Dev01. Domino Top Secret: Domino Full stack app development !

Tuesday, May 22 | 16:00 - 16:45 | A. Theater

Download: Engage2018_AppDev.pdf

For those of you who want to integrate Domino applications into modern web applications and cloud platforms like SalesForce, etc, we will show you.
Domino is embracing javascript, node.js and open source to become a full stack web development platform anyone you hire off the street today can be productive in.
Andrew Manby (IBM)
Andrew Manby is responsible for the market and product strategy of the IBM Domino portfolio including IBM Notes, IBM Domino, IBM Sametime, IBM Verse on Premises and IBM Connections Cloud (Mail and Sametime) offerings. Andrew has experience in both product and marketing leadership roles across the analytics, data management, and data integration markets.
Andrew Davis (HCL)
Andrew E. Davis is Director of Engineering and Chief Architect at HCL, leading web and application development for Notes and Domino 10. Current key projects include Verse, Domino Apps on iPad and Node.js with Domino. Andrew was the Chief Architect of IBM Verse and built an agile team is focused on delivering value to the cloud and onprem through continuous delivery. He is leading efforts to reinvigorate the core Notes Application development model by supporting new mobile platforms and the core platform with enhancements to LotusScript.
Jason Roy Gary (HCL) @jasonroygary
Jason Roy Gary is the HCL Vice President of Next Generation Engineering. A recognised executive in social business and collaboration, at HCL, IBM, and in the global marketplace, Jason has demonstrated, in more than two decades of leadership, vision and drive in social collaboration, agile development, cloud and hybrid, software architecture, real-time collaboration, agile transformation, open source initiatives, and situational applications. Jason has led innovation efforts in collaboration and workflow from development engineering and services. He is an acknowledged thought leader and is widely solicited, by the industry, to speak and provide thought focus around the world.

Dev02. Building an Engaged Employee Intranet with IBM Connection Engagement Center

Wednesday, May 23 | 08:00 - 08:45 | E. Sky Room

Download: Engage2018_ICEC.pdf

With the IBM Connection Engagement Center a new add-on component to IBM Connections became available that enables companies to present content already stored inside of IBM Connections in new and more communication oriented ways.
The session will walk you through how Connections Engagement Center works. We will create a new site full of rich content pages, and we will personalize the content and change branding of the site. We will spend time integrating your site with external content and applications.
When we are done, you will have a solid understanding of the power and flexibility that Connections Engagement Center can bring to your company.
Christian Holsing (IBM) @cholsing
Christian Holsing is the Integration Executive, responsible for IBM Connections Engagement Center.
Before moving into his current role he worked in the Business Development team of IBM Collaboration Solutions, focussing on strategic projects and the business partner ecosystem. In previous roles he worked in the ICS strategy team, as product manager for offerings in the application integration area and as technical account manager focussing on the integration of collaboration products with SAP including Lotus Domino and WebSphere Portal based offerings. Starting his career in 1996 at a SAP Consulting Company as a Domino Application Developer, Christian extended his experience over time in the area of Lotus Domino Administration and end-user training. He joined IBM 2001, working for Lotus Professional Services as a consultant.
René Schimmer (IBM) @rschimmer
In his current role as Sr. Product Manager in IBM Collaboration Solutions, René Schimmer works closely with customers and partners on a world wide basis to communicate IBM’s Collaboration Software strategy as well as to engage in active dialogues on key business challenges.
René has more than 20 years of experience as a Product Manager for online business services and enterprise software solutions. Throughout his career he has managed a range of products from web hosting, B2B online marketing, to various software offerings including intelligent work-stream collaboration, social enterprise networking, web content management, document management, enterprise content management, and business process management solutions.

Dev03. Spring forward: an introduction to Spring boot and Thymeleaf for (XPages) developers

Tuesday, May 22 | 17:00 - 17:45 | E. Sky Room

Download: Engage2018_Spring_Forward.pdf
See here: the-slides-of-my-session-at-engage-2018

The world of (XPages) developer is moving fast. Customers rethinking platforms and solutions. Spring Boot makes it easy to create stand-alone, production-grade Spring based Applications that you can "just run". In combination with Thymeleaf can it be good alternative for your XPages applications.
In this session I give an introduction of Spring Boot and Thymeleaf and how to get started. I will show the differences and simularities between Spring Boot in combination with Thymeleaf and XPages.
I will explain the challenges I faced when moving an application.
Frank van der Linden (elstar iT) @flinden68
Frank van der Linden (Utrecht, Netherlands) is an Freelance Fullstack Java developer at his own company, elstar IT.
Worked 17 years with IBM Technology, mostly focused on web based solutions, early adapter of XPages.
Now migrated to Fullstack Java roles, including JEE, Spring Boot and Angular >2 projects.
Frank is an experienced speaker. From 2011 he spoke at several international events, like IBM Connect, IBM InterConnect
He is a current IBM Champion and was before in 2013, 2014, 2017 and 2018.

