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Dev01. From Then, to Now - A Speedy UX and Design Workshop for Programmers

Tuesday, May 9 | 11:30 - 12:30 | D. Gorilla 4

Most Notes applications were designed and coded simultaneously. The process was simple and straight-forward – but not always the best experience for your customers. Designing a modern, Web-based version of your legacy application requires careful planning, analysis and design to ensure success. So, what’s a one person, Notes developer to do when tackling the modernization of that old app, or developing something brand new for the Web?
Red Pill Now’s CEO, Peter Presnell and Creative/UX Director, Bob Kadrie want this to be the most valuable 60 minutes of your time during this year’s Engage. They’ll help you make your next application your best – without the need for a business analyst or designer. This rapid-fire session will begin with a quick step-by-step case study in modernizing a complex Notes application – from concept through deployment. Then, Bob and Peter will teach you how to plan, analyze, wireframe, and design a prototype of an application using simple, Web-based tools, and resources available to any programmer – on any budget and timetable.

Bob Kadrie (Red Pill Now) @bobkadrie

Peter Presnell (Red Pill Now) @peterpresnell

Dev02. SmartNSF - It's smart, really!

Monday, May 8 | 11:45 - 12:30 | D. Gorilla 4

SmartNSF is one piece of the big application modernization puzzle! Learn how you can turn a simple NSF within minutes to a smart microservice. See how the YAML export fits into IBM's REST API Strategy and get inspired what can be done with SmartNSF in your business. Will there be a demo? For sure: See how you can extend IBM Verse and integrate address data from your Notes based CRM with SmartNSF!

Christian Güdemann (OpenNTF) @guedeWebGate

Martin Jinoch @mjinoch

Dev03. How Watson, Bluemix, Cloudant, and XPages Can Work Together In A Real World Application

Tuesday, May 9 | 09:00 - 10:00 | A. Okapi 3

The role of a human resources employee can be hard work when it comes to filtering hundreds or thousands of job applications. Often, the cover letters are submitted in unstructured formats making keeping data in order and identifying interesting job applications difficult.
In this session we will give a look behind the scenes of the award winning HR Assistant application which uses a combination of IBM Bluemix, Watson and a Cloudant database to improve the recruitment process. We will explain how we integrate the different technologies and display the content graphically using XPages along with how the development progressed and the challenges we faced.

Frank van der Linden (elstar IT) @flinden68

Dev05. Cognitive Team Collaboration Development with the IBM Watson Work Services APIs

Monday, May 8 | 17:00 - 17:45 | E. Gorilla 5

To drive strong business outcomes in today's competitive marketplace, there is a need to rapidly innovate and respond. Achieving this requires a new way of working: small teams collaborating seamlessly, staying constantly connected and up to date. A new breed of messaging application is being created to meet this need. But work isn't just about messaging. Different teams use different external systems and workflows that need to plug into their team collaboration environment. Come for a session on how to extend the IBM Watson Workspace team collaboration platform through the IBM Watson Work Services & APIs to take advantage of cognitive capabilities and mold them to the way you work.

Joe Russo (IBM) @russoDesigns

Eme03. Your App Deserves More - The Art of App Modernization

Tuesday, May 9 | 08:00 - 08:45 | C. Gorilla 3

Make your data sustainable and enhance the value of your applications. Your application and your work deserve it! We use applications everywhere but unfortunately a lot of them are old and monolithic. They are heavily used by your business but adding new functions to catch up with the business needs is almost impossible. We, a developer and an admin, will show you how you can transform your monolithic applications into modern apps using a smart architecture. Learn how you can leverage IBM Bluemix, Docker and suchlike to bring cognitive services to your applications. We will show you a live example to illustrate how we extended IBM Verse using IBM cloud technology to fulfill an urgent business need.

Christian Güdemann (WebGate Consulting AG) @guedeWebGate

Christoph Stoettner (panagenda) @stoeps

Eme05. React(.js) the Domino Way - High-Performance Client for Domino

Tuesday, May 9 | 11:30 - 12:30 | C. Gorilla 3

Developers around the globe are excited about Facebook's React.js, a JavaScript library for building high performance user interfaces. Websites like Instagram, Airbnb and Netflix are powered by React. This session will examine the library’s main concepts like virtual DOM, JavaScript extension JSX and unidirectional data flow. It will explain how to build a single page application and why React code is easy to write and maintain. React is a perfect match for Domino. Let's explore a working example that combines an optimal client development environment with npm, Babel, ESLint and Webpack with the power of Domino as database and application server.

Knut Herrmann (Leonso GmbH) @KnutHerrmann

Eme07. Choose your own adventure: Update/Convert/Replace

Tuesday, May 9 | 13:30 - 14:30 | C. Gorilla 3

A world of adventure awaits you within every app's lifetime, none greater than when the managers decide it is looking a bit long in the tooth.
The realm is a tricky one, your cause may be just but how to you justify you opinion to the grand council of the Elder PMs?
Hunt for the hidden forest where backing from the business is said to dwell.
Visit the fantasy lands of 'bolting on the latest tech'
Face the dark overlord of Rip and Replace
Your challenges will not just be technical, but political & economic, can you defeat evil forever or will it rise stronger in 5 years time?
Let us be your Gandalf, and take you on a journey where you are the hero

Matt White (LDCVia) @mattwhite

Eme08. GraphQL 101

Monday, May 8 | 13:30 - 14:30 | C. Gorilla 3

GraphQL is a key approach for allowing flexible and performant querying via REST. Find out why it's at the heart of Watson Work Services, will be used in Connections Pink and has been implemented for Darwino. We'll also launch an open source implementation for accessing your Domino data. Learn its history and how it allows flexible run-time querying to return only the data you want. With natural language JSON querying independent of a specific database or storage engine, this introduction to GraphQL will be key for developers wanting to use or implement a flexible REST service API for their applications.

Paul Withers (Intec Systems Ltd) @paulswithers

Philippe Riand (Trilog Group) @philriand