Opening Sessions
Christopher Crummey (IBM) @ccrummey

Christopher is a World Wide Business Unit Executive and the “Lead Evangelist" for Social Business and all of the IBM Collaboration Solutions with in IBM Software Group. With 21 years of collaboration experience, Christopher is one of the most sought after and popular speakers at IBM and he has worldwide responsibility for all of the products that make up our customer solutions.

The Power of Social Business
and the recap of Lotusphere 2012

Watch here: The Keynote Replay by IdoNotes
Download: BBLUG-Keynote.pptx

Lotusphere 2012 was focused on the power of Social Business and the incredible value this provides to customers. The keynote will review all of the key messages given at Lotusphere and supported by live demonstrations.

Paul Mooney
(Bluewave Technology)
Luis Suarez (IBM)
Femke Goedhart (Silverside)
Chris Miller (Connectria, IdoNotes)

Panel Discussion: Being Social
Watch here: The Social Panel Replay by IdoNotes

Social Business was the buzzword at Lotusphere. Chris Miller will moderate this panel of 'Social' experts. Let's find out if being Social has Business value. We expect questions from the audience too!

Business Track
Bill Malchisky (Effective Software Solutions, LLC) @billmalchisky

IBM Champion Collaboration SolutionsBill Malchisky Jr. is an IBM Champion for Collaboration Solutions, bringing 20 years of global Lotus consulting experience in regulated verticals along with business prowess to his sessions. He has presented at 18 Lotus focused conferences, including Lotusphere. As a Lotus business and design partner, he provides services to Fortune 500 firms, SMB, and governments. Finally, he maintains a Lotus and Linux focused blog at

Considering the Cloud?
Thinking Beyond the Readme File

Download: BLUG-ConsideringTheCloud.pdf

As the Cloud computing's popularity continues to climb, should your firm become an adopter? If so, what architecture model is best for your firm? Do you know the queries to pose that can aide your business in making an informed decision? This session's focus is to reduce the set of unknowns that can create buyer's remorse. Learn to ask the direct revealing questions that normally do not get raised unless you have a skilled advisor at your side.
Eileen Fitzgerald (GSX) @Eileenfitzy

IBM Champion Collaboration SolutionsEileen has been working in the Global IT Management for over 15 years first as a Messaging Architect for multinational companies, Eileen then focused on Service Delivery, managing Notes services, infrastructures and functionalities according to ITIL Standards. Eileen is the co-organiser of ILUG and a regular speaker at Lotusphere and other collaborative events. Eileen has a BA in Maths and Computer Studies from the University College Cork as well as Masters in Project Management from the University of Limerick, Ireland. Eileen has various certifications on ITIL management for which she is a passionate advocate.

What is a release management policy?
Download: BLUG-ReleaseManagement.pdf

We all perform releases into production all the time, system upgrades, application upgrades, new applications. But how many of us have a standard release policy controlling how to do this. Join Eileen as she discusses the basics of a release policy (from both a development and operational perspective) and highlights the benefits to ops/ apps and ultimately the business.
Femke Goedhart (Silverside) @femkegoedhart

IBM Champion Collaboration SolutionsFemke Goedhart is an IBM Champion for Collaboration Solutions and Business Consultant and Partner for IBM Premier Business Partner Silverside in The Netherlands. Femke has spoken at several user events and Lotusphere, has been involved in usability testing, is an avid blogger and is involved in promoting the online Lotus Community. A 'Contagious Enthusiast' around all things Social, Femke has been actively involved in community building and events.

Get Social... but not THAT social!
Watch here: blug2012-get-social-but-not-that-social

Company regulation versus personal individuality, how do you get your employees to be responsible partners in a Social Business and how do you weigh freedom versus restriction? The whole Social Business idea is based on the idea of each individual having an intrinsic value to the organization that isn't necessarily linked to its role within the organization alone. This begs the question of how to tap this resource without losing control and how to implement and regulate the changes that are going to be needed. How much of this can you regulate (top-down) and how much do you allow to evolve (bottom-up)? Setting up predefined structures and communities (pushing) versus allowing users to instigate the community building, allowing free input and self-empowerment (pulling).
This session will highlight the difficulties and choices a company will face while making the transition into a Social Business and offer ideas and guidelines on how to do so.
John Beck (IBM) @jhnbck
John Head (PSC Group, LLC) @johnhead

John Beck is the IBM Collaboration Solutions Worldwide Messaging Business Unit Executive. He is responsible for the Notes and Domino family of products. For the previous two years, John was the Sales Leader for IBM SmartCloud for Social Business in the US West and Canada regions.
Over the course of his 17 years at IBM, John has led the release management team for the Notes & Domino development organization, managed the worldwide customer advocacy organization and spent time supporting the business partner community and technical support community.

