We loved the location for our 10th major event: the ss Rotterdam!
THANKS for joining us:
Tuesday-Wednesday, May 22-23, 2018
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Organizing a User Group and events for free (for attendees), can only be done by the generosity of sponsors.
Engage gives you the opportunity to meet and present your products and services to the top IBM software users in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, and many other European countries.

We've started about 10 years ago, and we currently have over 1500 members.
For our next 2-day event, coming up on Tuesday-Wednesday, May 22-23, 2018, we expect over 400 attendees (per day), consisting of Business Partners, End-Users and IBM-ers.
This will be our 20th event/meeting and our 10th major event!
On previous occasions, we had some famous speakers (2017) and also in 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010.
We'll have great speakers from around the world again, and our keynote speaker will be another top executive from IBM.
Ed Brill, Ann-Marie Darrough, Jason Roy Gary, Huguette Ranc, Peter D'Haeyer and Luis Guirigay joined us during the 2017 keynote.
None other than Inhi Cho Suh General Manager, IBM Collaborations Solutions did us the honors in 2016!

Who the keynotes speaker(s) for 2018 are, is still to be decided.
Look at the agenda and sessions we assembled for 2017!

This time, in 2018, the event is taking place in Rotterdam, in the ss Rotterdam, a former passenger ship on the Rotterdam-New York line, and later a Cruise Ship, 'sailing' to exotic destinations.
Here's more info regarding the reduced rate room-reservation IN the venue, and other hotels nearby.
Details about the venue and how it can be reached are available here.

We got 5 simultaneous sessions in 5 tracks: Business & Strategy, Administration & Deployment, Development, Analytics and Emerging Technologies.
In the main sponsor lounge, lunch and coffee is served, and here the sponsor booths are located too. This way you'll get plenty of exposure.
If you like a booth, the deadline for submitting the sponsor form is March 30th.

On the evening of the first day, we host a fabulous 'VIP Dinner' for speakers, sponsor representatives (max. depending on sponsor level) and IBM delegates, in the venue itself!
We'll start around 20h (8pm), after speed sponsoring.
We would like to reward the people who have to stand at the booth for 2 days.

On the first day, late afternoon, there is also Speed Sponsoring, which will help you get your message across to ALL attendees.
The bar is open, and we'll throw in some prizes to make it more appealing for people to stick around.

We would like you to be there this time too, just like these generous sponsors for 2017.
This is the list of sponsors for 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 and for 2009.
Sponsor entries need to reach us before March 30!
Due to limited number of booths, we had to decline some sponsors on previous occasions.
Don't wait too long!

We have assembled different Sponsor Packages.

IMPORTANT: New sponsors have to have the invoice paid, before we mention anything more than your Logo on the sponsor page.
As soon as we get your payment, we will put all your information on the page, and your logo on the homepage. We will also send a tweet about you becoming a sponsor.
For silver level and up, that also confirms your booth.
Read our General Conditions of Sale.

*INCENTIVE: We expect to reach the maximum number of attendees rather quickly.
We want to give priority to users/customers!
Each sponsor is therefore limited in the number of staff members they are allowed to register, depending on the level (see above)!
However, we will supply each sponsor with a unique URL. Use this URL in your mailings to your own customers, and/or on your website.
For every 3 customer registrations we receive, using this URL,
you are granted 1 extra staff member to attend.

Every sponsor is encouraged to submit one or more give-away for the Closing Session and/or Speed Sponsoring.
If you do, it's up to you to collect business cards or custom entry forms at your booth and/or during your session.

Next to our mobile app, we print a paper Event Guide too, as we notice people still use them a lot.
Content for the event guide needs to be in our possession before March 30th.

Sponsor Submissions are now closed!

If you require any further information, please contact Theo Heselmans (theo@engage.ug).
Note that everyone is entitled to submit non-commercial session and round-table proposals.
Session proposals will be opening soon.

Summary of deadlines:
  • Sponsor Price increase: after March 4
  • Session Proposals: March 30
  • Sponsor Submissions: March 30
  • Event Guide Advert art: March 30
  • Banner art: March 30
  • Backpack fillers: May 11 (shipment)
  • Names for VIP dinner: April 30 (email)
  • Give-Aways: We prefer you to bring them yourself. You can ship them in advance too. Before April 30th.