Mark your calendar for our 11th 2-day event!
Save the dates:
Tuesday-Wednesday, May 14-15, 2019
Autoworld, Parc du Cinquantenaire - Jubelpark in Brussels, Belgium

Depending on your sponsor level, we will print for you one or two banners:.
Banner art needs to reach us by March 30th

Roll-up banner with logo

Please deliver scalable artwork (EPS or scalable PDF).
Do not include the Engage branding.
We will reduce your artwork so it fits a rectangle of 1900 by 5800 pixels.
A tiny part of the top, right and bottom edge might be cut off. Take this into consideration for your design.
Best if your artwork is transparent, so the light gray cogs at the bottom show through (or make it 1900 by 5000).
Unfortunately we only can use RGB. Your final printed colors might deviate slightly.

These are our Engage colors, in case you want to match them:
Orange: #FF7F00 RGB: 255, 127, 0
Dark Gray: #404040 RGB: 64,64,64
Light Gray: #DBDBDB RGB: 219,219,219

If we do not receive your artwork before the evening of March 30th, only your logo and website will be mentioned.

Here is an example of a template and a few sponsor examples