Here's the 2-day agenda and the floorplan of the main venue 'Het Pand'.


Bus01. How to Integrate IBM software and Salesforce

Tuesday, March 31 | 08:00 - 08:45 | A

Download: Engage2015_SalesforceAndIBMSoftware.pptx

Both platforms support social thinking.
How to use the case focus of Salesforce and connect it with people focused network of Connections? We demonstrate it in our examples what you can accomplish.
- connect IBM Activities with opportunities in Salesforce
- show Connections data live in a Salesforce web UI
- publish Salesforce events into the IBM activity stream
more Details
If you have Domino as your application platform we want to show what you can do to connect e.g. workflow application's.
Andreas Rosen (QKom GmbH)
Peter Chittum ( @pchittum

Andreas Rosen is known as an integration specialist in the IBM Connections / Domino area. He co-created the Domino opensource API soapgate Q!
His new hobby is Salesforce as a Platform. He was a speaker at Dreamforce 2014 and Social Connections 2014

Peter is a Developer Evangelist at
Developer evangelism is being half developer, half speaker, half blogger, and half event organizer. The rest of the time is spent building connections with the growing community of developers in the economy and helping, enabling, building the community by finding links between our natural developer-base of enterprise applications and IT developers and developers of other technologies such as web developers.

Bus02. Take Back Control of Your Workday! How to use IBM Verse.

Monday, March 30 | 17:15 - 18:00 | A

Download: Engage2015_IBMVerseIn8Questions.pdf

Join us and find out how! We invite you to attend the IBM Verse - Take Back Control of Your Workday session to see how IBM can help you transform the way you work, and help you experience less clutter and more clarity. IBM Verse is about to be Generally Available in a matter of minutes now. It will be mail that understands you and allowing you to collaborate more easily and effectively with your colleagues. By attending this session you will:
Gain an understanding of what IBM Verse will be able to do for you and your business
See the latest product demo that will 'wow' you
Maurice Teeuwe (IBM) @m8ui
Omar Davison (IBM) @OmarDavison

Maurice Teeuwe is the technical sales lead for the IBM Connections Cloud (/Verse) in Europe. With a back pack full of real life cloud migrations, cloud implementations and chocolates, he started from day one to work on the IBM Social Cloud platform. Now supporting IBM’s European clients and Business Partners to help unleash the power of cloud!

Omar Davison is a European Tech Sales Lead for Europe and has spent his career at IBM focusing on Collaboration which now includes IBM Verse. Prior to that, he worked at Microsoft as a SharePoint Engineer so understands the Collaboration Landscape well. Nowadays, you can find him enjoying a conversation about Collaborative Business with a Brownie or some Chocolates in hand.

Bus03. Zen and the art of requirements gathering, why getting to "In time, On budget and In scope" is easier if you start out right

Monday, March 30 | 13:30 - 14:30 | A

See here: req-gathering-engage2015

Often forgotten or trivialized, good requirements gathering can make or brake your project. This session will give you techniques and tips on how to effectively get to the core of the requirements, identify ways of prioritizing them and explains some core concepts of Functional and Technical design elements. Based on years of experience gathering requirements (and working with them!) Femke & Tim will take you through some of the real life examples they've come across and a lot of do's & don'ts they have run into. Tying them into practice and theory that can help you get your projects off to a better start.
Tim Clark (Teamstudio) @TimsterC
Femke Goedhart (Silverside) @FemkeGoedhart

Tim has spoken at various IT conferences on topics such as systems integration, web development, project management and product launches.
His speaking engagements have taken him around the world, including UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain, USA, Canada, South Africa and Ireland.

Femke is a Business Consultant working for Silverside an Premier IBM Business Partner in The Netherlands. Femke specializes in Social Business, Collaboration and Document Management. She has a keen focus on social business adoption topics as well usability and translating complex business problems into workable solutions. Apart from her role as Business Consultant, Femke is also a regular blogger & speaker and an IBM Champion 2014 & 2015.

Bus04. ConnectPeople and mobile devices, three years on the road: the statistics

Tuesday, March 31 | 11:30 - 12:30 | A

No Slides available

Three years ago in 2011 we started delivering ConnectPeople, mobile mail etc to the employees of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration as part of a bigger Digital Workspace Initiative. We will present the facts and figures of our deployment and usage of ConnectPeople (IBM Connections, Traveler etc) for our workforce and on mobile. We are looking for an open discussion on the value of mobile and social platforms within the enterprise space.
Maarten Beijl (Dutch Tax and Customs Administration) @beijl
Robert van den Breemen (Dutch Tax and Customs Administration) @rvdbreemen

Maarten Beijl is the leading IT Architect for social collaboration and the Digital Workspace Initiative within the Federal Data Center Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.

