Com01. Driving your collaboration agenda with ConnectionsExpert

Tuesday, May 9 | 10:15 - 11:00 | A. Okapi 3

Download: Engage2017_ConnectionsExpert.pdf
Is your IBM Connections environment successful? Is it reaching its potential, is it performing and do you have insight into your participation rates?
In this session we will show you how using panagenda ConnectionsExpert will give your admins, your management and your adoption team the insights they need to make your social collaboration platform a success. Helping them to drive adoption, monitor performance, get insight into detailed activity around usage and communities and pro-actively identify and solve problems before they even happen. Join us to learn what ConnectionsExpert can do for your organization. from the free basic version to the professional version that gives you deep dive information, panagenda ConnectionsExpert is sure to help you.
Femke Goedhart (panagenda) @femkegoedhart

Femke Goedhart has been working with the collaboration software from IBM, Microsoft and Salesforce focusing on topics around ECM, process management and social business adoption for the last 15 years. Femke works for panagenda as a Business Consultant for IBM Connections, data analytics and business development, lives in The Netherlands and is a frequent speaker at social business conferences and usergroup events in Europe and the United States. Her main focal points are in social business and software adoption, strategy enablement, business development, usability and requirements gathering. She has been an IBM Champion for the last 6 years.

Com02. Modernizing your IBM Domino Applications efficienctly (Round Table)

Monday, May 8 | 14:45 - 15:30 | Table 1+2 Gorilla 1

Download: Engage2017_GBSAppDesigner.pdf
During this roundtable session we will discuss how companies can modernize their existing IBM Domino application environment. For customers looking for a way to make their applications web and cloud ready we will introduce a state-of-the-art solution which relies on the Domino backend and which makes the front-end browser-ready. In addition we will have a look into the retirement of unused IBM Domino applications. The GBS and Cooperteam experts will highlight a proven approach to convert existing IBM Notes/Domino data into PDF and XML format. Based on an automated and centralized process, all existing Domino content will be converted without the risk of loosing data. For customers who are using SharePoint we will explain how to automatically import these data into SharePoint for further use.
Ole Reim (GROUP Business Software Europa GmbH)
Olivier Zardini (Cooperteam)

Ole Reim is working as Regional Sales Director at GROUP Business Software (GBS) since 2011. He has a wide range of both technical and business knowledge with focus on IBM and Microsoft collaboration solutions. Ole is responsible for sales of GBS´ email management platform iQ.Suite and workflow management solution GBS AppDesigner in Northern Germany, Benelux, UK and Australia.

Olivier Zardini is working at Cooperteam since 2001 as CTO. He leads Cooperteam R&D and designed most of Cooperteam solution Portfolio such as MailFlow Analyzer, Desktop Manager (Notes Client Administration), Archive Mail, Domino Application Dashboard (Notes Application monitoring), Synchro Suite (NSF/ LDAP / SQL / XML synchronization toolset) and Notes Extractor (Notes database migration tool).

Com03. Darwino, the solution for your Notes/Domino applications

Monday, May 8 | 14:45 - 15:30 | A. Okapi 3

Download: Engage2017_DarwinoForYourNDSolutions.pptx
Darwino is a unique application platform endorsed by IBM to extend your Notes/Domino applications. It lets you incrementally enhance your existing applications while retaining your existing investment. It takes advantage of the latest IBM technologies like Bluemix, Watson, and Connections... but also Microsoft ones, like MS Azure, Active Directory, and Sharepoint. It delivers these capabilities to web browsers, mobile devices, report editors and desktop applications, including full offline access. Darwino rejuvenates your applications at your own pace, at the least cost. Come and see why it won the Hackathon at IBM Connect 2017!
Philippe Riand (Darwino) @philriand
Jesse Gallagher (I Know Some Guys) @Gidgerby

Philippe Riand is a technology visionary who spent his career designing application development platforms. Prior to joining Trilog Group and Darwino as CTO in 2014, he spent 10 years as the lead architect for the Domino XPages web development platform, which he originally invented and which has been very successful within the IBM developer community. Philippe also helped develop a thriving open source developer community around XPages and has been a regular contributor to the open source community. He has been an acclaimed speaker at IBM developer conferences for the past 10 years. Philippe is currently the chief architect of the Darwino business application development platform.

Jesse Gallagher is a board member of OpenNTF, CTO of I Know Some Guys, and a developer on the Darwino team. He has been working with Notes and Domino since 2004 and blogs semi-regularly on technically, primarily XPages-related topics on

Com04. Kudos Boards Pink! How we have developed Kudos Boards to be Pink Ready

Monday, May 8 | 14:45 - 15:30 | D. Gorilla 4

No Slides available
This session will highlight the current release of Kudos Boards Cloud for IBM Connections Cloud.
We will demonstrate how this app has dramatically increased user adoption of Connections as well as explain how it was designed and developed to be ready for Connections Pink.
Adam Brown (Kudos - ISW) @Adambrownaus

Adam Brown is a thought leader and expert for the IBM Connections social platform. Adam often presents at IBM User Groups around the world, and consults with many of the largest IBM Connections clients globally. Adam is known for innovation around IBM Connections and with the team at ISW is the creator of the Kudos Suite for IBM Connections, one of the most successful solutions for Connections in the market today.

