On Tuesday, October 29th, we had another BLUG meeting.

This was the enticing and much appreciated agenda:


Welcome with Coffee



Latest IBM Announcements
John Beck - Global Sales Leader for Notes Domino, IBM
John will cover the latest mobile advancements and he will bring us up to date on IBM Notes/Domino 9.0.1 and beyond.
He will also talk about 'expanded choice in e-mail clients'. Intriguing!

Download: 20131029BLUG.pdf



IBM MobileFirst - Business In Motion
Ed Brill - Director, IBM MobileFirst Marketing
IBM's Mobile Enterprise solutions are designed to help your organization become a business in motion. Capabilities include an application and data platform, device and mobile management, app security, and mobile insights and analytics. This session will provide an overview of the capabilities of the IBM MobileFirst portfolio, along with demonstrations of sample apps and insights. Come to this session to understand how to expand your skills, integrate with existing apps, and shorten development cycle time.

Watch here: build-a-mobilefirst-agenda-ibm-mobile-enterprise



Teamstudio: Unplugged: Mobile Notes applications available anytime, anywhere – even when offline
Arshad Khalid - Service Delivery Leader EMEA, Teamstudio
During this session, we'll provide an overview of Teamstudio Unplugged, conduct a demo, and cover some of the more technical aspects of this product. Teamstudio Unplugged extends the mobile development technology model by enabling customers to develop corporate applications for mobile devices and provision them offline. Customers have the ability to deploy template or custom IBM® Domino™ applications offline, securely, with the ability to synchronize or “replicate” on demand wirelessly. Users have access to all application data and full functionality anytime, anywhere. Applications are customizable and can take advantage of cool features like camera support. Unplugged operates across all major mobile operating systems and mobile devices. These applications are instant-on, always-available, even offline.
Download: AllAboutUnplugged.pdf


short break



We4IT: Mobilizing IBM Notes® Applications without Coding
Simon Peek - Sales leader and Stefan Sucker - CEO, We4IT
The rapid development of the digital age is pushing us more and more to need instant access to a wealth of information and to be able to respond to economic needs and circumstances immediately. With We4IT docLinkr we show you how to easily enable access to your IBM Notes applications on mobile devices.
• Make every IBM Notes database available to your mobile devices - both smartphones and tablets;
• Achieve mobilization within minutes without having to change the database and without any programming knowledge;
• Make your IBM Notes database available - online and offline;
We4IT docLinkr := @Anywhere(@Anytime(Your IBM Notes® data));

Watch here: we4-it-mobilesolutions-doclinkr-and-aveedo



Red Pill Development: Asymmetric Modernization - The Quest for WMDs
Peter Presnell - CEO, Red Pill Development
Your Notes applications have served your organization well over the past 20 years. You have recruited well and the numbers have steadily grown. You now control a fleet of 100, 1,000 or even 10,000 applications that are working each day to keep your company safe from the ravaging hordes of your competitors. But are those applications as modern as they now need to be? Is the platform under attack from newer technologies? Are you seeking a WMD (Wholesale Mobile Deployment) strategy that will allow all your Notes application to integrate with the latest weapon of choice by many businesses, the mobile device? In this session we will outline a new approach to modernization that exploits the capabilities of XPages and mobile controls to allow the information already available in your Notes applications to be made accessible to your entire workforce from their mobile device. Mobilization delivered at the speed of a bullet.
Download: BLUG2013_WDMs.pdf


Panel discussion and Q&A


Exciting BLUG announcement: our new name and logo!


Networking time !
Drinks offered by our sponsors.

Where we meet: At the IBM Client Center (formerly the IBM Forum), Bourgetlaan 42, Zaventem

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