IBM Champion Collaboration SolutionsJohn Head is an evangelist and IBM Champion for PSC Group, LLC, a Chicago, IL based IBM Business Partner. John specializes in integration of IBM technology and Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Symphony, and Apache

IBM Lotus Notes/Domino App. Dev. Competitive Advantage:
The Social Business Edition

Watch here: ibm-lotus-notesdomino-app-dev-competitive-advantage-the-social-business-edition

Some organizations are neglecting or under-utilizing one of the greatest IT assets in their portfolio today - the Notes/Domino application platform. Some are even considering re-coding Domino applications in other languages and development tools. In this session we present the business case and technical merits of Notes and Domino in direct comparison to other tools such as Microsoft SharePoint. We will put application migration and new application development head to head. Based on data collected from real-world engagements we will demonstrate the positive return on investment of the Notes platform. We will also discuss PSC's application modernization strategy and how it helps move customers from merely maintaining Notes applications to increasing their value with Domino XPages and advanced collaboration functionality. If your organization is considering a migration or is under using your Notes/Domino investment, this session is for you.
Kris Van der Stappen (GFI)

Kris Van der Stappen is Business Unit Mgr Enterprise Solutions at GFI. His team provides IT solutions for all kind of business challenges. Focus domains are collaboration, information management, mobile, portal and BI.

Streamline your projects
Download: BLUG-StreamlineYourProjects.pdf

Marketing organizes a roadshow, R&D is driving an new innovation project , IT is rolling-out new laptops. How can organizations streamline these projects using the IBM collaboration & social platform ? This session will give an introduction to the possibilities.
Luis Suarez (IBM) @elsua

Optimist & Outrageous Hippie 2.0 & Free Radical Heretic
Living A World Without Email at IBM

Thinking Outside the Inbox …
There is no WE in Email

Watch here: Mindmap -

Come and meet Luis Suarez, the man who over the last 4 years has been successfully working at IBM by giving up on corporate email and, instead, uses both internal and external social networking tools ( to collaborate, communicate and share his knowledge across. Come and find out plenty more why he got started with it in the first place, how he does it still every day today, and learn more about what this evolution of open knowledge sharing and collaboration has meant not only for himself, but also for his colleagues and the entire organization. He will demonstrate effectively how you, too, could eventually free yourself from the email yoke and start participating in a much more open, transparent, public, nimble, agile, connected and networked corporate environment. One where email is no longer the king of interactions…
Robert van den Breemen (Belastingsdienst NL) @rvdbreemen

Lead IT Architect, The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration Robert has 15 years of experience in IT, ranging from security, networking, platforms, hosting and end user computing services. Robert is currently heading the Digital Workspace initiative to modernize the workspace of the 30.000+ civil servants of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.

Dutch Tax and Customs Administration:

We're sorry, but due to company regulations this presentation can not be made public.

The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration has started with a journey to become a social business. With a clear vision and a roadmap on the delivery of a unified set of collaboration tools for over 35.000 civil servants working we started our journey in July 2011. We started our initiative with a focus on integration of the available collaboration functionality like Notes, Sametime and Quickr. At the same time we started to build on our mobile strategy, with a deployment of Mobile Mail (using Lotus Notes Traveler) and deploying smartphones and iPads to the business.
Our IBM Connections deployment -'ConnectPeople'- is the umbrella for all our collaboration efforts and is now part of our company wide Digital Workspace initiative. ConnectPeople has be-come the centerpiece of our road toward a becoming a real Social Business.
Sean Cull (FoCul) @seancull

IBM Champion Collaboration SolutionsSean Cull is an IBM Collaboration Champion and a Manufacturing Engineer who became so frustrated by inefficient processes that he started a new a Notes development consultancy ( FoCul ) in 2000.

Extending the benefits of a very successful application even further with XPages
Download: BLUG-Benefits_of_XPages_ABB.pdf

ABB has saved $4M with Notes Application that has been running since 2002.
This session shows how we took that application and extended it much further using XPages.
We will show real examples of how the new features in XPages can significantly improve how you collaborate with your customers and allow you to improve the efficiency and performance of your teams.
Laurent Boes (IBM) @laurentboes

Laurent Boes has joined IBM Belux with the acquisition of Lotus Development Corporation and has worked in the collaboration space ever since. He has been leading the local Belux team for 5 years and is now active on European level where he is leading the Collaboration and Cloud business.

IBM's own Social Business story
Download: BLUG-IBMSocialStory.odp

IBM has gone through a complete make over since the early 90's to become a true Social Business. It's not only about tools or technology, it's about culture and mentality to go from a "knowledge is power" view to a "knowledge sharing is power" mentality.
In this session you will see how IBMers are working on a daily basis in a Social Business culture.

Sponsor Track
John Beck (IBM) @jhnbck

John Beck is the IBM Collaboration Solutions Worldwide Messaging Business Unit Executive. He is responsible for the Notes and Domino family of products. For the previous two years, John was the Sales Leader for IBM SmartCloud for Social Business in the US West and Canada regions.
Over the course of his 17 years at IBM, John has led the release management team for the Notes & Domino development organization, managed the worldwide customer advocacy organization and spent time supporting the business partner community and technical support community.

