Be part of Engage 2023

Engage 2023 is a live, non-virtual event!
Share your stories with peers, be inspired by experts, discover exciting products, have a 1-on-1 with HCL executives,
but above all have a fun and engaging time.

The fee for this 2½ day event is only 129 EUR *
For an optional 99 EUR you can attend the Engage Dinner too

Do join us in Hilversum, Netherlands

Hilversum is a city close to Amsterdam in North Holland.
Located in the heart of the Gooi, it is the largest urban centre in that area. It is about 22 km from the centre of Amsterdam and about 15 km from the city of Utrecht.
The city is home to the headquarters, studios and broadcast stations of several major radio, television, newspaper companies. This means that Hilversum is known for being the mediastad (media city) of the Netherlands.

Need to convince your manager? This template might help.

The Venue: Gooiland
Dutch Heritage 'New Building'. Check it out
Gooiland: the Floorplan
Find out where all session rooms are, and the Show Floor is
The Engage Dinner
Join us for dinner on Tuesday Evening
Hotels in Hilversum. Our selection
Preliminary Schedule
Not the final agenda, but the overall planning
Travel Details
Hilversum is easy to reach by car, train or by air
A Map of the venue surroundings
Locate the venue, hotels, parking
* 129 EUR is the fee for 2½ days. No reduction if you can only make it 1 day.
For 99 EUR extra, you can attend the Engage Banquet.
Registrations cancelled before April 11 are eligible for a refund.
No refunds are available for cancellations made on or after April 11.
If the event cannot take place due to Covid-19, you will be refunded.