Our meeting on Thursday, October 29th, 15.30h is finished.

Lots of positive feedback from the attendees.

You sure missed out if you did not attend!

Look forward to these great speakers and amazing content:


Organized by IBM

Exploration of Technology (invitation here)
IBM Digital Experience: Continually reinventing Customer and Employee engagement
IBM organizes this EoT on the same date and venue. Feel free to join them (note the separate registration!)


Welcome with Coffee



Getting Started With Modern Domino Applications in IBM Bluemix
Martin Donnelly - Software Architect and Team Leader, IBM Ireland
Brian Gleeson - Software Developer, IBM Ireland
This session introduces IBM Bluemix and demonstrates what it can do for you as a Domino developer.
You will see how the XPages runtime and Domino database service on Bluemix empower you to build and run modern responsive Domino applications in the cloud in a matter of minutes.
Find out how Domino Designer integrates with Bluemix so that application synchronization and deployment is a snap.
Watch us plug in other Bluemix database services to your applications, leverage DevOps capabilities and generally make Domino apps sing and dance in this brave new world.

Download: DominoForBlueMixEngageUG1015.pdf



IBM Watson goes to work, real life examples behind the hype
Laurent Boes - Disruptive Technologies Strategist, IBM Benelux
Since the famous victory of IBM Watson in the Jeopardy game, the technology has gone to work. Cognitive computing has found its way into the Board rooms of several Industry leading companies and small startups, changing the way these organisations think and leverage the vast amount of unstructured data that is being created every day.
Experts will not be able to keep their credibility and edge if they are not supported by cognitive systems that help them cope with vast amounts of very valuable information.
This session gives you a small intro on IBM Watson, but focusses on real life use cases and companies that are in the market today with Watson in different industries and for different company sizes.



Watson Analytics: A new way to work in the new Insight economy
Peter D'Haeyer- Business Analytics Specialty Architect and Watson Analytics Evangelist, IBM
Watson's Cognitive intelligence is ushering us into a new era of computing.
Business users want a consumer-like experience to use analytics and data to pursue ideas, get answers to all types of questions, make predictions, and communicate compelling recommendations without needing help from anyone. However, they are hampered by the usability of analytics tools, access to data and dependency on others – both IT to provide the infrastructure and data scientists to provide the analytical expertise. With Watson Analytics, data-driven decisions can now be an essential, daily and interesting activity for business people.
Watson Analytics speaks the language of your business. Simply type in what you would like to see and Watson Analytics produces comprehensive results that explain why things happened and what's likely to happen, all in the familiar terms of your business.
Watch the live demo and learn how you can subscribe to the freemium version of Watson Analytics.


short break



Exploring a World of Possibilities for Domino Applications in Bluemix
Martin Donnelly - Software Architect and Team Leader, IBM Ireland
Brian Gleeson - Software Developer, IBM Ireland
So you've seen the basics of XPages runtime and Domino service for IBM Bluemix - now it's time for further adventures.
This session explores how to move beyond the mainstream use cases: see how to leverage Watson services in your Domino apps, how to integrate with IBM Connections Cloud, how to use other Bluemix runtimes with Domino (like node.js), how to scale your applications, and how to put XPages Bluemix applications into production.
Lots to see and learn about a world of new possibilities.


Exciting Engage announcement: Learn about the next major event in March 2016!


Networking time !
Drinks offered by our sponsors.

Where we meet: At the IBM Client Center (formerly the IBM Forum), Bourgetlaan 42, Zaventem

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