IBM Messaging and Collaboration Strategy
Download: BLUG-ICS_Future.pdf

This session will provide an overview and update on IBM's Messaging and Collaboration Strategy. Content will include plans for the new feature release of Notes/Domino in 2012, IBM's "social mail" project, LotusLive Notes, IBM Docs, XWork Server, and other new and updated solutions. Q&A and open discussion will be encouraged to inform and educate attendees on where IBM is headed in this market.
Florian Vogler (panagenda) @panagenda

Florian Vogler has been working with Lotus Notes since 1992. Since 2002, his primary focus is infrastructure analysis and optimization. He has worked with over 1,000 companies with a total of more than 2 million users towards better Notes / Domino infrastructures.

Learn how to Analyze your IBM Lotus Notes clients
(with MarvelClient Analyze for free, as in free beer, for 1 year)
Download: BLUG-AnalyzeYourNotesClients_EN.pdf

Did the session "A Performance Boost for your IBM Lotus Notes Client" get you interested in how to actually get a grip on your Notes clients, analyze and optimize them? Come join Florian Vogler introduce panagenda MarvelClient Analyze - which all attendees of this session get for free as in free beer. MC Analyze allows you to centrally collect everything you have always wanted to know about your IBM Lotus Notes clients and more - all in a Domino database.
In addition to telling you how to performance tune your clients, MarvelClient Analyze can help you find out who is installed in a non-standardized way, understand who has icons pointing to servers you decommissioned years ago, and get the ability to predict the impact of your next server consolidation or application move - and much more.
Matthew Fyleman (We4IT) @we4IT
Simon Peek (We4IT) @simonspeakeasy

Matthew has been a Notes Developer for 19 years and has worked on everything from Corporate Intranets to globally deployed knowledge management systems. He is working on converting a large, complex banking application to XPages.

Since 1996 Simon has worked with dozens of companies all over the world helping them to overcome their Notes challenges. His particular areas of interest include application mobilisation, application lifecycle management and software testing.

Part 1 - XPages: Practical Ideas for Converting Existing Notes Apps
Part 2 - docLinkr - Mobilising Applications Without Coding
Download: BLUG-XpagesConvertingNotesApps.ppt

Converting Existing Notes Applications
In the Lotus Notes/Domino world, it has been clear for some time that XPages are the way forward. While there are plenty of tutorials and reference sites for learning XPages, there are fewer resources available describing the practicalities of converting existing Notes applications.
This session looks specifically at this subject. It starts with a brief overview of the planning process. Then it gets to the meat of the issue, looking at aspects such as:
Look and feel - themes, proprietary or hybrid? The creation of key structures for main layout, forms views etc.; Toolkits of useful elements, e.g. picklists, name pickers.; Making use of the extension library; De-coupling custom controls using parameters.
All illustrated with real-life examples.
docLinkr - Mobilising Applications Without Coding
Redeveloping your existing apps for mobile access can be a time-consuming & expensive process. doclinkr offers a simple alternative to this by providing a solution which allows you to take an existing application and, within one hour (as little as 15 minutes), make it available on any smart device (e.g. iOS, Android, Blackberry). Without writing any code. At all.
Ady Makombo (Teamstudio) @adymakombo

Ady’s career spans across more than 20 years in IT, He joined Teamstudio in April 2007.
During this time he has offered consultancy for a range of professional services to our customers. He is an experienced and well-established presenter within the European Lotus market and regularly delivers technical presentations at tradeshows, user group meetings, as well as product presentations and technical workshops.

Ready to go with your Xpages development?
Want to know how you can access it through various device platforms as a native App?

Teamstudio offers the only XPages compatible development tool for Blackberry, iOS and Android that creates a native app on the mobile device. As a native app, you can run faster than through Web app solutions, and support larger databases. In this session we will show you how to create your own native apps using XPages.
Teamstudio's latest technologies introduce a simpler way to develop custom enterprise mobile apps with mobile sync. Once downloaded from the iTunes App Store or Android Market. We will show you how to configure the Unplugged app for your specific Notes environment. We will guide you through creating your own mobile app, running on our Unplugged XPages engine. Leaving you armed and ready to sync this app with your Domino server using standard Notes/Domino sync protocols.

Administration Track
Alan Forbes (RPR Wyatt, Inc.)

Alan Forbes is the Vice President of Product Development at RPR Wyatt, Inc. based in Phoenix AZ.
RPR Wyatt specializes in tools for Lotus Administrators.
Alan is an IBM Certified Administrator,
Lotus R8 and has worked with Notes since 2.01.

