Thanks to those that attended our Monday-Tuesday, March 30-31, 2015 event
In Ghent, Belgium
Great Keynote by
Uffe Sorensen, Kramer Reeves, Omar Davison and René Schimmer
Enterprise Social Solutions, IBM SWG
Engage (formerly BLUG) remains the only User Group in the Benelux focusing on everything IBM Enterprise Social Software.

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March 30-31, 2015
Ghent, Belgium

Our latest major 2-day event is over.
50 sessions, all in English
Top speakers from all over the world

Here's the List of Sessions for 2015 with links to the presentations

65 Different speakers, among them 30 IBM Champions!

Many pictures were taken.
Thank you: Oliver Heinz, Chris Miller, Oliver Busse, Amanda Bauman, Tim Clark, Theo Heselmans, ...

Congrats to Philip Blanckaert from RVA for winning the Philips Hue Starter Kit. He filled in the evaluation form and won!

Huge thanks to our 2015 sponsors

October 30th, 2014 in Brussels
About 60 people joined us for another interesting meeting featuring:
HP Dalen - ICS Sales Leader Europe
Omar Davison - IBM Connections Cloud - Tech Sales Lead, Europe
Maurice Teeuwe - IBM Connections Cloud Tech Sales Lead, Europe
Roman Weber - CEO of WebGate Consulting AG, Switzerland

Mail.Next live
Notes/Domino roadmap
From on Premises to the Cloud with Domino: all you wanted to know, and a customer case by WebGate

Our last major event was on March 17 and 18, 2014 in Breda, NL.
THANKS to all 326 attendees for another super event

3 top keynotes speakers: Katrina Troughton, Vice President, IBM Social Business & Smarter Workforce Solutions,
Kramer Reeves, Director, Product Management, IBM Messaging and Collaboration Solutions
and Suzanne Livingston, Lead product manager for IBM Connections

For those interested, the slides of 'Behind the Scenes of organizing a LUG event' of the April 9th 2014 webcast

The List of Sessions for 2014 (with the slides)

+60 Different speakers, among them 30 IBM Champions!

The first pictures came in:
Thanks Oliver Heinz, Howard Greenberg, Theo Heselmans, Martin Jinoch's wife, Pettrie De Bondt

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