On Tuesday, October 26th, we 're having our next BLUG meeting.

The agenda (updated):


Welcome with Coffee

15.15h until 15.45h

Sponsored session by RIM
BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express for Domino.
Partial content: Announcement, requirements, Lotus connections client, Lotus Quickr, Sametime,...
You might get away with a brand new Blackberry too !


Coffee (for those only coming for the next session)


We got a 2 hour long topic, and it's going to be great:
Nathan T. Freeman is coming to demonstrate the cool FREE Extensions to XPages they are developing together with IBM.
He will also talk about @Transmogrifier and Medusa.
So, if you're a developer, and skipped XPages because you lack some familiar features,
or if you are already using XPages, and need some extras,
or if you're a project manager, and want to see additional XPages power:
come and join us.


Networking time !
Drinks sponsored by ...?
Interested in sponsoring the bar, let us know.

Where do we meet: At the IBM Forum, Bourgetlaan 42, Zaventem

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