Our March 21 and 22, 2013 event is over.

Here is the list of sessions and speakers.

All of them did an outstanding job!
Almost all of the slides are available.
We had the honor of having 17 current and 2 former !
Some of the speakers as a caricature :-)
Nice pictures from Samir Pipalia, Martin Jinoch's wife, Crossware

The keynote was the best ever. Thanks to these guys:

Louis Richardson
Social Business Evangelist and Storyteller at IBM ICS

Scott Souder
Product Manager for IBM Notes, iNotes and IBM Connections Mail

Paul Mooney's full-day workshop about 'Ethical Hacking' was packed.

The Faculty Club in Leuven, has proven to be an exciting, impressive venue.
Its buildings are 13th to 17th century!