Dev04. A Domino R5 Application Upgrade Project: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Wednesday, May 23 | 14:45 - 15:30 | D. Sun Room

Download: Engage2018_R5Upgrade_posted.pdf

Are there old Domino R5 applications out there still? Yes, there are! And of course they are fully supported by the original developer, are fully documented, and someone remembers the password for the, right? No? Oh well, this is Domino! No Problem! Join us as we relate our experience of doing just such a project, our successes and the things we learned the hard way, including all the things we knew about R5 but had long forgotten. We took a very comprehensive old Domino R5 application and turned it into a modern XPages application with a full Java back end. If you are planning any type of Domino application upgrade or modernization project, you will come away with a long list of things to keep in mind as you make your plans.
Graham Acres (Brytek Systems Inc.) @gacres99
Graham Acres is President of Brytek Systems based in Vancouver, Canada. He started working with Lotus Notes in 1992. He is an IBM Champion and is an organizing member of the Cross Canada Collaboration User Group. He has given presentations at Lotusphere and IBM Connect and at regional user groups, and really enjoys sharing what he has learned, and learning from others. His focus these days is application development and learning new technology. Away from work he is a cyclist, gardener and aspiring chef.
Serdar Basegmez (Developi Information Systems) @serdar_basegmez
Serdar Basegmez is an IBM Champion for Collaboration Solutions. Having experience on Lotus Software for 19 years, Serdar is running his own company Developi in Turkey. He is an expert mainly on Domino and XPages. In his free time, Serdar is trying to spread his yellow passion to others. Over the course of this social journey, he started Turkish Lotus User Group, organized the first LUGTR conference, launched his bilingual blog, written articles, presented topics in different conferences, got in OpenNTF Board as a member director and contributed a number of open source projects.

Dev05. IBM Connections REST-API Klompendans

Tuesday, May 22 | 11:45 - 12:30 | E. Sky Room

See here: ibm-connections-rest-api-klompendans

Leverage the full potential of IBM Connections by integrating the product into your existing environment. This can be achieved either inside-out or outside-in by taking advantage of the REST-API capabilities of IBM Connections. While this sounds easy in the first place the API has many pitfalls and lacks good documentation. This session covers how to start with the REST-API and what the difference is between OpenSocial and standard calls. I will also point out some major pitfalls and provide Tips & Tricks and best practises and all of that based on live coding examples!
At the end of the session I will provide an overview of what will change and what to do with current APIs with Connections Pink.
Henning Schmidt (hedersoft GmbH) @schmhen
Henning Schmidt is Chief Executive Officer of hedersoft GmbH, based in Germany.
His main focus is on system integration utilizing technologies like REST or SOAP. Apart from that he’s working both as a back-end and front-end developer with technologies like Java, node.js, Typescript, React.js and mongo just to name a few. He is a speaker at various events and always keen to jump at new technologies.

Dev06. Reusability is the goal!

Wednesday, May 23 | 11:30 - 12:30 | E. Sky Room

See here: reusability-is-the-goal

Starting a new JavaScript project can be complicated. There are many questions that need to be answered before you write a single line of code. What framework do you use? How will you compile the app? Should you use TypeScript or not? How will users authenticate? These are just a few of the time-consuming issues that need to be addressed with each new project you undertake. In this session, Red Pill Now co-founder, Keith Strickland will explore how Red Pill Now has decreased project startup time from about a week, to just a few minutes, by creating reusable project elements. You will learn the tools, processes and elements needed to accomplish this task, leaving you with new ideas on how to shorten your startup time, and reduce the amount of boilerplate required to implement your own solutions.
Keith Strickland (Red Pill Now) @keithstric
Former IBM Champion, prolific blogger, speaker and trainer, Keith is the creator of the Open NTF XBlog and XPages Calendar projects, He is a recognized expert on Dojo, XPages, SCM, Javascript, and Polymer Web Components. Keith is an avid woodworker, and leads Red Pill Now’s front-end development team.

