Here's the 2-day agenda and the floorplan of the Chassé Theater.


Str01. How to get the most powerful editing experience for Domino/XPages applications

Tuesday, March 18 | 09:00 - 10:00 | A

Download: Engage2014_EditLiveForXPages.pptx

Energize content authors to create high quality, compelling and compliant content
For years Ephox and IBM have collaborated to help enhance the online content authoring experience. Now, we’re going on a new content editing voyage with Domino/Xpages, and enterprise content authors and technologists are invited along for the ride.
Are you web enabling your existing Domino applications? Are you building new content-centric Domino and XPages applications? Join Ephox for a bold discussion about the future of online content editing, and go where no content author has gone before.
In this session, learn to slingshot your engagement, productivity, and organizational value using the most advanced HTML editor available -- and the same tool that’s already delivered within IBM Connections and IBM Web Content Manager.
Come see how Ephox is boldly taking content authoring to new heights!
Colin Westacott (Ephox) @ephoxcolin
Tom Smith (Ephox)

Based out of the UK Colin Westacott manages the business for Ephox in EMEA. He has been in this role for the past 3 years working with partners and customers from Scandinavia to South Africa, from Ireland to the Middle East. He works closely with IBM supporting their events and customer meetings around web and social networking areas.
Prior to joining Ephox Colin has held a variety of sales management roles with organisations including Autonomy, HP, Softek and EMC. Through this period Colin built up extensive experience of content management, enterprise search, legal compliance and information management. Colin has worked extensively throughout Europe and also spent 9 years in Australia.
Colin has a BSocSc honours degree in Economics from the university of Birmingham and trained as a Chartered Accountant with Price Waterhouse.

As VP Sales and Business Development, Tom Smith is responsible for Ephox’s worldwide sales and business development activities. Prior to Ephox, Tom was a strategic consultant with Global Aperture and his own Providence Place Ventures. During his career, Tom has been the leader of a $140M IBM Global Services team with 250 staff, a managing director for the private equity group at Silicon Valley Bank, and the executive in charge of the IBM Venture Capital Group for almost 6 years. Tom is adept at opening new markets and has extensive background in building partnerships between high-tech companies and multi-national corporations. Tom graduated from DePaul University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Global Leadership.

Str02. Why only givers will survive

Monday, March 17 | 13:30 - 14:30 | C

Download: Engage2014_WhyOnlyGiversWillSurvive.ppt

Only purposeful companies are ready for running a social business. People do business with people they trust and the easiest way to engage is to share.
Giving grows the market and sales.
Even the IT departments needs to be in marketing & sales nowadays, because everybody has customers.
Forget about the systems and start engaging.
This session is for professionals that are interested in change management and end user adoption.
Effy Shkuri (Silverside) @shkuri

Effy Shkuri is managing partner of Silverside and believes social business is only for companies that truly believe in their employees. He is also the co-initiator of several social selling initiatives wthin the IBM Eco-system and is convinced that sales is a collaboration game.

Str03. Getting to the core, requirements gathering in the wild

Tuesday, March 18 | 14:45 - 15:30 | A

See here: getting-to-the-core-requirements-gathering-in-the-wild

The basis of any good project is good requirements. Knowing what it is you are going to build / get determines whether your project will be a success or a flat out failure. In reality though the requirements phase is often trivialized or even forgotten. This session will give you tips & tricks as well as explain to you the basic techniques on how to effectively get to the core of the requirements, identify ways of prioritizing them and explain some core concepts of Functional and Technical design elements. Coming from a requirement gathering as well as development & customer point of view Femke & Sophie will take you through some of the real life examples they have come across and a lot of do's & don'ts they have seen (and despaired over)
Femke Goedhart (Silverside) @FemkeGoedhart
Sophie Lavignac-Le Madec (SES)

Femke Goedhart is a Business Consultant working for Silverside an Premier IBM Business Partner in The Netherlands. Femke specializes in Social Business, Collaboration and Document Management. She has a keen focus on usability and translating complex business problems into workable IT solutions. Apart from her role as business consultant Femke is also a regular blogger & speaker and an IBM Champion 2014.

Sophie Le Madec is a senior engineer in messaging and collaboration working for SES, a world leading satellite operator, in Luxembourg. Sophie specializes in Lotus Notes development and Document Management and is responsible for promotion, development (from gathering requirements to deployment in production) and maintenance of applications for all departments of the company.
She has a keen focus on requirements definition and proposing user-friendly applications that fit to users needs.

Str05. Be Essential

Tuesday, March 18 | 11:30 - 12:30 | C

Download: Engage2014_BeingEssential.ppt

This session is designed to help you 'sell'. Before you dismiss this session because you're thinking: "This isn't for me, I'm not in sales", let me remind you, most of us are in the business of "moving people"...from one belief to another. If you've been promoting collaboration in your organization but it seems to be falling on deaf ears; if you're somewhat technical and are struggling with connecting with your line of business audience; if you're a leader or someone who would like some pointers in more effective communication; this would be a good session for you.
Louis Richardson (IBM) @inter_vivos

Louis Richardson: Storyteller & Enthusiast, Social Smarter Work, IBM.
Living the dream as Storyteller and Enthusiast for IBM Social Business and Smarter Workforce topics.

