Thanks to all for coming to our 2-day event: March 23-24, 2016
In Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
You made it a success!
Special thanks to Inhi Cho Suh, General Manager IBM Collaboration Solutions
Organizing a Lotus User Group and events for free (for attendees), can only be done by the generosity of sponsors.

We've only started a few years ago, and we already have over 1000 members.

For our next 2-day event, coming up on March 22-23, 2012, we expect over 250 attendees (per day), consisting of Business Partners, End-Users and IBM-ers.
On previous occasions, we had some famous speakers (2011) and also in 2010.
We'll have great speakers from around the world again, and our keynote speaker will be a top executive from IBM: Chris Crummey, Business Unit Executive at IBM, Lead Evangelist for Lotus.
In 2011 Kevin Cavanaugh came, in 2010, Alistair Rennie was our honored guest; in 2009 we had Ed Brill.
BLUG gives you the opportunity to meet and present your products and services to the top Lotus users in Belgium, Luxembourg, and surrounding countries.

This year, the event is again taking place at the Crowne Plaza hotel, in Antwerp, Belgium. This hotel has excellent facilities and is very well located.
Use the hotel link for information and for better-rate room reservations.

We got 4 simultaneous sessions in 3 tracks. All session rooms have direct access to the lounge. Here is where the lunch and coffee is served, and where the sponsor booths are located too. This way you'll have plenty of exposure.
For each booth, we provide a (high or standard height) table, your own custom roll-up banner with your logo and website, a power plug and wireless internet.
New this year: bar stools !
Of course you can bring your own (limited) booth material (max. 8 m2).
You need to bring your own PC/Laptops, monitors (don't forget adapter plugs).
If you are giving away a prize for the raffle during the Closing Session, make sure you bring a 'jar' to collect business cards.
On Wednesday you can set up your booth as of 17.00h. The conference area will be safely locked during non-event hours.
For Wednesday evening, we provide a social event for all VIPs: speakers, sponsor representatives (max. 2 per sponsor) and IBM delegates.
On Thursday evening, there as also Speedsponsoring (5-minute elevator pitch, 10 times in a row), which will help you to get your message across to all attendees.
You can always ask one of the speakers to do a speed-geeking presesentation in your booth, if you prefer that.

At the bottom of this page is a link to a form we require you to fill in.

This is the list of sponsors for 2011, 2010 and for 2009. We would like you to be there this time too, just like these generous sponsors for 2012.
Sponsor entries need to reach us before Feb. 21st!
We have assembled the following packages (same as last year, so no price increase):

Level Amount (EUR ex. VAT) Valid for
BronzeFree Donations, and/or
Freebies, Raffle prizes, Discounts*
  • Logo and link on website
  • Small logo on Sponsor banners throughout the year
  • Logo in event guide
  • Mentioning in closing general session, when doing the raffle
  • Logo and info on website
  • Logo on Sponsor banners throughout the year
  • One quarter page ad in event guide
  • Booth at 2-day event
  • Roll-up banner with your logo for your booth
    this is the maximum level for Belgian BPs,
    as we want to avoid competition.
  • Prime logo placement and info on website
  • Logo on Sponsor banners throughout the year
  • One half page ad in event guide
  • Booth at 2-day event
  • Roll-up banner with your logo for your booth
  • Commercial speaker session** (see abstract info)
Platinum 7.000
  • Prime logo placement and info on website
  • Big logo on Sponsor banners throughout the year
  • One full page ad inside, and logo on cover of the event guide or backside ad
  • Logo on attendee bag
  • Bigger booth (prime position) at 2-day event
  • 2 Roll-up banners with logo (one for booth, one at entrance)
  • Commercial speaker session** (see abstract info)

*Every sponsor is encouraged to submit one or more give-away for the raffle. If you do, make sure you collect business cards or custom entry forms at your booth and/or during your session.
This raffle will take place during the general closing session on Friday (we prefer you to be present).
If you want to give a donation to support BLUG, please fill in a sponsorship form too. You will be send an invoice (if you provide a VAT nr, the donation amount is VAT excl.; if no VAT nr, the amount is VAT incl.).

Content for the event guide need to be in our possession before March 1st, 2012.

If you require any further information, please contact Theo Heselmans (
Note that everyone is entitled to submit noncommercial abstracts for sessions. Here's some more information about abstracts.

Submit your sponsorship here.

If you have items (flyers, documentation, discount vouchers, CDs, pens, gadgets,...) to be included in the attendee bags (subject to our approval),
we need them at least 1 week before the event, in a minimum quantity of 300 copies. Unused copies will be returned to you at the event.
Please ship them to:
Heiblokken 1
B-2250, Olen
If you hand over those items to us at the hotel before 16.30h. on Wednesday, there is no need to ship them.
If you are too late, and the attendee bags are filled, you need to hand them out in your booth yourself.

**All submitted sessions are subject to the BLUGs approval
**We have a maximum of 4 commercial slots available per day. First come, first serve.