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Tuesday-Wednesday, May 14-15, 2019
Autoworld, Parc du Cinquantenaire - Jubelpark in Brussels, Belgium


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Bus01. How the Dutch Tax Office put a fire under Connections Activities

Wednesday, March 23 | 11:45 - 12:30 | B. Neptune

Hear how a Dutchman and an Australian on opposite sides of the world had the same idea at the same time to revolutionize Connections Activities.
Improve Productivity Thru Clever Design, bringing a more intuitive visual interface to Activities to help users get work done.

Adam Brown (ISW) @adambrownaus

Robert van den Breemen (Dutch Tax Office) @rvbreemen

Bus06. IBM Connections: Mastering a Rollout for up to 600 kingdoms and 12 000 Users (University of Zurich)

Thursday, March 24 | 14:45 - 15:30 | B. Neptune

Learn how the University of Zurich is mastering the rollout of IBM Connections throughout the organization. They faced challenges regarding one solution that should fit all the different needs in a highly decentralized educational environment.
Learn what was done wrong first, what we learned and what worked out in the end.

Sandra Bühler (Belsoft Collaboration AG) @SandraCH

Roberto Mazzoni (University of Zurich) @davoser

Sp1. Keynote and Opening General Session

Wednesday, March 23 | 09:00 - 11:15 | Auditorium

The intertwining technology trends of analytics, cloud, mobile and social are forever altering the way employees engage with one another, and with partners and customers. Join Inhi Cho as she discusses how IBM is transforming enterprise social and email solutions to help leading companies get ahead and take advantage of these trends. See how business communications can be taken to the next level with stronger analytics, integration with public social media, user-centric design, rapid cloud delivery and innovation, and broad ecosystem support. Also see some of our latest innovations come to life with onstage demos of our latest capabilities in IBM Verse, IBM Connections, Project Toscana and more.

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Inhi Cho Suh (IBM) @inhicho

Suzanne Livingston (IBM) @suzielivingston

Christopher Crummey (IBM) @ccrummey

Sarah Gibbons (IBM) @segibb

Str04. Engaging your next workforce in the collaborative era.

Thursday, March 24 | 14:45 - 15:30 | A. Foyer

Themes covered in the talk would include:
How the future of work will be around collaboration, culture and coaching
Millennial myths and getting away from the stereotype
How Millennials use and drive adoption of collaboration tools in the workplace
How Millennials want to be mentored and managed and what it means for those at Engage
Empowering Millennials with collaboration tools
How IBM's Millennials disrupt and drive transformation with its own Millennial Corps
What developers and users of IBM's collaboration tools need to be aware of with Millennials
How Millennials are changing the culture of organisations

Andrew Grill (IBM) @andrewgrill

Str09. Is your company culture ready for collaborative business and which road to take?

Wednesday, March 23 | 13:30 - 14:30 | E. Pluto

Do you know what your employees need to collaborate effectively? How do you ask the right questions for needs rather than functionality? Do you know the perceived company culture? Your company culture is the start point for your social business journey. Where do you stand now? Where do you need to go? What are the primary focus areas that would work for you? What approach is right for you? Through our specific developed survey held among all employees at your organization you get a better understanding of the perceived company culture and a better way to asses the collaboration need and current status of collaboration practices. From there on we plan your social business journey. We pick one of four specific flavors from Silverside’s 3G adoption approach to set the course that is right for you. We will demonstrate our social business culture test with findings from a customer, representing their company culture as a person, and the path forward to becoming a social business in the adoption approach suited to this culture.

Sasja Beerendonk (Silverside) @sbeerendonk

Roland Driesen (Silverside) @rolanddriesen