Our meeting on Thursday, October 30th, 15.30h.

Around 60 people braved the (for once non-existing) traffic jams to come to Brussels.

Tx for showing up. I'm sure you loved the content:


Welcome with Coffee



Notes & Domino Roadmap
HP Dalen - Sales Leader Europe for ICS, IBM
HP will provide an update to the IBM messaging and app dev strategy roadmap



Mail Next
HP Dalen - Sales Leader Europe for ICS, IBM
Omar Davison - IBM Connections Cloud - Tech Sales Lead, Europe
Mail Next, a signature moment for IBM aimed at redefining the mail experience. The vision of a redesigned inbox along with introduction of analytics empowers the user to Find, Focus and Do.
Experience the progress made so far and listen in to see the roadmap moving forward.
Watch the 'Notes Social Edition' video.



Your Notes and Domino in the Cloud ?
Omar Davison - IBM Connections Cloud, European Tech Sales
Maurice Teeuwe - IBM Connections Cloud Tech Sales Lead, Europe
Cloud seems to be the topic on everyone's mind so how can IBM or one of its many partners help transition your Mail from on-premises over to IBMs award winning cloud platform. An overview of the process, the tools involved and some customer stories to prove that it is a secure and straight forward method.
Domino apps will also be discussed which will transition nicely into WebGates must-see session!
Download: Cloud Migration.pdf


short break



WebGate: Moving a big customer to the Cloud in a breeze (or sort of!)
Roman Weber - CEO of WebGate Consulting AG, Switzerland
Learn from our agile team who moved 200+ Notes databases and a multi server Web Ordering and BI System from company servers to the Cloud in a timeframe of eight weeks only.
What are the do's and don'ts. Which key factors have lead to a success, qualified by the customer itself as "the best migration ever in our history with the company."
Download: 201410_WebGate_EngageUG.ppt


Exciting Engage announcement: Learn about the next major event in March 2015!


Networking time !
Drinks offered by our sponsors.

Where we met: At the IBM Client Center (formerly the IBM Forum), Bourgetlaan 42, Zaventem

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