helped develop a thriving open source developer community around XPages and has been a regular contributor to the open source community. He has been an acclaimed speaker at IBM developer conferences for the past 10 years. Philippe is currently the chief architect of the Darwino business application development platform.

Jesse Gallagher is a board member of OpenNTF, CTO of I Know Some Guys, and a developer on the Darwino team. He has been working with Notes and Domino since 2004 and blogs semi-regularly on technically, primarily XPages-related topics on

Dev09. The New Connections Application Catalog - And Why YOU Need it !

Tuesday, May 9 | 08:00 - 08:45 | D. Gorilla 4

Download: Engage2017_ICS_Catalog.pptx
Applications will be front and central to the next generation of Connections ... which means you will need a whole new way of managing applications for your organization. The new Application Catalog and Registry will give you all the tools you need to build, locate, share and deploy apps across Connections Cloud. This session will show you how administrators, developers and end-users can work together in different roles to create, categorize, view, tag, deploy, comment, like, and publish a slew of applications, from the very simple to the very sophisticated. See how ISV applications can be published, enabled, subscribed and metered. Learn how feedback can be collected and managed... and check out the cool new user experience that delivers all these capabilities. This is all about apps!
Eamon Muldoon (IBM)
Heath McCarthy (IBM)

Eamon Muldoon is a development manager at IBM Ireland based in Dublin working on App Dev for IBM Collaboration Services. This includes projects on IBM Connections, XPages and Domino Designer.  Eamon has been involved in appdev for the past 10 years and he has been a regular speaker at Connect and other ICS conferences.

Heath McCarthy, in his role as the World-Wide Client Architect Leader for IBM Collaboration Solutions, works with IBM customers across many industries to define and execute Social and Collaboration Strategies. Heath has helped customers create solution roadmaps, adoption plans, business value alignment, and enterprise architectures. Heath is one of IBM's world wide leaders in IBM Design Thinking as a means to discover innovative solutions to compelling business needs. He has helped customers leverage an agile approach to delivering experiences that matter to business users and drive business outcomes.

Dev10. Unleash the Power of REST APIs with Dojo

Tuesday, May 9 | 16:00 - 16:45 | D. Gorilla 4

Download: Engage2017_UnleashthePowerofRESTAPIswithDojo.pdf
The message from IBM Connect 2017 to Domino Web developers is "All things API" with new capabilities from the community like OpenNTF's SmartNSF and expansion of the Domino REST API. Libraries and frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue allow developers to surface these APIs and create interactive web experience with minimal development.
For simple applications, these tools provide excellent capability with great community support. However, when applications involve complex life cycles with dynamic routing or routerless SPA you need to consider the grand daddy of Javascript frameworks, Dojo. With its flexible architecture and scalability, Dojo provide enterprise developers with many capabilities not available in other frameworks. By combining Dojo with popular CSS and Javascript libraries like Bootstrap, Fontawesome, and Chartjs one can create amazing solutions beyond want you have seen in IBM OneUI.
Join Richard Moy from Phora Group for this fast pace learning experience on how to create your own custom widgets/controllers using Dojo and extend your set of tools. This session will guide you through the process of creating individual widgets, the pitfalls to watch out for, and how to add them into any Web-based application.
Richard Moy (Phora Group) @richardmoy

As Managing Director of Phora Group and IBM Champion for the past three years, Richard Moy focuses on business process management, UI design, and data security. For the past 30 years, Richard have worked with small to enterprise organizations on business process design, application design and architecture. Richard is one of the principal architects for Phora Group's iPhora series of secure business process and collaborative solutions.

Dev11. Unlock The Power of Bluemix for Connections (20 min.)

Monday, May 8 | 16:25 - 16:45 | D. Gorilla 4

Download: Engage2017_UnlockThePowerOfBluemixForConnections.pdf
In this session you will see and learn how to create a tiny application, deploy it to Bluemix and connect it to Connections. Learn how Bluemix can help you create applications and integrate it into your collaboration environment.
Remco Angioni (e-office) @Angioni

Remco Angioni started working with IBM software as of 1996. He's a real Dutch IBM enthusiast. He worked his way up from service desk to Senior Consultant and now is a Connections and Watson specialist.
Remco was a speaker at IBM Connect 2017.
He began with Notes 3 on OS/2 Warp!

Dev21. OpenNTF, ExtLibX, Darwino, OpenCode4Workspace and the Future (Round Table)

Tuesday, May 9 | 14:45 - 15:15 | Table 2 Gorilla 1

No Slides available
Have a talk about the direction of OpenNTF. Share your ideas about our new brand strategy and get involved with OpenNTF. Have a discussion why Connections, Watson Workspace and Darwino needs a vibrant open source eccosystem.
Christian Güdemann (OpenNTF) @guedeWebGate

Christian Güdemann is OpenNTF Chairman and CTO @ WebGate Consulting AG
He cares about new trends and ideas and brings them to the XPages community. He is the architect of SmartNSF, POI4XPages, XPages Toolkit, Watson Workspace Java SDK and JUnit4XPages.
And he lives with his wife and two Kids in a nice village called Tagelswangen in Switzerland

Dev22. Domino Next Generation IDE (Round Table)

Tuesday, May 9 | 16:00 - 16:30 | Table 2 Gorilla 1

No Slides available
If a hypothetical application uses Domino only for data and REST services, can we get to a future without Domino Designer? This round-table discussion will gather what the requirements would be and the technical aspects that would be required (e.g. how to create views), deployment and maintenance. The aim is to come up with ideas for a blueprint and inspire the community to build an open-source solution aggressively during the rest of 2017.
Paul Withers (Intec Systems Ltd) @paulswithers

Paul Withers is an IBM Champion and OpenNTF Board Member. He has been involved in pushing the boundaries of Domino with OpenNTF Domino API and more. He has been involved in working with GraphQL for Watson Workspace and Domino.

Dev23. Right Strategies for Notes Application Modernisation (Round Table)

Monday, May 8 | 16:00 - 16:30 | Table 2 Gorilla 1

No Slides available
App Modernisation was named as one of the major points at IBM Connect. What is the right strategy for companies to go ahead with this point on the agenda?
Discussion about ideas, thoughts and strategies in App Modernisation.
Stefan Sucker (We4IT) @stefan_sucker

Stefan Sucker is managing partner of We4IT Group and a consultant since 1997 for all IBM Collaboration products. In December 2014 he became an IBM Champion. As an IBM Collaboration expert, he assists customers in optimizing their daily (team-)work and moving to a web-based and mobile collaboration strategy.