Opening Sessions
Alistair Rennie (IBM)

Keynote: Lotus, a Bird's-eye view

Lotus: state of the business, new customers and references for the complete portfolio.
The keynote couldn't be complete without talking about Project Concord, Project Vulcan and Collaboration Agenda.
LCTY Rennie March 2010b.odp
Laurent Boes (IBM)

Key Lotusphere 2010 Announcements

The session will cover in more detail and product by product the latest Lotusphere announcement in complement of the Opening General Session of Alistair Rennie.
Each announcement will also be put in perspective of the strategic importance within the Lotus portfolio and beyond.
We will be talking about solutions like Lotuslive, Lotus Quickr, Lotus Sametime, Lotus Connections, Mobile solutions, WebSphere Portal, Lotus Foundations.
Joel Demay (IBM)

Smarter Collaboration: Integrated Lotus Portfolio

This session will showcase the integration across the entire Lotus Portfolio by providing an "art of the possible" session. The majority of this session will be based on the demonstration of our core products along with Business Partners solutions. This will include the latest versions of Lotus Notes, Lotus Sametime, Lotus Sametime Unified Telephony, Lotus Connections, Lotus Quickr, Lotus Forms, Lotus Symphony, WebSphere Portal and LotusLive. This will show the technologies as a set of "services" integrated into the fabric of the user experience.
Lotus Tiger Team
No slideware, pure demos !
Business Track
Stuart McIntyre (Collaboration Matters)

01. From zero to Enterprise2.0 hero - how to make social software stick in your organization

Social software is one of the big news stories of the past couple of years. The rise of social technologies on the Internet has meant that individuals can collaborate and share knowledge faster and more easily than ever before.
Companies are now embracing social software (as 'Enterprise2.0'), but many organizations see roadblocks, policy issues and lack of adoption hindering the success of such projects. Stuart will face these objections head on and discuss strategies to ensure your social software project makes you an Enterprise2.0 hero!
From zero to Enterprise2.0 hero.pdf
Thierry Soubestre (Pixelixir)

02. eCommerce is growing by more than 30% per year ! Why and How to enter the e-World with your existing Lotus products

Why should you invest in other technologies and solutions to grasp the eBusiness world when the Lotus Platform you've already invested in, could offer you a modern, robust and scalable solution.
Come to see how you can create e-business and e-commerce with Lotus Solutions. During this session, we'll demonstrate how the Lotus Technologies can help you create a B2C/B2B e-commerce solution by leveraging the security, the scalability and the ease of Development of the Lotus Domino Platform, but also discover how you extend your existing e-commerce solution with Lotus Products & technologies (Lotus Sametime, Websphere Portal...)
During this session we will present some real full Lotus Domino Solutions and we will only surface the technical aspects and technologies. It is intended to show you how you can benefit from you present and future Lotus Investments in the context of e-business and enumerate what you'll need in order to use these techniques and technologies tomorrow for your business.

Blug ecommerce Pixelixir.pdf
Keno Torfs (BASF IT Services)
Geert Tilborghs (KBC)

03. Mail environment management and retention policies
These days users are receiving more and more mails and most users do not longer have the time to keep their mailbox in a good shape, meaning to remove all unnecessary mails. This results in mailboxes on servers that are always increasing in size...
However diskspace is getting a lot cheaper these days (and additional possibilities like DAOS), it still makes sense to keep the mailboxes size as low as possible.
Question is how this can be achieved in a simple way, without users losing all their important data, and how such actions should fit into the information lifecycle management a company should have.
Within this session we will explain a possible solution based on 2 actual implemented business cases, where, after a certain period, important mails are moved to a cheaper archive system, and unimportant mails are deleted. The presentation will explain the basics of the ILM for KBC, how this fits with the provided solution and the resulting impact on the infrastructure, the users mailboxes and the users behavior. Also the business change process will be discussed , which is one of the most important tasks in such a mail policy project !
Mail environment management and retention policies.pdf
Kris Geens (GFI)

04. Quickr delivers real value

Efficient team collaboration is not a hype, it's must. Lotus Quickr helps different organizations to improve team efficiency and increase quality of service. In this session we will show you that Lotus Quickr delivers real business value, every day. The session is a mix between customer case studies, implementation examples and add-on solutions.
Quickr delivers real value.pdf
Guy Ceulemans (Groupwave)

05. Customer Case : IBM Lotus® Foundations Branch Office at Verbeke Bunkering

We start with an overview of the IBM Lotus® Foundations family and talk about the differences between IBM Lotus® Foundations Start and IBM Lotus® Foundations Branch Office.
How does an IBM Lotus® Foundations Branch Office server fit in an organization that runs IBM Lotus Domino at their headquarters?
We will explain why Verbeke Bunkering has chosen to deploy IBM Lotus® Foundations Branch Office. We will go into detail how we have tackled specific customer needs concerning backup and high availability.
What’s coming next?
Administration Track
Warren Elsmore (Bluewave Group)

01. Going mobile with Lotus Traveler

Need to enable your Apple, Nokia or Windows mobile users?
In this session we'll take a look at Lotus Traveler - a FREE addon that enables you to enable mobile devices to sync with Lotus Domino.
We'll even cover Android devices too...
Gabriella Davis (The Turtle Partnership)