Critical Success Factors for rolling out Lotus Traveler
Download: BLUG-LotusTraveler.ppt

Lotus Traveler tends to become mission critical within 30 days of installing the first instance. How can you ensure that your Traveler server does not become overwhelmed? How can you detect problems with Traveler before end users detect them? What are some of the current best practices for deployment.
Come to this session to learn how Lotus Traveler can make Notes (and possibly even you) "cool" again in your organization.
Chris Miller (Connectria) @idonotes

IBM Champion Collaboration SolutionsChris Miller is a speaker globally at user group events, webcasts and Lotusphere.
He manages the IdoNotes blog and podcast as well as numerous other training and video sites.

Plug-ins & Widgets
Getting Ahead of Deployment

The Notes client, IBM Connections and even IBM Sametime utilize plug-ins and widgets. Lotusphere 2012 showed how these will have an architectural impact in your future deployments. In this session we will star the building blocks of a secure and easy to manage topology for plug-ins and widgets. You will learn the differences between the two across the products and how to make them deployable together or as alternate packages for your users.
Florian Vogler (panagenda) @panagenda

Florian Vogler has been working with Lotus Notes since 1992. Since 2002, his primary focus is infrastructure analysis and optimization. He has worked with over 1,000 companies with a total of more than 2 million users towards better Notes / Domino infrastructures.

A Performance Boost for your IBM Lotus Notes Client
Download: BLUG-panagenda_ClientPerformance_EN.pdf

Would your users like their Lotus Notes client to perform faster? Do some applications and clients seem to load slowly? Come join Florian Vogler and learn where to look to find out what’s wrong and resolve it. Find out how to debug your client, deal with outdated ODS’, network latency and application performance issues and more importantly understand why you should care. Gather best practices on how to streamline location and connection documents and why the catalog.nsf is so important. Improve your IBM Lotus Notes client installations to provide a better experience for a happier you and happier end users!
Gabriella Davis (The Turtle Partnership) @gabturtle

IBM Champion Collaboration SolutionsGabriella Davis lives in London, England and is Technical Director at The Turtle Partnership, an IBM Business Partner, for the past 16 years. She focuses on designing and tuning infrastructures and integrating mail and collaboration products for small and large enterprises alike. She was recently named an IBM Champion for Collaboration Solutions and is co-author of the IBM Lotus Sametime 8.5.2 Admin Guide. Gabriella's blog can be found at

Sametime Pick ‘n’ Mix: System Designs That Fit

Sametime 8.5.2 comes in many flavors, there’s Sametime Standard, Entry, Advanced, Gateway, SUT and SUT Lite. How do you decide what servers you need to meet your business goals, and then how do you design and architect for the future? In this session Gabriella Davis, co-author of the Sametime Admin Guide, will take you through some Sametime design plans in detail including the Websphere, LDAP and DB2 components you need Whether you want Sametime just for mobile devices, for meetings, for web conferences, telephony or anything else, she'll walk through what you’ll need to deploy and the decisions you’ll need to make including options for high availability. These are the tips you need to know to get your Sametime planning off the ground.
Jess Stratton (Solace) @NerdGirlJess

Jess Stratton is the principal consultant at Solace. She has over 10 years experience with Lotus Notes & Domino, specializing in both administration and development. Jess has written technical articles for Lotus magazines, and is a veteran speaker at technology conferences and user group events. Jess also owns and operates a computer training facility that specializes in technology coaching.

Admin for the Developer:
Build and secure your own Domino Server Playground in one hour!

Download: BLUG-AdminForTheDeveloper.odp

Are you a developer who has only worked with a Domino server already in place? Would you like to learn how to start from scratch and make sure you still end up secure? This session will teach developers who have no prior admin experience get a Domino server up and running. In one hour, learn to create your own development playground by walking through a complete install and basic configuration of a Domino server. Do you only have one laptop? No problem! Learn how to get up and running quickly on a virtual machine. You’ll use the Administrator client to create user IDs, and configure and secure Domino as both an SMTP and web server. Learn how to set up your firewall or router to access your server from the Internet. Learn a quick way to populate the Domino directory with test users. Finally, keep your server running smoothly by providing regular maintenance!
Jess Stratton (Solace) @NerdGirlJess
Kathy Brown (PSC Group / Running Notes) @runningkathy

Jess Stratton is the principal consultant at Solace. She has over 10 years experience with Lotus Notes & Domino, specializing in both administration and development. Jess has written technical articles for Lotus magazines, and is a veteran speaker at technology conferences and user group events. Jess also owns and operates a computer training facility that specializes in technology coaching.

Kathy Brown has been working with Lotus Notes since 1995.  Kathy is an IBM Certified Advanced Application Developer for Lotus Notes and Domino. She has spoken at Lotusphere, The View Developer conference and numerous user group conferences around the world. Kathy blogs about Lotus Notes (and other things) at her website She is proud to be a Nerd Girl and actively participates in Nerd Girl panels, twitter accounts and activities. Kathy recently joined the PSC Group.

