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Adm01. Back from the Dead: When Bad Code Kills a Good Server

Thursday, March 24 | 08:00 - 08:45 | C. Jupiter

It's Friday and a new customer calls. Their mission critical app is taking :05 to open documents and the users are quite concerned. Where do you start when handed a 20 year old application you have never seen, on a server you barely know? Join two IBM Champions as they dissect a complex Domino performance problem from both the administration and development side to provide a complete customer solution. The session includes best practices around problem solving techniques and a checklist you can use internally to solve quickly problems you encounter.

Bill Malchisky (Effective Software Solutions, LLC) @billmalchisky

Serdar Başeğmez (Developi) @serdar_basegmez

Adm03. Logs Logs Logs: True Tales of Best (and Worst) Customer Practices

Thursday, March 24 | 16:00 - 17:00 | C. Jupiter

Properly logging and monitoring what happens in your Domino environment is critically important for both security and performance. Be it Domino, Sametime, or Traveler operating on-prem. or in hybrid and cloud environments, it is vital to have an understanding of log data structure, what is (or isn't) logged and why, and how to search logs effectively.
In this in-depth session, we'll examine all of these aspects through a discussion of best (and worst) practices regarding user activity, log analysis, security incident investigation, and more—all culled directly from hundreds of customers’ real-world experiences.
You will walk away from this presentation with a solid understanding of your log architecture, the means to set up notifications for when things go wrong, and faster ways to find what you are looking for.

Benedek Menesi (Ytria)

Adm05. Building & Deploying SHA2 Certificates

Thursday, March 24 | 11:30 - 12:30 | D. Saturn

Two years ago enabling your site with SSL was a simple affair, buy a certificate or create your own, install it then just remember to renew it every couple of years. Then suddenly security holes are being found in SSL virtually every month , popular browsers stop connecting to your site to protect themselves, and you’re continually being told your users data is at risk. In this session we will discuss how it all went wrong and can go wrong again then go through each step of requesting, generating and deploying a 4096 SHA-2 certificate to use in a keyfile by Domino, IBM Connections, IBM Sametime and other WebSphere products. If you work with these IBM products and need to secure them as strongly as possible this session will show you how."

Gabriella Davis (The Turtle Partnership) @gabturtle

Com06. Customer Case Study Ricoh Europe: “Enhancing end user experience and TCO of the European IBM Notes landscape”

Wednesday, March 23 | 14:45 - 15:30 | A. Foyer

Ricoh Europe is using IBM Notes/Domino for decades in order to provide its 18,000 employees with a collaboration and messaging landscape that is rich in its feature set and flexible enough to allow for rapid adaption to almost any foreseeable demand coming from the business.
In this session Richard Boer (Messaging Collaboration Support Engineer, Ricoh Europe PLC) and Florian Vogler (CEO&CTO, panagenda) will provide customer insight into Ricoh´s fast moving IT environment and will demo how those massive change programs were enabled by and executed with panagenda MarvelClient.
Topics covered in this session include datacenter moves, centralization, application moves, zero-touch client upgrades, standardization, the resulting improvement of end user experience, as well as the ongoing TCO optimization.

Richard Boer (Ricoh Europe PLC)

Florian Vogler (panagenda) @panvof

Rnd12. Turning Digital Disruption into Successful Transformation

Thursday, March 24 | 13:30 - 14:00 | Round Table 2

Cloud, migrations, cognitive and integration - regardless of your current strategy, IT today undoubtedly impacts customer success in unprecedented ways.
Join Francie Tanner and Florian Vogler to discuss diverse topics disrupting companies - not just IT - such as change adoption, security, data management, IoT and millenial topics while also sharing coping strategies to create success.

Florian Vogler (panagenda) @panvof

Francie Tanner (panagenda) @akafrancie

Str05. IBM Project “Hawthorn" - Today, Tomorrow and Beyond!

Thursday, March 24 | 16:00 - 17:00 | A. Foyer

Since IBM introduced “Project Hawthorn” (aka IBM mail support for MS Outlook) many customers have been taking advantage of this new deployment option to provide Mail to users using their client of preference. Project Hawthorn provides the unique capability of “Bring Your Own Client (BYOC)” by allowing them to use MS Outlook without having to replace the IBM Domino platform. Use this in conjunction with the Notes Browser Plugin and XPages and provide a unique experience. Come to this session and walk away with a clear understanding of IBM’s strategy (OnPrem and Cloud), Best Practices, Step by Step instructions and tons of tips from the field.

Luis Guirigay (IBM) @lguiriga

Andy Yiu (IBM)