Str06. The end is near! Run for your lives! And other strategies for Lotus Quickr customers...

Tuesday, March 18 | 11:30 - 12:30 | A

Download: Engage2014_Quickr.pptx

Lotus Quickr, what a good old friend you have been. Alas, all good things come to a...well, end of marketing. While support for Quickr continues for a while longer, it was removed from the IBM offerings in April 2013, and the heir apparent is Connections Content Manager (CCM). In this session we'll do a capabilities mapping, demo Quickr-to-CCM migration scenarios, and review the available options for Quickr customers. How much can you migrate? What new features will you gain, and what will change? With custom applications, what are the options for moving forward? This session will answer all these questions and more, allowing you to build your own "decision matrix" for the future of your social software deployment.
Rob Novak (SNAPPS) @IBMRockStar

Rob is an all-around good guy, a speaker for many years now, and an expert in buzzword translation, smallmouth bass fishing, drinking wine with let's-call-it-lunch, and abject flattery. And he knows something about IBM Lotus stuff, having played with it for 22 years.

Str07. Show me the Money! The value in social business

Tuesday, March 18 | 13:30 - 14:30 | A

See here: show-me-the-money-the-value-in-social-business-at-engage-2014

Social business creates value because it offers employees the opportunity to work together, communicate and share knowledge. But how do you measure this? Where's the value of social business? How can you go from business objectives to measurable elements to get a meaningful and well-founded ROI? To build ROI, several models and instruments can be used: employee engagement measurement, social collaboration reach and impact on organizational success, return on contribution, charting efficiency gains from moving to social collaboration, and transforming business objectives to measurable use case elements. This session will explore these and more.
Sasja Beerendonk (e-office) @sbeerendonk

Sasja Beerendonk is a Collaboration Consultant at e-office, where she enjoys working since 2004.
She is a proud IBM Champion for 2014.
Sasja is very enthusiastic about helping employees make the most of IT tools.
Presently Sasja consults with clients on a user-adoption strategy for their (social) collaboration software, to really embed in their daily work activities. She helps clients how to ensure and enhance user adoption, and how to make the cultural and behavioral changes that are necessary to adopt the new collaboration software.
She regularly blogs about (social) collaboration, has published several white-papers, and is an experienced speaker.
Sasja is passionate about social software, cats/dogs and spinach.

Str08. What's New in IBM Notes, iNotes and Other Cool Stuff

Monday, March 17 | 14:45 - 15:30 | A

Download: Engage2014_NewinNotes.pdf

The Notes and iNotes teams have been hard at work in turning innovations around OpenSocial and end-user productivity into experiences that will make you and your organization even more productive and responsive. Fasten your seat belt and join Scott for a journey through what's new and what's coming in the cloud and in the on-premises products that make up IBM's messaging portfolio. As always, this session will be packed with demos of the latest features and previews of future additions!
HP Dalen (IBM) @TheOnlyReal_HP

HP Dalen is the IBM Notes & Domino sales leader for Europe. He has been working with the product for 15 years.

Str09. Social sharing vs. organised structure. Must you select only one?

Tuesday, March 18 | 10:15 - 11:00 | C

See here: engage2014-socialvs-structure

So you have connections (or you are thinking about it) and you want to know what it can do for you in the sense of *socialy* managing files but you don't really know how that concept works or if it would work for your organization.
Tags or folders, share or private, community files or personal files, meta-data and document types? What does it mean and where do you start?
Stuart McIntyre and Femke Goedhart will take you through the ups and downs of social file management. When to use it, when not and what you need to know about file and document management to have the discussion if this should replace the department file share.
Coming from two different backgrounds - and often butting heads about this topic - Stuart & Femke will pitch the points and concepts that you need to think about with managing your documents in a social environment and show you examples on how and where to use IBM Connections to do so.
Stuart McIntyre (Social 365) @StuartMcIntyre
Femke Goedhart (Silverside) @FemkeGoedhart

Stuart McIntyre is an independent Social Business Strategist working to assist organisations worldwide to effectively deploy social platforms to improve their organisational productivity, knowledge sharing and collaboration with partners and customers.  Whilst the journey towards Social Business is about far more than just the technology, Stuart has a almost two decades of deployment experience with IBM Connections, Quickr, Domino, Jive, Salesforce and similar solutions.
Stuart is a regular speaker at IBM Connection and ICS user groups, founder and chair of Social Connections (the IBM Social Business and Connections user group), an IBM Champion for 2014, a keen blogger and once acted as Darren Duke’s minder on This Week in Lotus!