Collaboration, Party of One:
When You're Both the Dev and the Admin

Download: BLUG-CollaborationPartyofOne.pdf

When your administrator and your developer are one and the same, and they’re both you, things can get confusing. As the administrator, you’ve got a lot of power. Frequently, the role of administrator is to lock things down, keep the server running smoothly and tune performance. As the developer, you want a lot of power. You want unlimited agents to run anytime you want, as frequently as possible, with little to no limitations! So how do you reconcile these opposing needs when you have to play both roles? Jess and Kathy will show you how to use separate IDs, location documents and other fail-safes to make sure your party of one is successful!
Marten Vosmer (Lialis) @mvosmer

Owner of Lialis. Notes consultant since 1996. Main focus now is develop great new innovating products for the IBM (Lotus) market.

Synchronize your Files for Offline Use on any Mobile Device like your Apple iPad
A Business Discussion

Download: BLUG-WebDAV.pdf

IBM Lotus Domino, IBM Lotus Quickr or IBM Connections is your collaboration platform? - With D-BUSINESS® WebDAV product these backend system can be accessed directly to view or synchronize files to Smartphone and/or tablet devices. This access is done by WebDAV protocol and supported by many apps on almost any mobile operating system. Provide your sales representatives with all required files through one single interface. By using the synchronization, all files are always up-to-date and even offline available. D-BUSINESS® WebDAV is also available as Cloud Service from the D-BUSINESS® Center.
This session as presented at Lotusphere 2012 too.
Paul Mooney (Bluewave Technology) @pmooneynet

IBM Champion Collaboration SolutionsPaul Mooney has been working with lotus domino for over 13 years, having first came across lotus notes with version 2. He has worked for Bluewave technology for 10 years and traveled the world involved in hundreds of infrastructure projects. A seasoned presenter of many events around the globe and long time technology blogger (on
In addition to certifications in Domino (including Advanced Security, Paul is a Symantec Authorized Consultant and a Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist)
Paul tries to mix up his full on geek existence with motorbikes and jogging.

Adminblast 2012
Download: 2012Adminblast.pdf

It's back. For the fourth year in a row, join Paul Mooney as he unleashes 60 admin tips in 60 minutes. Walk away from this session with his favorite all time tips and tips he has picked up this year. Go home with knowledge you can immediately use!
Tom Buts (Brain2)

Tom Buts entered the Lotus Notes and Domino world in 1998 with version 4.5. During the years, he extended his knowledge and experience to many yellow (and blue) products. Today, his vast experience includes also Sametime and Traveler. Tom Buts is a developer, admin and architect, breathing Notes
and Domino, eating exch?? for breakfast....

BYOD - and mobility challenges
Download: BLUG-Brain2_BringYourOwnDevice.pdf

Last year we presented Traveler on several devices, this year we go one step beyond. Of course we will show the last features on security, wiping and cross platform management. In addition we will share our experiences on BYOD – bring your own device.
Warren Elsmore (Bluewave Technology) @warrenelsmore

IBM Champion Collaboration SolutionsWarren Elsmore is a senior architect with Bluewave Technologies and has been involved in Domino admin for 15 years. He is also a Clippings author, Lotusphere speaker, UKLUG organizer and Adult Fan of LEGO!

Deploying And Managing Your IBM Lotus Domino XPages Application
Download: BLUG-XPagesAdmin.pdf

If you're a developer wanting to release your Domino XPages application and you need to
think about the "real world" of servers and admins. Or if you're an admin and you have developers
chasing you to get their shiny new XPages applications released, then this session is for you. We'll take
you through the things to think about from both sides of the fence. We'll share tips and tricks, issues
which may catch you out and the best practice for releasing your applications.

Development Track
Bill Buchan (Hadsl) @u235

Bill is a dual-PCLP in domino v3 through v8.5, has been crashing notes servers since 1994, and knows more about writing code quickly in LotusScript than most. His 'lazy' programming method results in working code that is easy to understand and maintain, and his easy delivery style means that its usually fun too.

Everything you ever wanted to know about LotusScript
Download: BLUG-EverythingAboutLotusScript.pdf

XPages is cool, and is undoubtedly the future. But we still have applications written in script that we need to support today. Granted LotusScript hasn't changed since v4.6, but there are always new tricks and tips which might save you some time and effort.
This is my attempt to cram all of these into one single session. So get some coffee, buckle up...
Andrew Champion (FoCul)
Sean Cull (FoCul) @seancull

Based in the UK, Andrew Champion has been developing Notes Applications since 1997. The lead developer with FoCul Ltd, Andrew has been building Xpages applications full time since 2009.
IBM Champion Collaboration SolutionsSean Cull is an IBM Collaboration Champion and a Manufacturing Engineer who became so frustrated by inefficient processes that he started a new a Notes development consultancy ( FoCul ) in 2000.

