THANKS to all 326 attendees for another super event

Congrats to Laurent Mayot from SES in Luxembourg. He won the Netatmo Weather Station by completing the Evaluation.

Our last event was on Monday-Tuesday, March 17 and 18, 2014.
Once again, a 2-day event, 50 high-quality sessions. All in English!

3 top keynotes speakers: Katrina Troughton, Vice President, IBM Social Business & Smarter Workforce Solutions,
Kramer Reeves, Director, Product Management, IBM Messaging and Collaboration Solutions
and Suzanne Livingston, Lead product manager for IBM Connections

For those interested, the slides of 'Behind the Scenes of organizing a LUG event' of the April 9th 2014 webcast

The List of Sessions for 2014 (with the slides)

65 Different speakers, among them 30 IBM Champions!

The first pictures came in:
Thanks Oliver Heinz, Howard Greenberg, Theo Heselmans, Martin Jinoch's wife, Pettrie De Bondt

Chassé Theater in Breda (Netherlands).