Com05. The birth of PACE Online: From brainstorm to launch during Engage

Monday, May 8 | 14:45 - 15:30 | B. Okapi 2

Download: Engage2017_PACE_BirthOfCCA.pdf
Silverside is known for her PACE methodology to increase User Adoption of Microsoft and IBM platforms. PACE Online is the new platform to make these proven services and accumulated knowledge available and accessible to everyone—from wherever they are, and at a price point that makes sense.
This session will be the official launch of the first module of PACE Online: The Collaborative Culture Assessment. With this online survey we can automatically produce a specific report on your company culture and behaviour including a tailored advice for your User Adoption approach.
In this session Frans and Roland will share the ideas and concept behind the PACE Online platform, a live demonstration of the first module, the roadmap ahead and a technical peek under the hood.
Roland Driesen (Silverside) @RolandDriesen
Frans Mandersloot (Silverside)

Roland Driesen is the founder of Silverside (1998) and has more than 18 years of experience in the Enterprise Collaboration market. He has worked as the Director of Research & Development, since 2010, and advises global organisations and teams on new implementation strategies. While his technical background remains in IBM and Microsoft products he has shifted his focus to Change Management. His passion is to combine technology with psychology, which created the logic for our Collaborative Culture Assessment.

Frans Mandersloot is the most experienced consultant at Silverside, as he has worked in the IT industry for more than 30 years. His motto ‘lead by example’ says everything about his approach and his leadership skills. A natural communicator, he is able to move mountains in his role as Project Manager. As the team leader of our development team he is responsible for the creation of the PACE platform and its first module: the Collaborative Culture Assessment.

Com06. OnTime Group Calendar - Leverage OnTime to increase productivity

Tuesday, May 9 | 10:15 - 11:00 | C. Gorilla 3

Download: Engage2017_OnTimeGroupCalendar_IncreaseProductivity.pdf
OnTime Group Calendar delivers a real-time overview of the people in your organisation by location, availability and business division anytime, anywhere. Available for IBM and Microsoft customers with interfaces for IBM Notes, iNotes, Connections Cloud, IBM Connections, Outlook and Office 365 - and of course on Mobile devices as well as in IBM Connections. OnTime is available in a variety of languages.
Interested in becoming a reseller? Come to the session and visit us at our booth.
NEW - We are proud to announce the release of the OnTime Pollarity our newest addition to the OnTime family. OnTime Pollarity significantly reduces the time used to decide upon a common time slot for a meeting by polling the intended participants.
Jens Overgaard Dinesen (OnTime Group Calendar) @JensOvergaard
Lars Schorling (OnTime Group Calendar)

Jens Overgaard Dinesen has been working with all products in the IBM / Lotus portfolio over the last 20 years. Jens primarily focuses on the business application of the solutions.
Jens is the CEO and founder of IntraVision which has delivered the OnTime solution to customers since 1998. In addition to the overall responsibility for the business he focuses on the growing OnTime customer base of in Asia / Japan and the business relationship with IBM.
Jens is the founder of the Danish Notes user group DanNotes. He has been an IBM Champion for the last two years.

Lars Schorling has more than 20 years of experience with the IBM / Lotus portfolio. Lars primarily works with our customers and OnTime partners in Europe.
Lars is the Chief Sales Officer for OnTime. Apart from the sales perspective lars is deeply involved in both the functional and graphical design of the OnTime solutions. Always with an aim to create a both visually appealing and highly useable solution for the end users.

Com07. Discussion - You and the future of Domino/Notes, Connections and Watson Workspace! (Round Table)

Tuesday, May 9 | 10:15 - 11:00 | Table 1+2 Gorilla 1

See here: Engage2017_BCC.pdf
We have the cookies, you bring the coffee and let's discuss where this train is heading.
BCC's IBM Champions will host this 2-way discussion about what is coming up for Domino/Notes, Connections 6.0 / Pink and Watson Workspace.
It doesn't matter if you are staying on-premises, hybrid or moving to the cloud. The discussion is going to be valid for everyone.
Come and join in the discussion and compare your plans with others.
Let's make the next set of best practices together.
Tim Clark (BCC) @TimsterC
Sharon Bellamy James (BCC) @socialshazza

Tim Clark lives and works in the UK as the BCC Director of Services & Support. Having been in IT since 1987 he has seen a lot of technologies come and go, and some of them even come back around again. Over the years, he’s played the role of manager, mentor, administrator, educator, evangelist & more. His ability to connect with people and gain their trust is second to none. Tim specialises in Prince 2, ITIL, IBM Domino, Mac, Linux, Windows, MDM, Sametime, Connections, WebSphere and empathy based support methodolgies. He also leads the ICON UK IBM user group in his spare time.
For fun Tim enjoys BBQs, rides bicycles, motorcycles & scuba diving. To relax he plays drums as part of the house band at his local church. Tim loves spending time at home with his wife, 2 children & 3 cats

Sharon Bellamy James has been working in the IT Industry since 1996 and since 2003 she has been dabbling in all things ICS - mainly WebSphere including Application Server, Portal and Commerce, amongst many other IBM/Lotus software offerings.
Sharon is also on the board for ICON UK, the UK IBM user group.
Since 2009 she has specialised in IBM Connections and related IBM collaboration solutions software. Sharon has spoken at many user groups and Lotusphere/Connect and is a 7 year IBM Champion.

