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Com03. To Verse or Not to Verse! SmartCloud required?

Thursday, March 24 | 10:15 - 11:00 | A. Foyer

Still on 'Lotus' Notes? What is the next step? Are you enthusiastic about all the new things that IBM Verse can offer? But still on Notes and Domino on-premises and you don't know how to get the new versions and/or if you are forced to the cloud? In this session we help you identify your options and tell you what you need to go for the new options both on-premises as in the cloud. If you decide to move to SmartCloud Notes/Verse we show you the best recipe for you and your users from a governance, user and technical perspective. And as an alternative scenario: what happens when you embrace the new Outlook with Domino support?

Gert van Kempen (Silverside)

Roland Driesen (Silverside) @RolandDriesen

Com08. How to cope in a world without skilled Domino administrators.

Thursday, March 24 | 10:15 - 11:00 | D. Saturn

The need for automated administration of your Domino environment has never been greater. As administrators focus on new environments, who is taking care of security, user ids and recertifications? Who is managing the creation of IDs for new staff that need access to Domino data and removing access for staff that are leaving? Whether you are investing in your Domino environment or reducing your reliance upon it, you need to manage security, user ids and groups and you need it to be effort free as Domino data often remains mission critical.
HADSL FirM makes user identity provisioning and management easy by automating your business processes and letting you delegate the right tasks to the right people. By automating your processes, new starters, leavers and movers will all be configured correctly, first time, every time. With audit trails and requester / approver workflows you know who did what and with support for SPML and other automated feeds you might not need to load the Admin Client ever again! Automatically manage mobile devices as well as Active Directory users too!
Let the infamous Holder brothers show you how to save time and money by getting your Domino Administration right first time, every time with HADSL FirM!

Tony Holder (HADSL) @BigToneUK

Roy Holder (HADSL) @Redl0h

Rnd11. User Adoption Strategies: Do's & Don'ts

Wednesday, March 23 | 16:00 - 16:30 | Round Table 2

We believe the required change in behavior & real usage of your new Collaboration tooling is the biggest challenge for all companies.
Join this open round table to discuss best practices and pitfalls in User Adoption Strategies, ranging from technology to psychology.

Roland Driesen (Silverside) @RolandDriesen

Sasja Beerendonk (Silverside) @sbeerendonk

Rnd14. Automated Domino Administration

Wednesday, March 23 | 14:45 - 15:15 | Round Table 2

How can administration tools like HADSL FirM help you avoid security, compliance and regulatory issues.

Tony Holder (HADSL) @BigToneUK