Mark your calendar for our 11th 2-day event!
Save the dates:
Tuesday-Wednesday, May 14-15, 2019
Autoworld, Parc du Cinquantenaire - Jubelpark in Brussels, Belgium

Your Bio

Please keep these guidelines in mind when submitting your bio:

Your short 'bio' should not be:
  • your life's story
  • an overview of all the jobs you've done
  • a summary of all your skills
  • about all the amazing things 'your company' does
We prefer:
  • that you include your name, current function and employer (if any)
  • a length of about 50 to max. 100 words
  • some content about what you currently do or recently did
  • that you not talk about 'I' but rather he/she

An Example:
John Doe is the Chief Technology Officer of a company called Acme Solutions based in Zimbabwe.
Apart from researching and concept development based on new technologies,
John participates in various other areas including customer consulting, public speaking and mentoring those who want to know and learn more about the technology of tomorrow.

Your Picture

We like you to look good.
Never underestimate the value of a profile picture.
One of the biggest problem organizers of these (User Group) events face is getting a decent picture of the speakers.
Below are some 'less good' examples, and what's wrong with it, and believe me, we've seen them all :-)

(sorry in advance if we took one of your pictures as an example. We sure don't want to offend you)

PLEASE, send a decently sized picture.
Your face (surrounded by a neutral background if possible), should be at least 500 by 500 pixels.
We will do the resizing and cropping!
Please provide a Color picture, not a B/W
Show yourself.
Don't hide in a group of people, don't cover yourself (even partially).
Please look straight into the camera.
Too narrow.
We will do the cropping and resizing!!
We prefer you're complete face, not just a part of it.
And yes, color please.
We just want your face.
If you sent us a 500 by 500 picture, with your head being only 100 by 100 pixels, it's of no use
This might be a big picture, but if your face is tiny on it, it's of no use.
Don't try to be helpful by cropping, resizing, manipulating your image.
We'll do that for you.
Often selfies distort your face.
Ask someone else to take your picture (in front of a neutral background).
Try a neutral background
You are you, not your company!
Don't try to be fancy.
Don't sent in a blurry picture
Don't try to be too funny either :-)
Smile :-)

We hope you get the picture :-)