Robert van den Breemen is the Enterprise Architect for strategy and innovation.

Com01. ICS Infrastructure Assessment - Analyze, Visualize and Optimize

Monday, March 30 | 14:45 - 15:30 | B

Download: Engage2015_InfrastructureAssessment.pdf

Cloud, optimization, migration, virtualization - Everyone's talking about the next thing in enterprise IT, but clear answers on direction aren't readily available and mistakes are costly. Join this session as Chris show you how to understand the demands and usage patterns across your enterprise in order to make smart strategic decisions that help you manage IT while keeping cost in check. Analyze and visualize what in your IBM ICS Infrastructure is actually used, by whom and how their
geographic location should impact your decision. Learn about assessing crucial security topics, application design complexity and webification readiness without getting (any more) grey hair.
Christoph Adler (panagenda) @cadler80

Christoph Adler has been working with IBM (Lotus) Notes / Domino, mostly as a technical consultant, since 2001. He has been involved in large projects, including migrations, consolidations and client and application management from planning to design and implementation. Since 2012 he is working as a Technical Account Manager at panagenda focuses on client management solutions for IBM Notes and the analysis and optimization of ICS infrastructures.

Com02. Hands on with Ytria's administration tools: understanding your logs, consoles, replication, etc.

Tuesday, March 31 | 10:15 - 11:00 | B

No Slides available

As a company that has been developing software tools to help IBM Domino Administrators and Developers for over 10 years, we talk to hundreds of customers and assist with tackling interesting, tedious and annoying problems every week.
We'll dive straight into a troublesome live environment to find, understand and resolve the toughest problems administrators face on a daily basis.
We will make use of the Ytria tools to get a quicker and better understanding of Log.nsf, identify and fix inconsistent replicas, discover and patch security holes, analyze application usage and more
Ben Menesi (Ytria Inc.) @BenMenesi

Ben Menesi is Head of Product at Ytria overseeing its R&D activities, leading workshops on IBM Notes Domino administration and development best practices and delivering technical sessions at conferences like the IBM ConnectED and other ICS events around the globe.

Com03. Become your company's Meeting Hero!

Tuesday, March 31 | 10:15 - 11:00 | C

See here: become-your-companys-next-meeting-hero

Meetings are collaboration at its best. But there are several do's and don'ts to make a meeting a success! Learn from the creators of why
.... after the meeting is before the meeting
.... preparation matters
.... contributors are more important then listener
Be prepared to change your own meeting culture.
And of course will we show how you can achieve a good meeting culture with
Christian Guedemann ( @mygoodmeeting
Roman Weber ( @RomanWebGate

Christian loves to work with small and large teams. To guide and lead teams, meetings are one of the best instruments, but there is more.

Roman is one of the total 3 founders of WebGate Consulting AG, an IBM Premier Business Partner based in Switzerland.
His role as CEO of WebGate Consulting AG is, to understand the strategic needs of our customers and ensure a leading role of WebGate in the Social Business and Collaboration Market.
As a Senior Business Consultant and Business Coach he supports our Customers on being more effective and productive.
Roman has more than 25 years of IT experience.

Com04. Know. Share. Do. - Increase IBM Connections Usage, Adoption and ROI with integrated Web Content Management and Custom Applications

Monday, March 30 | 14:45 - 15:30 | A

See here: ibm-connectionsintranetengageug3

- How can employees learn what they need to know?
- How can employees collaborate and share?
- How can employees work with custom applications?
Create an integrated Intranet for Internal Communications, Enterprise Social Collaboration and Custom Applications with IBM Connections and XCC - Web Content and Custom Apps Extension. XCC increases IBM Connections Usage, Adoption and ROI.

Felix Binsack is founder and general of TIMETOACT. He has been working with Lotus since 1994 and with Domino based Web CMS since 1997. He has ample experience with collaborative and communication platforms across several vendors.

