Here's the 2-day agenda and the floorplan of the Chassé Theater.


Dev01. Don't reinvent the wheel - (re) use Open Source Software from OpenNTF

Tuesday, March 18 | 09:00 - 10:00 | D

See here: dev01-dont-reinvent-the-wheel

OpenNTF is THE open source community for IBM Collaboration Solutions with a focus on IBM XWork Server and IBM Connections.
Come to this session to learn about the latest and greatest open source apps, gadgets, controls and other assets developed by community developers, business partners and IBM that are available on
We'll also introduce additional community services OpenNTF provides like the news site for IBM Collaboration Solutions, technical webinars and much more.
Christian Guedemann (WebGate Consulting AG / OpenNTF) @guedeWebGate

Christian is CTO @ WebGate Consulting AG and OpenNTF Chairman.
He is a passionated System Architect, Developer and Book Reader.

Dev02. Use Notes objects in memory and other useful Java tips for XPages development

Monday, March 17 | 13:30 - 14:30 | D


When developing a XPages application, most of the time there is a Notes object in the backend involved . To keep these objects in memory is a bad practice, but there is a way to do it right and take the advantage of direct access to the back-end objects.
In this session we will show how to accomplish this, together with some other useful Java tips to speed up XPages development by separating logic and presentation
Frank van der Linden (e-office) @flinden68

Frank van der Linden (Utrecht, Netherlands) is an XPages/Domino/Web/Java developer at e-office since 2000.
Starting with Lotus Notes 4.5.x. development, he now develops XPages applications since the introduction of XPages in Lotus Notes 8.5.0.
For OpenNTF Frank is a frequent contributer. In 2011 he was involved in the xSnippets Project, together with Bruce Elgort, Niklas Heidloff and Serdar Basegmez. Currently he participated in the OpenNTF Collaboration Today Project. He is a board member of OpenNTF.
Frank is an experienced speaker. In 2011, 2012 and 2013 he spoke at several international events.
He is an IBM Champion 2013 and 2014.
In his spare time Frank is doing a lot of running (and he means a lot).

Dev03. XPages Performance Master Class - Survive in the fast lane on the Autobahn!

Tuesday, March 18 | 10:15 - 11:00 | D

Download: Engage2014_XPagesPerformanceMasterclass.pptx

There are many factors that affect how fast your XPages applications run, from server configuration to the way the XPage is designed. Come learn how you can optimize both your application and your server. Explore the JSF Life cycle and how it affects performance.
Discover how using on page load, partial update and partial execution can help. See how readily available tools from OpenNTF can be used to profile and analyze your code to improve the speed of your applications.
Using the right programming language? Choosing the right language can have a dramatic impact on your XPages performance.
After you attend this session you will learn how your XPages can survive and thrive in the fast lane of the autobahn where there are no speed limits!
Howard Greenberg (TLCC) @TLCCLtd
Ulrich Krause (BCC) @eknori

Howard Greenbergstarted with Lotus Notes back in 1992 with Notes 2.0 while working for the IBM PC Group. After leaving IBM, Howard become a Certified Lotus Instructor in 1994 on Notes 3.0 and traveled throughout the U.S. teaching development and administration. When distance learning become popular, he formed TLCC with Paul Della-Nebbia in 1997. TLCC has become the leader in XPages, Notes and Domino training.
Howard has been teaching and developing XPages since XPages were first introduced in 8.5.0. He also has presented at user group conferences in both the U.S. and Europe and is the co-host of a monthly webinar series on XPages.
Howard has been an IBM Champion for the past three years.