Swimming in Deep Waters - tips and techniques from a large real world XPages project
Download: BLUG-Tips_From_A_Real_World_XPages_Project.pdf

Using a real world Xpages Application (featured in Ed Brill's INV101 LS12 session) we explore various techniques deployed to overcome a series of "interesting" challenges as we improved on the Classic Notes functionality.
We look in detail at the many and varied uses of the powerful and flexible repeat control before exploring solutions for image handling, achieving a high level of configurability through managed beans, reporting key information using a dojo chart dashboard and the efficient filtering of view data.
This session is not a deep dive. Nor is it a paddle in the comfortable warm shallow waters. It is a swim with a snorkel and mask that will appeal to experienced Notes developers who are starting out building XPages applications. Come on in, the water's lovely!
Devin Olson (GBS) @spanky762

Devin Olson lives in Cascade Township, MI with his wife and 2 children. Devin currently works as a Senior Developer assigned the Experts Services arm of GBS. He has been developing software since the days of punch cards and paper tape; and was first introduced to Lotus Notes in 1995. In addition to his many software development and administration certifications, Devin is an Anheuser-Busch Certified Beer Master. You can reach him at, or read his blog at

Best Practices: Accessibility for Impaired Users
Download: BLUG-AccessibilityForImpairedUsers.ppt

Adding support for Impaired users is no longer just a "nice thing" to have. The various legal requirements, your personal moral issues, and the bottom dollar costs versus benefits reinforce the need to support Impaired Users. This session will help you to understand what exactly is meant by the term "Impaired", the 3 major categories of Impairment, the legal and ethical issues surrounding support, the design considerations you should make, and some development tips to make your web applications more accessible.
Eamon Muldoon (IBM Ireland) @eamonmuldoon
Paul Withers (Intec Systems Ltd) @PaulSWithers

Eamon Muldoon is the software development manager for the XPages runtime team in IBM Ireland and has worked on all XPages releases from Notes/Domino 8.5 through 8.5.3. Eamon joined Lotus in 1994 and during the 90s worked as a software engineer, project manager and international product manager on various projects including Notes/Domino 3.0 - 5.0, SMTP, cc:Mail and X400 MTAs and Domino Everyplace.
IBM Champion Collaboration SolutionsPaul Withers is an IBM Champion, advanced XPages developer, contributor to OpenNTF and regular speaker at LUGs. He spoke at Lotusphere 2011 too.

Ready, Set, Go!
How IBM Lotus Domino XPages Became Mobile


The Domino XPages mobile controls herald the advent of XPages On-The-Go! This new feature set of controls employs the latest technologies to help you "Get mobile" with XPages. This session will present the introduction of the XPages mobile controls, what they are, and how to use them.
Frank van der Linden (e-office) @flinden68

I am from Utrecht in the Netherlands.
My role is XPages/Domino/Web developer at e-office since 2000. So I started with Lotus Notes 4.5.x. I develop XPages application since the introduction of XPages in Lotus Notes 8.5.0. For OpenNTF I am frequent contributor and currently I am involved in the xSnippets Project.
In my spare time I do a lot of running and then I mean a lot.

Yellow and Blue stream
Make use of the Activity Stream, oAuth and XPages in your Social Business applications.
Download: BLUG-YellowBlueStream.pptx

Most organization have all kind of information in there systems. Predictable and repeatable information captured in processes, we call that blue information. Ad hoc information, who is not predictable and cannot captured in processes, we call yellow information.
How do we facilitate the employees get access with all the blue and yellow information.
We have build a system to get access of all this information by using the Activity Stream API, oAuth and XPages Those technics are used to gather information and distribute activities to the colleagues. In our situation we created a web based client, to consume the information from IBM Connections, Lotus Domino, Google and the Social Business Toolkit.
During the best practice I will demonstrate the solution and have technical dive how easy it is to develop with tooling IBM provides.
Howard Greenberg (The Learning Continuum Company) @TLCCLtd

Howard is a partner at TLCC and has been involved in Notes and Domino since 1993. TLCC is the leading provider of Notes and Domino self paced training. Howard has spoken at Lotusphere and other Domino user group conferences.

XPages Jumpstart
(a 2 hour Jumpstart session)
Download: BLUG-XPages_JumpStart.pdf

IBM Champion Collaboration Solutions
Been wondering what the buzz is about for Domino XPages? Ready to build your first application? This session, designed for the XPages beginner, demonstrates how to take a typical Notes application and convert it to XPages. Learn how to create an XPage, use the View control to display Domino views, and build XPages for the purpose of creating, viewing, and editing Notes documents. See advanced techniques with XPages, such as charting, displaying a view and the selected document on the same page, and more! This session concludes by discussing what skills you need to become an XPages developer.
Brian Bermingham (IBM Ireland) @brianbermingham

Member of the Level 3 Support Team for IBM Connections, working heavily with customer issues within the IBM Ireland Lab.
Previously worked as a developer on the IBM Connections Wikis team.