Dev07. Leveraging Workspace Templates to Solve Your Business Problems

Wednesday, May 23 | 11:30 - 12:30 | D. Sun Room

Download: Engage2018_ICS-Watson-Workspace-Templates.pdf

Watson Work collaboration spaces can now be customized to meet specific narrow industry and job roles needs. Come and see how custom templates can help create spaces specifically targeted to support the resolution of outcomes collaboratively. In this session, we will introduce the new custom template capability through real-world examples, explain in details what a template is, show how developers can create custom space templates, and how organization can customize existing space templates.
Kirti Gani (IBM) @tx_kg
Kirti Gani is a 17 year veteran in the collaboration software business working at IBM who has taken on leadership roles across Support and Development and more recently Product Management. He is currently an Offering Manager for IBM Watson Work based out of Austin, Texas.
Vincent Burckhardt (IBM)
Vincent Burckhardt is a Software Architect on the Watson Work team, based out of Dublin, Ireland. He has been part of the Watson Work team since the very inception of the offering, handling a wide range of aspects from executing a radical shift in development methodologies to enable Cloud-First software, to orchestrating user and developer-facing missions such as collaboration space templates. Prior to this, Vincent worked for 6 years in the IBM Connections development team.

Dev08. Diving Deep Into the Grid: CANCELLED

Tuesday, May 22 | 16:00 - 16:45 | E. Sky Room

No Slides available

This session is cancelled and will not be replaced. Ask IBM why it's cancelled
IBM Connections Grid is our new modern app builder for both business users and for partners who want to build practical collaborative applications quickly and easily. This session will begin with building a simple app, and then demonstrate the many ways of adding sophistication to simplicity. We’ll add script coding to document events, compute values, and enforce data validation. We’ll also see how the data in a Grid app can be made available to external applications. You’ll learn about the underlying architecture and we’ll discuss the foreseeable road map. Come join us on this journey!

Dev09. Get Up To Speed With IBM Connections Customizer

Wednesday, May 23 | 13:30 - 14:30 | D. Sun Room

Download: Engage2018_Customizer.pdf

IBM Connections Customizer is a new service available as a GA offering both on cloud and on-premises to personalize your Connections environment. In this session we explain what Customizer is, how it works and what problems it can solve for your organization.  We will demonstrate the very latest Customizer features, examine several sample apps and explore the art-of-the-possible with cool new extensions coming from This is your opportunity to learn about the latest Connections app dev technology that many customers are rapidly adopting.
Martin Donnelly (IBM) @tweeterdonnelly
Martin Donnelly is a software architect at IBM Ireland leading various aspects of App Dev for IBM Collaboration Solutions. Primarily this encompasses customization and extensibility for IBM Connections through IBM Connections Customizer and other offerings. Martin also has a very long association with Notes/Domino development having led both the Domino Designer and the XPages runtime teams for many years. He is a co-author of a number of best-selling App Dev books with IBM Press, a regular speaker at ICS conferences and a board member of

Dev10. Whats New in Notes, Sametime and Designer in V10

Wednesday, May 23 | 14:45 - 15:30 | A. Theater

Download: Engage2018_New-in-Notes-Sametime-and-Designer-v10.pdf

A deep dive into the new features of Domino V10 including the Sometime, Designer and Notes elements and how they work together
Ram Krishnamurthy (HCL)
Ram Krishnamurthy is the Chief Architect at HCL Technologies for Notes/Designer and Xpages products. He has been the Notes architect for a decade and was instrumental in building up the Notes 8 and releases beyond.
Klaus Roder (IBM) @KlausRoder
Klaus Roder is the lead Program Director in the IBM Collaboration Solutions division. His main focus is to enhance and deliver high quality, first class collaboration solutions to thousands of customers worldwide. Klaus initiated and lead the #Domino2025 Jam and is driving Domino 10 and beyond to a success.
His passion is to work with customers and bring new innovations into products.
Prior to his current role Klaus lead the IBM Entity Analytics business, providing deep Entity Insides to customers. He was also the lead Product Manager for IBM’s Hadoop distribution which he lead from its inception to a multi-million $ business. Before that, Klaus was a key member of the IBM Information Management CTO office.

Dev12. How to Customize, Extend & Enhance IBM Connections Today!