Ulrich Krause is a Notes and Domino administrator and developer since 1993.
Ulrich is working as a Senior Software Architect for BCC, an IBM Business Partner located in Frankfurt, Germany.
He is also head of the BCC's branch office in Ratingen.
Ulrich is a well known member of the community and a regular speaker at national and international conferences and he is engaged in the OpenSource community as an OpenNTF Director and Contributor.
Ulrich is an IBM Champion for 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014

Dev04. Improving Your Domino Designer Experience

Tuesday, March 18 | 13:30 - 14:30 | C

See here: improve-your-32706026

IBM Domino Designer for Eclipse (DDE) has hundreds, maybe even thousands, of settings and customization options. But do you really know how to make it work well for you?
Julian and Kathy will give you their favorite tips and tweaks for using DDE: making it faster, easier to use, and even how to track down some pesky errors.
We will show you how to make DDE sing! (Literally, it will sing). Come to this session to get under the hood of DDE and make it do things you never thought it could do.
Julian Robichaux (panagenda) @jrobichaux
Kathy Brown (PSC Group, LLC) @runningkathy

Julian Robichaux is a senior software engineer at panagenda, an Austrian based IT management software provider.
He is also curator of, IBM Champion, occasional podcaster, open-source software developer, article writer, and frequent presenter at conferences in various countries.

Kathy Brown is a Consultant with PSC Group, LLC. Kathy is located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA and has been working with Lotus Notes since 1995. Kathy has spoken at Lotusphere and numerous user group conferences around the world. Kathy is a blogger (, twitter addict (15 accounts and counting), a runner, a geek, a mom, and she is proud to be a Nerd Girl!

Dev05. Get the best out of Bootstrap with Bootstrap4XPages

Tuesday, March 18 | 11:30 - 12:30 | D

See here: get-the-best-out-of-bootstrap-with-bootstrap4-x-pages-engage-2014-32446287

Bootstrap is a great UI framework that is now available to XPages developers, through the Bootstrap4XPages project.
This session will show you how you can leverage this library to apply the best of Bootstrap to your web and mobile applications, while making them fully responsive.
The expert presenter will cover the whole story, from installing the library to exploiting its most advanced capabilities.
Mark Leusink (LinQed) @markleusink

Mark Leusink is a freelance consultant/ developer with over 13 years of experience with the IBM Notes/Domino portfolio. He works on projects for various (international) customers in the areas of XPages, mobile and IBM Connections. Mark blogs regularly about XPages, speaks at user groups and is a board member as well as contributor for OpenNTF.
He is the author of the XPage Debug Toolbar and a site dedicated to sharing information on the use of Bootstrap with XPages.
For the past three years, Mark was selected as an IBM Champion.

Dev06. Up and running with the IBM Connections SDK

Tuesday, March 18 | 08:00 - 08:45 | D

Download: Engage2014_SocialBusinessToolkitSDK.odp

The IBM Connections SDK (formerly Social Business Toolkit SDK) has evolved rapidly over the last year.
In this session you will learn about the new features that are available in the latest release. You will be guided through the procedure to get up and running with the SDK.
You will also learn how to use the SDK to rapidly add social features to your existing applications.
Mark Wallace (IBM) @mewallace

Mark is the technical lead for the IBM Social Business Toolkit SDK. Prior to that he worked on Sametime Unified Telephony and the Lotus Component Designer runtime (aka the XPages runtime).
He has a keen interest in developer productivity and is one of the author's of the Mastering XPages book.

Dev07. Modernizing, Mobilizing and Socializing your XPages apps using 9.0.1 plus extensions

Monday, March 17 | 14:45 - 15:30 | D

Download: Engage2014_ModernXPagesApps.pdf

In this session you learn how to take your XPages apps to the next level. The presenters will use the latest XPages 9.0.1 core features along with the latest Extension Library from to demonstrate how to build robust, performant and slick XPages applications quickly.
Learn how to build XPages for mobile devices, work with IBM Connections, integrate with enterprise data!
Demos, demos, demos!
Martin Donnelly (IBM) @TweeterDonnelly

Martin Donnelly is a Software Architect with IBM Ireland and team lead for Domino Designer and XPages.