Com05. Modern Notes applications - social, web & mobile

Tuesday, March 31 | 10:15 - 11:00 | A

Download: Engage2015_ModernNotesApplications.pdf

Social business as a new way of working has many advantages. As more and more companies grapple with the introduction of such a platform. The nature of these environments focused on the browsers and mobile devices.
But what happens to the Notes applications developed and established for years? How can they be integrated into the new world? How can a standardized and future-proof environment be created for all applications?
Dealt with these issues this presentation shows you how to modernize your existing Notes applications quickly and convert them to social business applications. Access your applications on the IBM Notes client, browser and mobile devices. The result is a complete social business environment that will suit your needs.
Stefan Sucker (We4IT) @stefan_sucker

Stefan Sucker is managing partner of We4IT Group and a consultant since 1997 for all IBM Collaboration Solutions (ICS) products. In December 2014 he became an IBM Champion. As an ICS-expert, he assists customers in optimizing their daily (team-)work and moving to a web-based and mobile collaboration strategy.

Com06. Keep your Domino apps & data alive with LDC Via

Monday, March 30 | 14:45 - 15:30 | C

Download: Engage2015_LDCVia.pdf

In this session we will introduce ourselves—we’re not newcomers to the Domino world!—and will then introduce our new offering, “LDC Via”.
We wish to set out how developers can create and maintain great applications based on apps and / or data originally held in IBM Domino.
Why migrate? How does LDC Via work? And what can be done with newly-migrated data? This session will explore all this and more.

Ben Poole (LDC Via Ltd.) @benpoole
Matt White (LDC Via Ltd.) @mattwhite
Mark Myers (LDC Via Ltd.) @stickfight

Ben Poole is a Domino veteran, and together with Matt, Mark and Julian Woodward now form LDC Via, a company dedicated to migrating, and making the most of, Domino applications and data.

Matt White has been developing Domino applications since 1996 and XPages since 2008.
He has presented around the world about Domino development and mobile development.

Mark Myers has been fixing major Java / Flex / IBM Collaboration, infrastructure and security issues in big companies for the last 15 years (and in smaller companies for 5 years before that).
Mark hates unnecessary spending on his clients’ budgets, can act as consultant in either the development or support areas of a project.

Com07. A game changer in publishing content on all supports. “Forget the layout, Forget the format, Forget the cost! Focus on content creation”

Monday, March 30 | 14:45 - 15:30 | D

Download: Engage2015_Prezv31PUBLIC.pdf

In this session you will discover a brand new software:
The future of publishing
Artificial Intelligence layout
Semio pragmatic input interface
Bert Ceuppens (PIXELIXIR) @CeuppensBert
Yves Monsel (Amangi)

Bert Ceuppens holds an MBA at Louvain School of Management
He has founded PIXELIXIR, active in the Notes market since 15 years.
PIXELIXIR has developed various Web based projects on top of its Domino based technology
PIXELIXIR is developing -together with partners- the most advanced software for Web Publishing.

Yves Monsel is a Master in Psychology, specialized in Neuro-linguistic and psychology of language.
Counselor of the Minister of employment and training (Belgium).
Co-Founder of FreeGates project "free internet" sold to Tiscali for 22.5 mios euros.
CEO of Tiscali Belgium during M&A with World on Line Belgium, Wanadou Belgium, InfoBel.
CEO and R&D of AIM Associés focusing on training and change management on corporate level.
Partnering with PIXELIXIR on web publishing software

Com08. Getting work done with Connections Activities and Kudos!

Tuesday, March 31 | 10:15 - 11:00 | D

No Slides available

Join us to learn how IBM Connections Activities and Kudos Boards can be used to get work done. Conduct a meeting, plan a marketing campaign, onboard a new employee, or leverage Agile Kanban to manage your project teams. Learn how to sort and manage your activities in a PERSONALISED way so you can focus on what is important to you.

We will also show you in detail how you can understand exactly what is happening in your Connections environment. Want to know your First Time Users? Which Communities are active (or not) and what content is most valued? Which of your blog posts or files are used the most by others? and who are they? Kudos Analytics will answer these questions and more.
Adam Brown (ISW-Kudos) @kudosbadges
Tony Holder (HADSL) @HADSLFirM

Adam Brown, IBM Champion for ICS, creator of Kudos Suite for IBM Connections, and Director of ISW, having worked with IBM/Lotus for 17 years. All the way from downunder downunder (Tasmania Australia) Adam loves to innovate on how to make IBM Connections better than ever. Enhancing of IBM Connections by integrating, extending, innovating, is Adam's passion.

Tony is a multi-year IBM Champion and co-organiser of ICON UK user group. He has over 30 years experience in the IBM Software business both as a designer/developer and a business analyst and has spoken at IBM User Group conferences all over the world, from Belgium to Brisbane. Working with different IBM Business Partners Tony brings state of the art solutions to the IBM Collaboration space. He is a prolific traveler, hiker, runner, fly fisherman and biker, he also drinks beer. Follow @BigToneUK