Wednesday, May 23 | 16:00 - 16:45 | A. Theater

Download: Engage2018_Connections-vu1.pdf

IBM Connections offers many options when it comes to customizing the user interface, extending existing behaviours, or even adding entirely new capabilities. You can install 3rd party applications via the Application Catalog or develop your own extensions using Customizer or ICEC. Visual Update 1 (aka Project Periscope) is a prime example of how you can leverage a slew of customizations for free - this app modernizes the IBM Connections user experience and lets you personalize the parts you want to change.
Come see how you can be a Connections UI hero in minutes with a lot of free help from Persicope!
Jennifer Heins (IBM) @heinsj
Jennifer Heins is a Senior User Experience Designer working in IBM Collaboration Solutions and has had the opportunity to design experiences for Verse, Connections, and Sametime. She combines her passion for user experience with a reality-based, agile approach to design. Jennifer has been with IBM for almost 20 years and is currently working on customization of and integration with IBM Connections.
Martin Donnelly (IBM) @tweeterdonnelly
Martin Donnelly is a software architect at IBM Ireland leading various aspects of App Dev for IBM Collaboration Solutions. Primarily this encompasses customization and extensibility for IBM Connections through IBM Connections Customizer and other offerings. Martin also has a very long association with Notes/Domino development having led both the Domino Designer and the XPages runtime teams for many years. He is a co-author of a number of best-selling App Dev books with IBM Press, a regular speaker at ICS conferences and a board member of

Dev13. NSF the perfect store for your HTML 5 client (20 min.)

Wednesday, May 23 | 14:45 - 15:05 | B. Guadaloupe

Download: Engage2018_DEV13.pptx

Some ideas needs only 20 minutes to explain :) You love to develop React or Angular applications or other single page HTML5 apps? Let's figure out how you can deploy them in an NSF and what cool stuff you get for free!
Christian Güdemann (OpenNTF) @guedeWebGate
Christian Güdemann is OpenNTF Chairman and CTO @ WebGate Consulting AG
He cares about new trends and ideas and brings them to the XPages community. He is the architect of POI4XPages, XPages Toolkit and JUnit4XPages.
And he lives with his wife and two Kids in a nice village called Tagelswangen in Switzerland

Dev14. The Count Down to Domino 2025 (20 min.)

Tuesday, May 22 | 16:25 - 16:45 | C. Trinidad

See here: countdown-to-domino-2025

With Domino 10 scheduled for release later this year, and both IBM and HCL executing their vision for Domino beyond 2025, it's time to start thinking about the opportunities that exist for all those Domino applications built years ago. In this session we will provide a list of practical tips, techniques, and actions that you can apply to your Domino environment to better prepare your applications for what lies ahead. There has never been a better time to apply care and attention to those applications that have served us so well.
Devin Olson (Red Pill Now) @spanky762
Over the past 20 years, Devin has built his reputation as an outstanding Notes and XPages developer. He is also widely recognized for his consulting, speaking, and training skills – always staying one step ahead of the industry. A car buff and motorcycle enthusiast, Devin also devotes time as a lay minister within his community.
Thilo Volprich (Team Technology) @TTteamWorkr
Thilo Volprich has been developing and designing corporate solutions based on IBM Domino since 2001. Initially in software development in a large corporation, then in various industries and projects as a business and process consultant for several corporations. Since 2013 he joined the startup Team Technology GmbH, together with other founders, to design and create a smart alternative to the IBM Notes client with the product teamWorkr.
Thilo was awarded IBM Champion in 2018 for the first time and was speaker at Think 2018.

Dev21. ICS Design Guide - Introduction and Walkthrough (Round Table)

Wednesday, May 23 | 16:00 - 16:45 | Table 2 Honolulu

Download: Engage2018_ICS-Design-System.pdf

The ICS Design team has crafted a new design language for IBM Connections. IBM developers have been using it to build the new Connections Pink UI. Now you have the chance to use it in your own apps!
From CSS only styling to React components, learn how to leverage the newly released ICS design guide and storybook to update your app's UI to match the new Connections Pink look and feel. See real world examples from the Kudos team's implementation of the ICS design guide in their existing apps, complete with before and after screenshots of the transformation!
Jay Agrawal (Kudos By ISW) @jayagl
Jay Agrawal is the Lead Architect for the Kudos suite of solutions for IBM Connections. His focus is technical direction, architecture design and implementation management for his team and their products. He is currently working on ensuring Kudos Boards, their social task management solution, is ready to evolve alongside IBM Connections as it goes pink.
IBM Champion for ICS 2018

Dev22. XPages - The next journey (Round Table)

Wednesday, May 23 | 13:30 - 14:30 | Table 2 Honolulu

No Slides available

80 % of the XPages Engine is open source. A lot of investment has be done by the community to enhance XPages. Let's talk about the possiblity the Open Source Community would have, if every thing is available as Open Source. Share your dreams and talk about the missing parts.
Christian Güdemann (OpenNTF) @guedeWebGate
Christian Güdemann is OpenNTF Chairman and CTO @ WebGate Consulting AG
He cares about new trends and ideas and brings them to the XPages community. He is the architect of POI4XPages, XPages Toolkit and JUnit4XPages.
And he lives with his wife and two Kids in a nice village called Tagelswangen in Switzerland