Com08. How to drive and prove the value of Employee Engagement using IBM Connections and workplaceON on-boarding

Monday, May 8 | 14:45 - 15:30 | C. Gorilla 3

See here: how-to-drive-and-prove-the-value-of-employee-engagement-using-ibm-connections-and-workplaceon-onboarding
In this session we will explore how the Opus Neo solution "workplaceON" has provided clients with an intuitive interface to IBM Connections that targets content for all users. We will also show a IBM Connections on-boarding process (available for Cloud or On-premises) and that is available on any device. Using actual case studies, we will show some insights from the journey our clients are on. In one case we will show how they increased the usage of IBM Connections Cloud by > 1100% in just 4 short weeks,
You will also learn how an intuitive interface can make the difference in adoption and how the usual content from IBM Connections can be styled in a appealing and modernized design.
With the 'workplaceON SocialStudent Edition' students are provided with a real-world collaborative environment similar to the ones they’re likely to experience once they’ve graduated and entered the workforce
Jan F. Zeuthen (Opus Neo) @janfzeuthen

Jan Zeuthen is the CEO of IBM Business Partner "Opus Neo" located in Denmark. Jan has more than 15 years experience with products of the ICS portfolio. Jan's focus is helping clients using Social Software not only with technology but also with focusing on engagement and adoption. Jan is working with customers and partners on a world wide basis and has been an IBM Champion since 2016 for Social Business

Com09. What's New in the Ytria Tools: How to Enhance Administration through the Patent-Pending flexYgrid and Other New & Useful Features

Tuesday, May 9 | 10:15 - 11:00 | D. Gorilla 4

No Slides available
We've been developing tools for IBM Notes administrators and developers going on 15 years now, and with each year a new major release. Our investment in the ways we help you understand and manage data runs deep, whether that involves ACL entries, documents, agents, or even your server consoles.
In this session, we'll use just 3 slides; we'll spend the rest of our time looking at how the recently introduced flexYgrid lets you better understand your application usage, agents, overall security situation, and more.
Whether you're already a Ytria customer or your just curious about how the tools can make your environment more efficient, through our sharing of true scenarios of customers willing to consolidate, modernize, or migrate their IBM Notes infrastructures you'll walk away with a firm understanding of the shortcomings of the native interface, and how to better deal with them using Ytria's EZ Suite.
Ben Menesi (Ytria Inc.) @BenMenesi

As Head of Product at Ytria, Ben Menesi oversees the strategic direction of product development and leads worldwide customer workshops on ICS administration & development.
Ben regularly speaks at industry conferences such as Lotusphere, Engage, Auslug, and at numerous customer events around the globe. His acclaimed presentations cover topics such as Domino administration, enterprise security, and Domino replication. He has been named IBM Champion for the past 4 consecutive years.

Com10. Information at the Speed of Thought — How integrated Collaborative Analytics can help drive adoption of IBM Social Business Solutions

Tuesday, May 9 | 10:15 - 11:00 | B. Okapi 2

Download: Engage2017_InformationSpeedOfThought.pdf
It's no longer enough to just have Analytics. It's about Speed. It's how fast you can get the analytics you need, understand it, share it, to allow the team to take action. Learn how to put business into your social business, by infusing the networks with meaningful analytics, personalized to your problem. Traditional BI ‘collaboration’ is too often one-to-many – e.g. emailing a spreadsheet or PDF – it’s like running a webinar where the participants are on mute.
Learn how to leverage the entire IBM Collaboration stack to enrich self-service BI with context, to build consensus. Collaborative BI helps teams take action in real time, to work on the right things, at the right time. The future of collaborative BI must evolve to ‘many-to-many’.
Patrick Spedding (Rocket Software) @spedding
Kris De Bisschop (GroupWave) @debisschopk

Patrick Spedding is Senior Director of BI R&D for Rocket Software, and IBM Champion for IBM Collaboration Solutions. He is also a Non-Executive Director on the Board of Eastside Radio in Sydney, Australia. Prior roles include Director of Product Management for IBM Cognos, Director of Field Marketing for Cognos, Founder of Tableau partner See-Change Solutions, and SAS Solution Manager for BI and Strategy Management. Patrick's qualifications include an MBA degree in Marketing (AIU), Diploma in Management (University of Michigan), BSc (Hons) in Mathematics (Loughborough University, UK), Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management (FAIM), and member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).

Kris De Bisschop is managing director of GroupWave, a Belgian company delivering consulting services specialized in the IBM Collaboration Solutions portfolio. Kris is an expert in IBM Notes/Domino administration, Sametime, Traveler, TDI and busy with IBM Connections. He spreads the story about Social Business at customers and loves networking. High level issues are an opportunity to accept a new challenge. When he’s not on his computer or tablet, you can find him in the sports hall playing badminton.