Femke Goedhart is a Business Consultant working for Silverside an Premier IBM Business Partner in The Netherlands. Femke specializes in Social Business, Collaboration and Document Management. She has a keen focus on usability and translating complex business problems into workable IT solutions. Apart from her role as business consultant Femke is also a regular blogger & speaker and an IBM Champion 2014.

Str10. Best Practices in Planning, Installing and Upgrading Connections

Monday, March 17 | 17:15 - 18:00 | A

Download: Engage2014_Bulloch.pdf

Prepare for the introduction of all things Connections and be ready for the new CRs, releases and add-ons that are coming your way this year. Learn admin-tested methods for planning, installing and upgrading your systems.
We will take a look at the largest systems and some of the smaller ones, and give you the tips and tricks you need to work seamlessly with your Connections system.
Susan Bulloch (IBM) @notesgoddess

Susan is a nerd girl. She currently works for IBM as part of the support group for Connections. She has worked with legacy Lotus products for more than 20 years and is a seasoned road warrior. She also works herding cats.

Str11. UserBlast

Monday, March 17 | 11:30 - 12:30 | A

Download: Engage2014_UserBlastV6.pdf

It's time to release the power! IBM Notes has outstanding capabilities that ensure your social transformation starts from your inbox. We'll demonstrate how to take advantage of all of these features to improve your IBM Notes literacy, boost productivity, locate expertise, find relevant information, share knowledge and collaborate - straight from your inbox. Don't miss the "IBM Notes 9 in 9 Minutes" demo so you can go back to your users and blast them away with the power of the amazing IBM Notes client.
Tim Clark (TC Soft Consulting Limited) @TimsterC

Tim Clark is an IBM Champion (13/14) and has been working with Lotus Notes since 1994. Tim has worked on hundreds of ICS/Lotus projects and is still working with ICS/Lotus technology 20 years later, and loving it.

Str12. Another Trillion $ and what did we get ?

Monday, March 17 | 17:15 - 18:00 | C

Download: Engage2014_UffeSorensen.pdf

In 1994 IDC reported on a remarkable tool providing a new IT paradigm allowing a business new ways of working after $1T was sunk into the IT industry with no siginificant impact on how business was conducted: "Lotus Notes - the Agent of Change".
Now, more $Ts have been spent on IT without major breakthrough in our productivity, however, a range of tools are emerging, allowing a business to achieve escape velocity and break away from old molds.
We will explore some of the implications of the just announced IBM Mail Next, Big Data and Cloud to drive transformation.
Uffe Sorensen (IBM) @uffesorensen

Uffe is one of the Industry Cloud Solutions leaders for IBM in Europe, Middle-East and Africa. Engaged with customers through the region on their strategy for collaboration tools.
Uffe is also the ultimate expert on ND licensing questions ;o)

Str13. IBM Domino Doublecheck: Competitive Evaluation of Your IBM Notes/Domino Infrastructure

Tuesday, March 18 | 10:15 - 11:00 | A

Download: Engage2014_IBMDominoDoublecheck.pdf

Many IT managers, IT architects and decision makers find it challenging to define a future social strategy among the onslaught of demands to try something else.
This session will arm you with crucial information to defend years of successful investments in the IBM Notes and Domino platform, producing factual data that can be trusted.
You will learn how your roadmap becomes stronger when obtaining evidence from your environment that reveals how your business is making use of the IBM Notes and Domino platform so successfully deployed.
Viktor Krantz (IBM) @viktr

Viktor Krantz has been a speaker at over 30 IBM conferences and LUGs over the years.
He works with competitive analysis and is the Global IBM Domino Doublecheck Coordinator.

Str15. Sharing knowledge … Get creative !

Monday, March 17 | 13:30 - 14:30 | A

No Slides available

We all have our challenges and problems in our day to day work. How often do you lose time finding and contacting the right expert in your organization ? Don't you get confused with multiple versions of the same document circling around in different locations ? Isn't it often difficult to get good feedback and support of your colleagues ?
This is where Social Business comes to the rescue ! In an end to end live demo, we'll go through typical business scenarios to show you how to connect, communicate and share better and faster.
Come and see the latest and greatest of the IBM Collaboration Solutions portfolio !

Suzanne Livingston (IBM) @suzielivingston
Koen Lenaerts (IBM) @koen_lenaerts
Steve Lievens (IBM) @steve_lievens

Over the past 15 years, Suzanne Livingston has held a variety of roles within software development, including development, design, user research, and now product management.
She is currently the lead product manager for IBM Connections, a social software suite for businesses and organizations.
In the role of senior product manager, she works to define the overall social software strategy, develops and drives product requirements with engineering and design, works with customers and partners to shape the product, and publicizes the product through demonstrations and presentations at numerous industry events.

Steve and Koen are Client Technical professionals within IBM Software Group. Combined they have more than 30 years of experience as IT Specialists. Their main focus lies within the IBM Collaboration Solutions (ICS) portfolio, where they deliver solutions to the customer, assist with the deployment and drive adoption