Thanks to all for coming to our 2-day event: March 23-24, 2016
In Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
You made it a success!
Special thanks to Inhi Cho Suh, General Manager IBM Collaboration Solutions
On Tuesday, October 13th we held our second BLUG meeting.

After a big turnup at our first big event earlier this year, we were encouraged to continue with your BLUG.

Around 80 people showed up, which was pretty good !
Thanks for coming. We had the impression that most of you enjoyed it;
both the session and the networking afterwards.
I hope you all see that Mary Beth Raven was not a bad choice at all !
Energetic as ever, she walked us through here presentation, covering most of the new stuff in Notes and Domino Designer.
To download the presentations, see below.
The Q&A session also proved to be interesting.
BTW, the Archiving problem that was mentioned, is fixed in 8.5.1.
Mary Beth got this answer real time via Sametime, from the developers !

Some pictures:


Mary Beth in Action: During her presentation, Signing BLUG T-Shirts; and posing proudly next to Tom Verleysen

Some of you got away with a T-Shirt, some with a USB stick,
containing the latest FREE Domino Designer !Here's the agenda:


Welcome with Coffee


What's in Notes 8.5.1 and why
Mary Beth will provide the inside scoop on the new features and bug fixes that are available within Notes 8.5.1. She'll demo the latest and greatest release (including new policy settings), and explain why some bug fixes/features made it in, why some didn't and how you can effect some of these decisions through participation in the Lotus Community.


Blug announcements and Round table


Networking time !
Drinks sponsored by IBM

Here's the opening presentation already:
And here's Mary Beth's presentation:
Benelug lotus user group presentation.odp

Where do we meet: At the IBM Forum, Bourgetlaan 42, Zaventem

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