The location for our 10th major event: the ss Rotterdam!
Note the dates in your agenda:
Tuesday-Wednesday, May 22-23, 2018
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

On Monday, May 21st, the day before the event, from 13.30h to 17.00h
our Platinum sponsors are offering you 3 FREE workshops, on board the ss Rotterdam.

Attending a Workshop is FREE

There's a limit of 30 attendees for each workshop.
Each of these workshops are worth your attendance. Too bad you can only pick one!

w1. panagenda: IBM Domino Application Transformation Jumpstart

Monday, May 21 | 13:30 - 17:00 | B. Guadaloupe

Plotting a path forward for your IBM Domino applications can be challenging in the absence of application usage and design metrics.
Join us to learn all about panagenda ApplicationInsights – a cohesive way to get started with application landscape transformation! Find out how your very own data gets turned into easy to understand dashboards that show current application usage, code complexity, design similarity and transformation roadblocks so you can decide on which applications can be archived, rewritten or modernized easily.
Best of all – follow our early enablement guide to install ApplicationInsights before this workshop and receive a complimentary walk through of your application data from one of our experienced consultants!
Why you should attend:
Take advantage of the momentum IBM and panagenda have started through their collaboration on ApplicationInsights:
  • Help build a strategic path forward for your IBM Domino applications that provides value to your business while reducing costs and minimizing transformation efforts!
  • Seize opportunities faster by unlocking the value of your existing applications and jump-start your modernization
  • Understand the cloud-readiness, including roadblocks to cloud migration.
  • Learn to identify applications most likely to produce the most profitable results and therefore, how to prioritize your transformation project.
  • Understand data and system dependencies prior to migration. Deep dive discovery provides the foundation for a meaningful plan to move forward.
Florian Vogler (panagenda) @panvof

Henning Kunz (panagenda) @panconkun

w2. Red Pill Now: Take 5: Modernization Workshop

Monday, May 21 | 13:30 - 17:00 | C. Trinidad

Interested in modernizing your Notes applications but fresh out of silver bullets and magic buttons? If so, join us for an action-packed fun-filled workshop in which we will explore together some of the key ideas and processes needed for a successful modernization project at your company. We will be making use of Design Thinking throughout the workshop, starting with a conversation about the importance of establishing a modernization strategy. We will then look at how tools such as Application insights and TeamWorkr Analytics can be used to build a distinct strategy for each application. Next we look at options for reducing the cost of the modernization using tools such as aveedo, Darwino, Red Pill DIG, Sapho, SWING Seascape, TeamWorkr, and Webinizer. The workshop will conclude with an important discussion about the things every company should already be doing to prepare for a modernization project before we give away a number of great prizes to attendees
Viktor Krantz (Red Pill Now) @viktr


Devin Olson (Red Pill Now) @spanky762


Jason Roy Gary (HCL) @jasonroygary


Mat Newman (IBM) @Matnewman


w3. AppFusions: A modern solution to start your digital transformation journey

Monday, May 21 | 13:30 - 17:00 | D. Sun Room

There is no time to waste - today's workplaces are rapidly changing. Digital collaboration is no longer optional and needs to happen as fast as possible for businesses to remain competitive, retain employees, and keep business partners and customers connected. In 2018, all parties expect to be able to work seamlessly from any place, any device, and like it or not, any time.  Welcome to the Brave New World! Say "good-bye" to old-world static intranets, clunky dated UIs/UXs, fragmented silos, political email cultures, redundant processes and inefficiencies and more. 
Welcome to a modern holistic Integrated digital workplace - Aloha - and the Future Of Work!
This session will be led by industry-renowned #digitalWorkplace expert - Dion Hinchliffe and Ellen Feaheny, CEO of AppFusions. Join us to learn about Aloha - a secure, intelligent, modern digital workplace and much much more! Aloha attempts to start begin solving many age-old IT and collaboration problems: 

* silos and lack of engagement
* information overload gone wild, 
* rampant, useful, and critical integration needs, 
* federated faceted search, without an army of engineers
* modern and flexible UIs and user experiences
* segregated yet connected portal requirements, but without the portal weight (hardware)
* being able to be mobile-ready from the get-go... and more. 

Aloha is the place where employees engage digitally - with their real-time content and processes - and improve their "Day in the Life of" journey, every day. It's the place where work gets done for all levels of workers - via desktop or mobile, easily. Aloha provides flexible or designed spaces focused on results, for an organization, team, project, program, campaign, and even personal. Aloha is a multi-tenant scalable (or dedicated private host) modern portal that brings together your communications, activities, collaborations systems, and system of record.
In this workshop, we will demo and explore Aloha in depth, share the "umbrella vision" for strategic IT or CIOs that are endlessly tapped, and show you how you too can quickly deploy such an environment to one or 100s of teams or groups in your organization. Here's a snapshot video!  Please come, learn, engage, and see what is possible - not impossible, in terms of an integrated digital transformation and digital workplaces.
Ellen Feaheny (AppFusions) @ellenfeaheny

Dion Hinchcliffe @dhinchcliffe