Dev08. Proper Connections Development for Proper Domino Developers

Tuesday, March 18 | 16:00 - 17:00 | D

See here:

This is a session with a mission: to take a much loved IBM Domino app and deploy it to a client’s new IBM Connections environment.
We'll show different solutions such as the use of iWidgets or creating a REST API to make the application available to IBM Connections users and walk you through the process, from beginning to end.
If you’re an IBM Domino developer who knows nothing about IBM Connections, this is the session for you.
Matt White (London Developer Co-op) @mattwhite
Mark Myers (London Developer Co-op) @stickfight

Matt White has been developing Domino applications since 1996 and XPages since 2008.
He has presented around the world about Domino development and mobile development.

Mark Myers has been fixing major Java / Flex / IBM Collaboration, infrastructure and security issues in big companies for the last 14 years (and in smaller companies for 5 years before that).
Mark hates unnecessary spending on his clients’ budgets, can act as consultant in either the development or support areas of a project.

Dev09. An Introduction to Working With The Activity Stream

Tuesday, March 18 | 13:30 - 14:30 | D

See here: bp301-an-introduction-to-working-with-the-activity-stream

The future of business is social and the activity stream is the way events and messages are communicated in the social business. In this session, you'll learn all there is to know about the activity stream including exactly what it is, just how many streams there are, how to adopt the concepts to business applications and how to submit to the stream from other applications than IBM Connections. You'll also learn important concepts such as submitting events to other people and as other people. This session is for you if you want to start working the activity stream but are unsure just how to get started regardless if your favorite development environment is JavaScript, XPages, Java or even the plain vanilla HTTP based REST API.
Mikkel Flindt Heisterberg (Intravision Aps) @lekkim

Mikkel is a hard core developer and really enjoys sharing the word about Java, the activity stream and just how easy it is to develop for IBM Connections. He has been working with Lotus / IBM Collaboration Solution products since the drawn of time and he's an IBM Champion.

Dev10. OpenNTF Domino API: The Community API

Tuesday, March 18 | 14:45 - 15:30 | D

See here: engage-2014-openntf-domino-api-slides

What do you get when a group of XPages gurus get together? Blue sky thinking that really extends the power of Domino.
Whether you're a Java expert or starting off in Server-Side JavaScript, whether you use XPages, Java Servlets, DOTS tasklets or OSGi Plugins, the OpenNTF Domino API will make your life easier.
Hear from two of the team involved in the API about how to deploy it, why to use it, and see how easy it is to convert your existing Java code to use OpenNTF Domino API.
Paul Withers (Intec Systems Ltd) @paulswithers
Martin Jinoch @mjinoch

Paul Withers has been IBM Champion since 2011, is an OpenNTF Director and author of XPages Extension Library.

Martin Jinoch is a long time Notes/Domino developer currently focusing on Java/XPages, source control and generally on the right ways to do development and to produce code I can read a year later and not want to travel back in time to kill myself :-)

Dev11. IBM Domino Applications - Reaching Out and Up

Monday, March 17 | 11:30 - 12:30 | D

Download: Engage2014_DominoAppDev.pdf

Domino applications deliver value in numerous ways. The comprehensive platform and tools continue to deliver an unmatched set of core functionality.
New enhancements improve the ability for these applications to reach Out to mobile devices and social applications. Upcoming capabilities will allow one to run Domino applications in the cloud.
Come hear about the latest and greatest so you can unleash the potential energy of Domino!
Pete Janzen (IBM) @pjanzen20

Pete Janzen is part of the IBM Collaboration Solutions product management team and has responsibilities for IBM Domino Designer, Domino , XWork Server application development and enterprise integration for the Domino platform.
His focus is on XPages technology delivered in Domino Designer for building Domino and XWork Server applications.