IBM Connections 3.0.x, Customization and Integration
with Lotus Sametime and Lotus Quickr WebSphere Portal
Download: BLUG-IBMConnections_CustomisationIntegration.pdf

Learn how to benefit from the enhancements to Lotus Connections customization framework in 3.0.x. Connections now has the ability to integrate with other Lotus products such as Lotus SameTime and Lotus Quickr for WebShpere Portal. Discover how this can be done. See demonstrations on how to change Lotus Connections, from the look and feel of the UI to the string we use throughout the product.
Martin Donnelly (IBM Ireland) @TweeterDonnelly

Software Architect: IBM Ireland
Team Lead for IBM Lotus® Domino® XPages development
Author: Mastering XPages & XPages Portable Command Guide

The Grand Tour of what XPages packs into IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1
Download: BLUG-UP1.pdf

IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1 shipped on December 14, 2011, and makes upwards of 150 new controls and complex types available to you as officially supported IBM components. It also delivers IBM Lotus Domino Designer extension library tooling enhancements, and upgrades to two mainstream application templates that leverage these cool new features. You will see how to install and deploy Upgrade Pack 1, and get a whirlwind tour of all the main application development goodies in this treasure trove. If you are new to the extension library or just getting started, this is a must-see session.
Martin Jinoch @mjinoch

Lotus Notes/Domino developer since version 3.0. I am also developing web applications using Java and WebSphere technologies.

Version control for Notes developers
Download: BLUG-VersionControl.pdf

Support for version control systems that came with version 8.5.3 of Domino/Notes is great tool to make development more efficient. This session will show how developers can use it, how it can help in areas such as hotfixing bugs in released products and releasing new versions while developing new or experimental features. Tags: vcs, git, branches, release management
Mikkel Flindt Heisterberg (OnTime by IntraVision) @lekkim

IBM Champion Collaboration SolutionsMikkel is Senior Solution Architect and partner at IntraVision a Premier IBM Business Partner from Denmark. Mikkel was recently named an IBM Champion for IBM Collaboration Solutions. Mikkel has a strong foundation in the Lotus portfolio and have been working with the products for the last 18 years. He's a regular speaker at IBM and IBM related events such as Lotusphere, ILUG/UKLUG, DNUG and AusLUG and have written five articles for THE VIEW. He's a frequent blogger at

Easy as Pie - Creating Widgets for IBM Connections

Widgets are an easy way to extend IBM Connections and make your custom applications social. Within IBM Connections you'll find a powerful widget framework that allows you access to the currently logged in user and the environment in which the widget is placed. This session will teach you the skills you need to develop for IBM Connections and show best practices and real-life examples of free and business partner extensions to Connections that you can put to use right away.
Paul Withers (Intec Systems Ltd) @PaulSWithers

IBM Champion Collaboration SolutionsI am an IBM Champion, advanced XPages developer, contributor to OpenNTF and regular speaker at LUGs. I spoke at Lotusphere 2011.

The Eureka Moment:
The JSF Knowledge You Need to Understand XPages

Download: BLUG-Eureka

Ever wondered which XPage event your code should go into? Or why you should use themes, what WON’T work there and why? Baffled by all those properties on events? Or what page persistence property is best? Join the Sith apprentice as he journeys into the dark side of XPages development. The session will complement your XPages knowledge with an understanding of the underlying JSF framework to give you that eureka moment and allow you to master the force that is XPages.
René Winkelmeyer (midpoints | purify it) @muenzpraeger

René has been working with Lotus technologies for the last 12 years. As an IBM Business Partner he is focusing on XPages business applications and OSGi utilization. He is also engaged in the administrative context in the emerging market of 'Mobility', where he focuses on the integration of Traveler with iOS and Android. He is a frequent speaker at Lotus-related conferences and he is engaged in the OpenSource community as an OpenNTF Director and Contributor.

Apps, Apps, and More Apps:
Meet the Very Best Open Source Apps from OpenNTF - The 2012 Edition
Download: BLUG-OpenNTF2012.odp

Come to this session to learn about the open source apps, plugins, custom controls and other assets developed by community developers, business partners, and IBM that are available on OpenNTF. We demo and provide deep dives into several featured apps, custom controls including the OpenNTF Mobile Controls and the latest Domino XPages Extension Library. We also review the OpenNTF app and code contribution process to show how easy it is to get your apps published as open source on OpenNTF.
Rob Novak (SNAPPS) @LotusRockStar

IBM Champion Collaboration SolutionsRob is president of SNAPPS, has been involved in Lotus software for 18 years as an admin, developer, architect, speaker, writer, and eventually manager, which of course nullifies his technical qualifications altogether. Known worldwide for buying beer, and being in Belgium...we'll see what happens.

Best Practices for Quickr Development
Now that it's out of the box, let's start thinking that way
Download: BLUG-QuickrDev.pdf

After 12 years of developing innovative applications for Quickr and 18 years with Domino, we have a few things to share once again ! As many know, developing for Quickr takes a special combination of skills and an innovative, somewhat nontraditional approach. Well, and some luck. In this session we'll share team development methods, show you how we use our favorite tools, and fly through a large number of time-saving samples. You'd be surprised what customers all over the world are doing with Quickr -- so we'll demonstrate a few of these enterprise solutions and share how the time-savers fit into the equation.
Steve McDonagh (AVX / Kyocera Ltd.) @DominoYesMaybe

Steve was a maths geek, keyboard player, comic artist and qualified nurse before settling in the IT world. He has developed extensively in RPG, VB , PHP and the full Lotus portfolio from version 3 until now.

