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Com10. Information at the Speed of Thought — How integrated Collaborative Analytics can help drive adoption of IBM Social Business Solutions

Tuesday, May 9 | 10:15 - 11:00 | B. Okapi 2

It's no longer enough to just have Analytics. It's about Speed. It's how fast you can get the analytics you need, understand it, share it, to allow the team to take action. Learn how to put business into your social business, by infusing the networks with meaningful analytics, personalized to your problem. Traditional BI ‘collaboration’ is too often one-to-many – e.g. emailing a spreadsheet or PDF – it’s like running a webinar where the participants are on mute.
Learn how to leverage the entire IBM Collaboration stack to enrich self-service BI with context, to build consensus. Collaborative BI helps teams take action in real time, to work on the right things, at the right time. The future of collaborative BI must evolve to ‘many-to-many’.

Patrick Spedding (Rocket Software) @spedding

Kris De Bisschop (GroupWave) @debisschopk

Eme09. Salesforce and IBM for Developers

Monday, May 8 | 17:00 - 17:45 | D. Gorilla 4

The newly announced partnership between Salesforce and IBM opens up a new world of possibilities for customers, partners, and developers. Are you interested in learning about how to leverage them? Then join this session which will showcase real-world examples around direct integration, weather or Watson. Authentication, authorization, workflows and UI - all will be handled and source code included. Become inspired to build your own solutions today!

René Winkelmeyer ( @muenzpraeger