02. What's ID Vault and Why You Can't Live Without It

An introduction to ID Vault: What it is, how to set it up and how it's going to change your approach to security, roaming users and password recovery.
This session will save you countless hours every month dealing with users and their IDs and take much of the pain away from ID management.
ID Vault.pdf
Eileen Fitzgerald (GSX)

03. Managing your infrastructure and managers

What do admins need to focus on to effectively manage their domino environments? How can you translate this into management reports to prove that you really are doing something? Learn key 'Information Technology Infrastructure Library' (ITIL) Capacity and Availability management principles and how to apply them to your domino infrastructure.
Warren Elsmore will be making a guest appearance at this session.
Ulrich Krause (Eknori)

04. DAOS

Are your servers running out of disk space? Do you have more than one bit like attachment stored in your databases? Does a standard task like fixup lasts for ages or does your backup still runs during working hours? Do you have quota enabled and your users are asking for more space?
If you can answer one or more of these questions with YES, than this session is for you.
Maximize the disk space savings provided by Domino Attachment and Object Service (DAOS) and ensure that your environment is properly configured for best performance with this feature. Save more space by simply enabling design and document compression. Make sure that your attachments use best compression too. Reduce network bandwidth when replicating databases between servers and increase mail quotas without using more disk space.
Target audience is administrators or decision makers who want to know more about some older but not yet used space savers and especially about DAOS.
Kris De Bisschop (EASI)

05. Sametime 8.5

Afraid about administering Sametime 8.5 ? Discover which components are used under the hood to present the nice looking and better performing Meeting Room client of Sametime 8.5. A guided tour of the brand new Websphere-based interface will show that the administration is just like it was before......but in a new dress.
Live demos of a Web Conference in the zero-download client together with the web-based client will animate this session.
Gabriella Davis (The Turtle Partnership)

06. IBM Lotus Domino Admin to IBM WebSphere Application Admin -- in an Hour!

So why Websphere Application Server? As a Lotus Domino administrator wanting to expand your user collaboration tools like Connections and Sametime, you need to get to grips with WAS understanding what it does, how it integrates with data stores and directories and what part it plays in the technologies you want to use. In this session we'll cover all of that and more, showing you in an hour how to get started with WAS or take on administration of an existing system.
Development Track
Matt White (Elguji Software)

01. Ten XPages Design Patterns

There are certain functions that appear in all of your Notes and Domino applications that you'll want to implement in your new XPages projects, in this session we'll walk through how to implement them, and then at the end of the session you can take away the code and use it when you get back to the office next week. The examples we'll look at include how to implement a Dialog box, link together combo boxes, allow people to login quickly, post an AJAX request and more. Using these examples we'll go for a quick, but deep dive into how XPages work in the real world.
Ferdinand Vroom (ING)

02. Are your Domino Web Apps Secure?

You probably answered yes, because Lotus Domino is a Secure Web App platform... But did you think of input validation/ sanitation? Are you sure your services are only accessible to authenticated users? And did your admin deploy the app the secure way?
This presentation is about the latest and worst Web App vulnerabilities and how to prevent them in your Lotus Domino Web Apps. Be prepared to be confronted with the opposite to your answer of my question about the security of your Web Apps!
Are your Domino Web Apps Secure.pdf
Tim Clark (IBM)

03. Make Your XPage Apps 'Pop!' with CSS and Themes

Why re-invent the wheel every time you build a new XPage application? Learn how to make your websites look great using CSS Frameworks, and save even more time by using Themes to get a consistent UI that can be applied to multiple XPage applications in minutes. We'll look at using the IBM oneUI CSS framework and the lighter Blueprint CSS Framework.
We'll also focus on how to detect the browser type and how to provide custom CSS for mobile applications.

Thomas Bahn (Assono GmbH)

04. Advanced JavaScript – Fundament for Great XPage Applications

Do you want to develop first class XPage applications? Come and learn to leverage JavaScript to its full potential. Hear about:
- core language features like loose typing, default and guard operators, first class functions, lambda and closures,
- object-oriented, but class-less JavaScript with prototypal, parasitic and (pseudo-)classical inheritance,
- dynamic objects with public, private and privileged members,
- object literals, constructor functions and more ways to create objects.
Profit by JavaScript’s strengths and avoid its numerous pitfalls (like semicolon insertion,, with and typeof). Discover useful and reliable patterns like power constructors. And find out, why style is so important in JavaScript.

Advanced JavaScript.pdf
Martin Leyrer

05. What Does 'Accessible Websites' Mean And How Do I Build Them With Domino

EU-Legislation demands 'accessible' websites, often leaving details or exact specifications on what that means out. In this session, we will have a look at the most often cited 'specifications', the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 1.0 and 2.0 and how to interpret them. I will show a few free tools that can help a Notes Developer to asses what needs to be done to make a website 'compliant'. And of course I will offer quick tips and easy to implement 'hacks' to make an existing web application more 'accessible', sharing along the way a few best practices and experiences from the work I have done so far. And of course, there will be code examples both for 'old style' Notes web applications as well as XPages.
20100330 Accessible Websites Martin Leyrer.odp
Paul Withers (Intec Systems Ltd)

06. XPages From A Different "View"-point

With repeat controls and data tables you can really enhance the user experience. Join me as I demystify them and show you techniques to take your views to the next level, both in presenting and editing view data. Get down and dirty in the source panel with pagers, filtering views, search panels, document editing and alternative navigation techniques. By the end of the session you will be able to make your views look the way you want.