UX Design and how CSS3 and HTML5 can help
Download: Blug-CSS3_HTML5.pdf - Examples of the CSS in action

As developers we often expend 95% of our effort on function rather than form which means our applications tend to become utilitarian rather than things of beauty. While function is vital we are now developing applications for diserning users who know what a well designed UI "should" be. In this session we will look at how the new CSS3 and HTML5 specifications can help make your web applications both functional and beautiful.
Theo Heselmans (Xceed) @theoheselmans

IBM Champion Collaboration SolutionsTheo Heselmans is an IBM Champion for Collaboration Solutions. In 1993 he started working as a Notes/Domino consultant with version 3. He delighted (and still does) many customers with custom applications.
For 4 years now, he is responsible for BLUG. Theo visits other LUGs regularly, and has been to 17 Lotusphere conferences.
He is an avid believer in all things 'Social'. He loves to talk about Notes, BLUG, Excel (and wine)!

The Lotus Notes Development Quiz
We're sorry but we've decided not to make this presentation public, because we like to have the people going to this session at another LUG have as much fun and surprise as the ones that attended.

20 multiple choice questions, with a live interactive audience. After each question slide everyone in the audience can reply with a (hopefully) correct answer. After that the real answer, with rationale is given. At the end the highest scores might win some cool prizes. Fun and lively discussion for sure. And you might learn a few things too!
Guaranteed no XPages stuff :-)
Tim Clark (GSX) @TimsterC

Tim has been working with XPages since they hit the streets a few years ago. Tim also founded the X-Cast podcast all about XPages.

XPages Blast

Come and join Tim and friends to experience the rollercoaster of 30 top technical tips on XPages in 60 minutes. It's going to be fast paced and full of information you will need to develop your XPages when you get back to your office. One not to miss and make sure you download the slides afterwards.
Tony McGuckin (IBM) @dotxsp

Senior Software Engineer on the IBM Domino XPages core runtime development team. With IBM since 2006, Lotusphere addict, and co-author of the Mastering XPages, and XPages Portable Command Guide books.

IBM Lotus Domino XPages Meets Relational Data
Download: BLUG-RDBMS.odp

Domino XPages has already proven that it can build beautiful and performant IBM Lotus Domino web applications, but did you know that you can include relational and other kinds of data in the mix? This session will show you how to take your applications to the next level with the relational support available in the OpenNTF extension library. We will walk through integrating relational data into your XPages applications, and then show you what the future holds with support for other services. The sky's the limit!
Ulrich Krause (is@web) @Eknori

IBM Champion Collaboration SolutionsUlrich Krause is a Notes and Domino administrator and developer since 1993.
Since 07/2011 he is working as a Business Application developer XPages for is@web, an IBM Business Partner, located in Nuremberg, Germany.
Ulrich is a well known member of the community and a regular speaker at national and international conferences.

XPages - Beyond the Basics
Download: BLUG-BeyondTheBasics.pdf

XPages offer plenty of features to build good looking, feature rich applications. The session will show, how to use some of the new features that came with ND 8.5.3 and the according extension Library from OpenNTF. But do you really need the extension Library to (for example) bind a RDBMS to your XPages application and read/write data? It COULD be a showstopper, when selling an application to a customer. We will show how to use JDBC packages that are available for free for MySQL. Ever heard of themes? If not, come to the session and learn how to clean-up your code using themes. Using JAVA is even easier in 8.5.3 by using the new JAVA design element. Make your life and the work of your fellow developers easier by using custom controls that are available for free.
The session is targeted to developers that started to work with XPages and want to learn more details beyond ComputedText and DataView controls.

Eileen Fitzgerald (GSX)
Kathy Brown (PSC Group / Running Notes)
Gabriella Davis (The Turtle Partnership)
Femke Goedhart (Silverside)
Jess Stratton (Solace)

Nerd Girls: Spark Ideas
Watch here: Jess Stratton, Kathy Brown, Eileen Fitzgerald, Steve McDonagh, Gabriella Davis by IdoNotes

We were very pleased to realise there are going to be a lot of Nerd Girls at the BLUG event.
The Nerd Girls want to repeat their very successful session they did at Lotusphere:
Spark Ideas is a chance to bring together a group of our colleagues to discuss what inspires us.
Want to participate? There's still time to submit your abstract! The topic can be anything that you feel is relevant. Take a look at our Sparks from Lotusphere for inspiration. Whatever you think would inspire your colleagues and friends in the room, we'd love to hear from you! Send your 2 sentence abstract directly to