The location for our 10th major event: the ss Rotterdam!
Note the dates in your agenda:
Tuesday-Wednesday, May 22-23, 2018
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

These are the candidates for Engage Idol.
They get 7 minutes to convince the jury of 'celebrities' of their speaking skills and content value.
The judges will select 2 winners: those will get a 20 minutes session at the end of the event.

Idol01. Inspiring thousands of employees to work together on a digital collaboration hub

Tuesday, May 22 | 13:30 - 14:30 | A. Theater

Mears Group in the UK is always looking for innovative ways to help its people work together to improve the communities they serve. To empower thousands of employees across the UK to share ideas and updates on their local projects, Mears Group created “connect”—a social business network with digital tools to streamline collaboration. Hear from Digital Communications the strategy and goals that has been set out for connect and how they succeeded in a > 15 times increase in engagement with content published to IBM Connections Cloud and how Mears Group are strengthening company culture by helping distributed employees engage with their peers
Matthew Packer (Mears)

Idol02. Domino Apps Assesment: Mesure Twice Cut Once

Tuesday, May 22 | 13:30 - 14:30 | A. Theater

Getting ready to do something BIG with your Domino applications? If so, it is going to be vital that you have a good understanding of the building blocks that you will be working with. That means having good code and data analytics at your disposal. In this session we will explore the range of options that exist that will allow you to better understand how many applications you have, how they are being used, whose using them, and what are the hidden gotchas that can make the difference between a successful and not so successful project.
Thilo Volprich (Team Technology GmbH) @TTteamWorkr

Thilo has been developing and designing corporate solutions based on IBM Domino since 2001. Initially in
software development in a large corporation, then in various industries and projects as a business and process consultant for several corporations. Since 2013 he joined the startup Team Technology GmbH, together with other founders, to design and create a smart alternative to the IBM Notes client with the product teamWorkr.

Thilo Volprich was awarded IBM Champion in 2018 for the first time and was speaker at Think2018

Idol03. Solution Architecture in the era of open platforms leveraging IBM Watson Services

Tuesday, May 22 | 13:30 - 14:30 | A. Theater

Jibes Data Analytics is a frontrunner in Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing helping companies from concept inception to solution delivery to production. We are recognized as Global IBM Beacon Award Winner for best Cognitive Solution. We help our clients adopt IBM Watson Cognitive Services and experience that a key factor fro succesful solutions is a solution design that provides operations robustness with technological agility. We will share our key take aways in our role as solution architect, where the key challenge is to select, mix and match a set of technologies from a the broad set of platforms and services that fits with the (enterprise) architecture and capabilities of an organization. The potential of new technology is undisputed and provides endless possibilities, our goal is to put that technology to work in new solutions on Market Monitoring, Contract Mining, Agent Technology and Predictive Analytics.
David van Paesschen (Jibes Data Analytics)

David van Paesschen is an experienced Solution Architect in the field of Cognitive Solutions, with an expertise in Natural Language Processing. He has designed and implemented numerous solutions leveraging IBM Watson and Bluemix Cognitive Services in combination with e.g. open source components. David has the ability to guide business in their cognitive journey by bridging the functional and technical to provide real business value.

Paul van der Hulst (Jibes Data Analytics)

Paul is the founder and director of Jibes Data Analytics and has a clear vision how new technology requires busines to re-invent their process and tap into new opportunities. He sparks innovation and helps organizations to initiate new programs, while mobilizing the right talent and capabilites required to succesfully deliver.

Idol04. Business Analytics meets Corporate Culture

Tuesday, May 22 | 13:30 - 14:30 | A. Theater

How to measure Corporate Culture to enable successful Business Transformation.
Stephan Multhaupt (deep @smulthaupt

Stephan H. Multhaupt is founder of deep which combines Business Analytics with aspects of Corporate Culture, Identity and Business Communications under the deep white brand. For nearly 20 years Stephan is passionately engaged in optimizing processes using Business Intelligence and Business Analytics solutions. Also, he is deeply committed to and inspired by new topics like Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability or technologies like Conversational AI. Customer satisfaction is his top priority. Competence, reliability and quality are as important to him as meeting the customer on an equal footing.

Idol05. Not without my IBM Domino

Tuesday, May 22 | 13:30 - 14:30 | A. Theater

A brief description of how PSK Syd AB is transforming there solutions from tradtional Domino web applications into using other frameworks and technics for the web client generation.
Showcase how we use React JS, node.js, mongoDb to extend what IBM Domino delivers. Includes dynamic generation of forms and views based on XML/JSX configuration. At the backen we use latest version of openNTF Domino API with Managed Beans via an XPage to provide interface for the web client.
Fredrik Malmborg (PSK Syd AB)

Fredrik is driven by happy customers and to keep solutions as simple as possible for the given task. IBM Domino is the main environment where he developed his skills, but his curiousity extends beyond that.

Idol06. Bye bye Wordpress, Hello Domino !

Tuesday, May 22 | 13:30 - 14:30 | A. Theater

When IBM Champion Remco Angioni was hired to do a routine Domino 8.5 to 9 migration, he discovered a Domino treasure that had not seen Daylight before.
It's as easy as PHP,
It's as Dynamic as X-pages,
It's as Fast as static html,
It's 100% Web development in the browser,
It's 100% Proven concept and It's 100% Basic Domino.
By explaining the technical details we will show you the power of the Domino environment regarding web development.
For Domino developers we will show how we revived old school Domino knowledge to do modern web development.
For Marketeers and Content managers we will show how our vision on "evolutionary website development" eliminates the need for constantly re-building of your business websites.
We will present our online Domino web publisher to the world for the very first time. Our live demo's will surely be interesting for everyone.
Be there, let's Engage and say: "Bye bye Wordpress, Hello Domino !"
Michael van de Bovenkamp (ASPerience - VIP Marketing)

Michael van de Bovenkamp started designing webbased products with Domino in 1999. He designed several backend integrated web solutions, for large companies, using Domino R5 to R9. In 2007 he realised his dream by becoming co-owner of ASPerience BV. By setting up the commercial business unit VIP Marketing in 2009, Michael created the terms to fully focus on ASPerience's core product, a web publisher. Resulting in a fully online, Domino based, web publisher that can compete with any big Vendor in the market.

Remco Angioni (E-office)

Remco Angioni started working with IBM software as of 1996. He's a real Dutch IBM enthusiast. He worked his way up from service desk to Senior Consultant and now is a Connections and Watson specialist and blogger. Remco was a speaker at IBM Connect 2017. It all began with Notes 3 on OS/2 Warp!