Dev12. JavaBlast

Tuesday, March 18 | 16:00 - 17:00 | C

Download: Engage2014_JavaBlast.pdf

The need for learning and using Java in the ICS development space has grown exponentially in the last years. Knowing the language and the IDE is nowadays mission-critical.
This session will take you through a variety of best practice approaches.
Learn about instances, enums, threading and much more. In addition you'll get introduced to a bunch of IDE features which will help you to speed up your development time.
René Winkelmeyer (midpoints GmbH) @muenzpraeger

René has been working with Lotus technologies since 1999. As an IBM Champion and IBM Business Partner he is currently focusing on the emerging market of 'Mobility', where he is responsible for designing small to large scale Traveler and mobile environments.
He is a frequent speaker at national and international ICS-related conferences as he loves to share his knowledge. René is also engaged in the OpenNTF community where he has contributed several award-winning projects.

Dev13. Seeing the Wood for the Trees as the world get more complicated and you get older.

Tuesday, March 18 | 14:45 - 15:30 | C

Download: Engage2014_Woodforthetrees.pdf

Are you or your team juggling multiple projects and releases at once ? Do you ever loose track of what you did ? Do you ever wonder what your colleagues actually changed in an application since you were last involved in it ? Do you ever wonder why things turned out to be more complicated than you thought ?
This session will show you how you can leverage the Source Control features within DDE ( FREE ) to use GIT ( FREE ), SourceTree ( FREE ) and Atlassian JIRA ( $10 for < 10 users ) to manage and track all of your XPages and Notes work in a joined up fashion. Use JIRA to raise tickets, plan projects, efficiently manage agile scrum boards, capture timesheets and easily link all of this activity together so that you can see the code you wrote or changed embedded in the ticket with your timesheets and also by ,package, fix and release.
We will use real examples from a 5 person development shop using this scheme across 45 Notes and XPage projects. The presentation is aimed at both Developers and managers. It will not cover the detailed principles of GIT but it will link to many useful resources and will give a very solid overview of what can realistically be achieved. Many of the principles shown also apply to Mercurial.
Sean Cull (FoCul Ltd) @seancull

Sean Cull was an Engineer in Industry before founding FoCul ltd in 2000. He has been developing Notes applications since 1995 and XPage applications since 2009.
His passion is helping people in business to improve control and efficiency through the pragmatic use of workflow and knowledge management solutions.

Dev14. IBM WebSphere Portal In Action

Tuesday, March 18 | 11:30 - 12:30 | B

Download: Engage2014_IBMWebspherePortalInAction.pptx

IBM WebSphere Portal offers a personalized and centralized environment for your information and applications. Developing for IBM WebSphere Portal includes developing portlets, extending the applications provided with the portal, and more. During this session we will show you 2 developed portlets and how to deploy them on a WebSphere Portal installation. Furthermore we will let you taste the possibilities that a WebSphere Portal offers.
Using interportlet communication we will show you how you let 2 portlets or more interact with each other.
Through personalization you will experience a personalized view for your users based on certain parameters and we will demonstrate how the portal can be a single access point to web content and applications.
Thomas Van Driessche (Optis) @ThomasVD
Dimitri Mestdagh (Optis) @g00glen00b

As an enthusiast for social collaboration within a working environment, Thomas Van Driessche has his main focus on IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Connections.
With his technical background as a java consultant he organizes and promotes this social collaboration story for Optis.

Dimitri Mestdagh is a consultant with 2 years of experience in developing portlets and IBM WebSphere Portal.
He is a developer experienced in front end and portlet development using the Spring framework, AngularJS and Dojo.

Dev15. Great real-world examples lovingly crafted with XPages

Monday, March 17 | 17:15 - 18:00 | D

See here: engage-x-pages-beer

In this fast-paced session we'll show you a few of the greatest real-world XPages applications.
Five speakers, five applications, five demo's (we love demo's).
See what others have been able to create, which problems have been solved and what impact the result had.
To top it off: we bring beer.
XPages and Beer (XPages & Beer) @xpagesandbeer

XPages & Beer is a Dutch meetup for anyone who is interested in XPages and offers you a chance to meet people and share knowledge.

These 5 people will be your hosts:
- Pettrie de Bondt, Ilionx
- Martin Meijer, Saxion
- Daan Maliepaard, Clear IT
- Jeroen Somhorst, Acuity ICT
- Thimo Jansen, Defrog